maandag 1 augustus 2011

Summer Darkness

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to welcome my new followers, thank you for following my blog!
I hope you will like my blog. ^^
Don't be afraid to comment on something, I always read my comments and I will answer

I have also a question for all my followers:
What would you like to see on my blog?
More outfit post, more about meetups, more about lolita or maybe more about my dolls?
If you have any ideas, please say it to me!

Yesterday I went to Summer Darkness, a gothic event in Utrecht.
There was also a Gothic Lolita fashion show, which Leyla (she has a lolita shop called Mfashion) had organised.
It was such an amazing show!
I hope I can be a model for the show next year, for me it's a dream to walk in a lolita fashion show. ^^
I have had such a amazing day, it was so nice to meet the other girls again!
Can't wait to see most you next time in the Efteling. ^^
I want to show you some pictures of the show and pictures after the show.

About the pictures: If you want to have one of these pictures, please send me a email and
I will send you the picture(s) to you.
And if you don't like a picture with you on it, please say it to me and I will remove it.

First, my pictures:

Before the fashionshow:
The dolls:
Denise & myself
She is such a sweet girl!
And a amazing lolita, please never stop wearing it!

some lolitas
                                          Me and Josine, she is so nice and I love her style!

Two pictures of myself:

See you next time!
Many hugs,

10 opmerkingen:

  1. You looked lovely! I was glad to see you again.
    To bad we didn't take a picture together, I would really like that!

  2. Thank you so much!
    You looked wonderful, I love your dress it's really pretty. ^^
    Aww too bad, I would love to go on a picture with you! But I'm always a little bit afraid to ask...

    Maybe next time? Are you going to the Efteling meetup?

  3. Oh dat was jij! Joh, ik herkende je niet eens. XD *faal* (ik heb zo veel moeite met mensen herkennen als ze een andere pruik op hebben...)

    Maar je zag er erg leuk uit! :D

  4. Hahaha dat was ik ja! Maakt niet uit, mijn vader had zelfs moeite om te herkennen dus het ligt niet aan jou :P

    Dank je! :D

  5. Ik wil wel meer outfit posts zien ^^
    En de foto van ons samen is leuk. Leuk je weer gezien te hebben!

  6. Oke! ^^ Komt goed, ik ga proberen een outfit per week te laten zien.
    Ik vond die foto van ons ook erg leuk, het was inderdaad heel erg leuk om je weer te zien. :D

  7. Je zag er leuk uit! En je hebt ook leuke foto's gemaakt ^^

  8. leuke foto's :D
    je ziet er schattig uit ^^ jouw jurk is mooi <3