maandag 29 augustus 2011

I'm titanium (Noah-Crobidoll Haz)

Some pictures of my new boy Noah! I like him so much, he's such a cute doll. ^^
Even he doesn't like the ideas I had in my mind for him.. Pfff, I won't let him win xD
Maybe I give him a style change after this, or not.. I'm not sure...
Anyway, what do you think about him? ^_____^

aghh why makes my camera such a crappy pictures?
I think there's something wrong with it... Makes me want a new camera so badly >.<

About the new blog layout..
For me,it's time to start over again, going to a new school..
So I was thinking: Why won't I change my blog? I like the clouds, they make me
feel less stressed out...I hope you like it! 

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

What you waiting for?!

I'm very slow these days, it has been such a busy week for me...
A new school in an other city and a new class, everthing is new for me, that's fun
but also a little bit scary!
I'm a little bit tired because of that, so much new impressions and to make it worse:
I also catched a cold -_-

This morning I saw that I received a Valentine! I couldn't believe it! A Valentine for me?!
I'm so happy ^___^  Thank you so much :D
I'm going to do a happy dance now hahahhaa ^________________________^

I tried to comment on lj loli_valentines, something went wrong so I post something anonymous...
I  don't get livejournal xD

I'm going to tell you something about my blog titles, I don't know if you already know it :
Most of my blog titles are songs I like or parts of songs, feel free to search for them, most of them are fun to
listen to. ^^  What are you waiting for is a song from Gwen Stefani, when I was younger I always listen to her song, isn't that weird?! In most of her songs she sings about harajuku...

Now the real post.. What are you waiting for?! So, it means I'm waiting for something...
Most of the time waiting for something isn't always right, you have to do something if you want it...'
Sometimes you have to wait and that's why I'm going to write this post..

It's losely connected to the post: Is it ever enough?!
Now I can answer it, I bought a new lolita jsk, the one I wanted to have the whole summer..
I was very happy with it, and I'm still very happy with but it isn't enough! I still want more...
So what to do? Buying something new? I already have 5 lolita dresses and I don't wear them
very often... It's not like I need new stuff!

It isn't only that: when I go shopping I'm always searching for loliable finds or clothes with nice
lace. It's very difficult to find those things and it's also very annoying because I want 'normal' clothes..
I can't even remember the last time when I bought clothes that weren't lolita or lolita like...
And it's not that I wear lolita more now...
I can't wear lolita more often even if I wanted it, I can't work in lolita because my clothes are going
to be dirty and I want to look a little bit professional and 'normal' when I go to my school.
It hasn't any addition if I buy more clothes, I only can wear lolita once a week.

That's why I want to stop buying lolita for a while, I won't stop wearing it, I love it so much to wear
lolita and I so happy to meet all those amazing people through lolita. it's a important part in my life. ^^
I'm going to buy a wig for the EFF and that's the last thing for a while, at least I hope so...
At the moment there are more important things in my life than lolita clothes: my study, doing fun things with my friends and my new project: make my bedroom and lounge (sitting room) awesome!

Don't be sad, I'm still going to annoy you with outfit posts, meet-up posts and of course posts about my project: I have some very cool ideas.
I don't want to let the lolita clothes take over my life, I like those clothes but it's enough for a while..
I want to go shopping for normal clothes, I don't want to feel sorry because I spent too much money on things like normal clothes or when I go out with friends.

When I can do all of this, when I don't think about buying lolita clothes all the time or what I want to buy next then I can buy something again...
OMG that's nearly impossible?! It's not a problem, it's a challenge!
My challenge is waiting for the right moment to buy lolita clothes again, when I complete this challenge I can buy I pirate lolita outfit for myself. ( Or something pretty from MMM, if it's possible)
* Yeah, I know this is what's going wrong*

What about you? Is this also happening to you? Or have you no idea what I'm talking about?
And what do you do about it?
Please tell me, I would like to know it!

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

New Moi-même-Moitié print?!

I saw this on the egl community:

Oh Mana with red hair, very pretty! :D
Still I'm not sure about this new print, I definitely want to see more of it...
* I can't say I want it, I bought a dress recently! Mana why are you doing this to me?!*
I think it's a beautiful print, only my bank account doesn't think the same hahaha >.<

It's very refreashing for MMM, so much colours in one dress? That's rare!
I can't wait to see more pictures!

What do you think of this new release?

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Old school meet Utrecht

I'm very late! It's a week ago now...
Most of the time I blog immedately about meet-ups, only this time I was a little bit late
and I kind of forgot it.. -_-''

Group picture! Look at me, I'm the only one who wore pink xD
Everyone looked so beautiful, everyone totally fits in the old school theme. ^^

Pictures with me on it:

Oh, I need to dye my hair again  >.< I'm not sure about the color, I think it's going to be the same...

The meet-up was so much fun! It's always nice to see my lolita friends again. ^^
We went to the Dom 'garden' to make some pictures, it's such a beautiful church and it
has a lovely garden. It's always nice to be there and it's a very suitable place to make pictures.
After that we went to a lunch room to eat something. When we finished our lunch, our group fell apart some lolitas wanted to go to a cafe, others went home. I went shopping with some girls, we went to a fabric store and to the episode. ^^  After that I went home because I didn't feel well... ( And my money was goneeee, again T_T Why is my wallet always empty?)
Thanks everyone, for the great day!

I want to say welcome to my new follower, thank you for following me!
I hope you will like my blog...

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Vampires don't sparkle, but my dress does! (new jsk+ outfit post)

My new dress from Moi meme moitie arrived today. Yay, happy dance  ^_____________^
It's such a beautiful dress and I love the little details in the print and the little cross on the front
of the dress. ^^
The costums opened the package, I don't want to know what they did with it, maybe they liked
it so much.... that they took the real dress and made a replica for me -_-''
Or they wanted to be a lolita.. Maybe they were giving a lolita tea party in the costums hahahaha
I have too much imagination!


Of course I wanted to wear the jsk :

Blouse: Moi-même-Moitié
Jsk: Moi-même-Moitié
Hat: Vintage *Thank you so much Josine, for letting me buy the hat, I hope you will find even a more beautiful one!*
Stockings: from the waterlooplein, Amsterdam
Shoes: Bodyline * please Mana forgive me! I haven't found Moitié shoes xD*

The next post will be about the old school meetup, I'm still waiting for the group picture...

Best wishes,

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

How to be a lolita?!

Before the 'real' post I wanted to show you a picture of one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen :D Clockworkangel has so much talent! It's amazing how she made this doll dress and I love
the doll's face-up. <3
Like I said before, starting with something new is always a little bit scary. I was scared at first, I thought the Lolitas from the Dutch forum wouldn’t like me, I was very scared to make mistakes because I wanted to wear Lolita so badly. In the end, all the people were very nice, friendly and understanding.

With this I want to tell that it is going to be okay, don’t be scared to wear Lolita, just start wearing it! That sounds easy but what else can I tell you?! If you don’t like it after all, you can always stop wearing the style... It’s better to try something and finding out it wasn’t something for you than do nothing because you don’t know what it’s like.
The style has some rules, some people are very strict followers of those rules but I think they are more like guidelines. It’s about skirt length, petticoats, that you always have to wear a blouse, things like that. Just wear what you think what’s beautiful and create your own style. I don’t know everything about the rules, I know most of it, ask me, if you want to know more about it, I will answer or I send you a link. ^^ My advice: google the ‘rules’, you can choose for yourself if you want to follow them.  This site will also be useful:

The first thing that’s very important when you start wearing Lolita is choosing a style, there are many Lolita styles: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Kuro Lolita ect.

it’s fun to learn about all the Lolita styles and to choose one that you want to wear yourself.
Choosing a style makes it all a little bit easier, and it will cost less money because you won’t buy things that doesn’t fit in the style. After a while you can changes styles or wear more styles, in the beginning it’s easier to wear one style.
Buying the basics is also very important: a white blouse, a black blouse, white socks, black socks, a petticoat (white/black) and bloomers (white/black). Basics are important, there is always something you can wear to make your outfit complete. I didn’t do this and I still regret it a little, I bought many things at once when I started to wear Lolita. I bought things I definitely don’t needed, after a while I sold those things because there was no need for them.
After that, you can mix and match outfits and find new stuff that’s fits in your pictures for the ‘best’ outfit.  And what if you haven’t any idea how to make a nice and beautiful outfit?  That’s not so bad,  there are always lots of Lolita pictures on google, daily Lolita ect.  You will learn the most from seeing outfits from other people, it’s very inspirational and fun to watch.  In my next post of this theme I'm going to show you my lolita inspirations.

Daily lolita:
Something that’s very scary (for the most of the lolitas) is wearing Lolita in public for the first time. You need confidence to walk in your frills in public. People are going to stare at you, they are going to say things you don’t want to hear, you know...
Please don’t pay any attention to those people, they don’t know what they are talking about, they can’t choose the things you wear or how you look like. You are the only one who can do that!
As long as you think that it’s beautiful, cute or pretty, it’s okay!
There always will be people who like the style, most of the time I get positive reactions, too. ^^
 If you want more advice, please look at the ‘Don’t laugh at me, don’t look away’ post.
Most of the times when you wear Lolita in public you will attend meet-ups to meet other Lolitas. I know you want to wear it as much as possible, after a while you will find out, that it’s not always that fun to wear Lolita all the time. There are not many Lolitas who wear Lolita more than once a week, it’s not like you can wear Lolita the whole week (for the most of us).  You can’t (always) work in Lolita clothes; some schools disapprove the style because it’s so outstanding. It’s very difficult to be a lifestyle lolita, I only met a few lolitas who wear it all the time. I’m not a lifestyle Lolita myself, sometimes people think I am, but it’s not true :P

Reasons why I’m not a life style Lolita:
-  It’s expensive, it’s not possible for me to wear Lolita all the time because I need (a lot) more clothes than I already have. I don’t have that much money.
-  I don’t like it when people look at me all the time.
-  Lolita clothes aren’t always that comfortable.
- Not all the clothes are suitable to wash, there are bleeding prints and most of the Lolita clothes can’t be washed in the machine. Yay, l love hand wash >.<

Even though something in me wants to wear Lolita all the time! More questions about being a lifestyle Lolita? This is the blog from Josine:
She wears Lolita all the time. ^^  

I forgot to tell about meet-ups, it’s so much fun to attend a meet-up. It’s nice to meet new people with the same interests. And I like it so much because I can see my Lolita friends again :D
There are meet-ups very often, maybe somewhere very near where you live.  Join a lolita forum, the egl comm or a group on facebook if you want to attend a meet-up, believe me you will find something near where you live. ^^
Don’t be shy during a meet-up, there are always people who wants to talk with you. You can always talk about the new Lolita releases ,music or your favourite brands. ^_~

egl community (livejournal):
Dutch egl forum:
I have to tell you about this, I don’t like it very much but it’s easier to say it then finding out yourself.
There is a site Lolita secrets and that’s mostly about negative things in the Lolita world and community. There also a site about positive Lolita things, that site is called Lolita valentines. ^^
I have never had a valentine but I think it’s an honor to get one :D
Example of a secret: *this one isn't completely negative*
Example of a valentine:
Any questions? Go ahead, please ask them! I'm here to help you!

I hope everyone likes this post a little bit, I didn’t write about how you can be a Lolita exactly. It’s not something I can tell, you have to find out yourself. ^^ The only thing I can do is giving some advise! It’s not like you have to do something to be a Lolita, I think when you wear the clothes regularly you can call yourself a ’ lolita’. Even though I never call myself a Lolita, I always say: I wear gothic Lolita. ^^

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Yes, no, maybe, I don't know...

This is my second post for my so you wanna be a Lolita theme, I hope you will like the theme! At least I like to write about it!
In the small Lolita world are many prejudices and misunderstandings in this post I’m going to write about those and tell some things about it.

The book Lolita from Vladimir Nabokov is about the Lolita style:
That’s not true, Lolita is about looking cute, innocent and doll-like because the ones who wear it thinks that it’s pretty and it has nothing to do with that book.  It hasn’t anything to do with attraction older man. It’s just a misunderstanding because the Japanese took this name without thinking about the Western meaning of it, I don’t think we can blame them because who could ever think that this style would be worn all over the world!

You have to like Japan to wear Lolita:
That’s not true, there are girls (and boys) who wear Lolita only they don’t like anything else about Japan. That’s okay, Lolita is mostly about clothes so liking Japan isn’t required. Some lolitas like Japan and anime/manga only it hasn’t anything to do with Lolita. (mostly)
Only Asian girls can wear Lolita:
Everyone can wear Lolita, it doesn’t matter how you look like, if you are a boy or a girl or whatever it’s all right. You only have to love the style and take it serious.

Mana-Sama  invented Lolita that’s why he is the ‘best’ Lolita:I always have to laugh a little bit about this one xD Lolita excised long before Mana started with his own brand, it only wasn’t popular. Because of Mana, more people seem to be interested in Lolita but he definitely didn’t invented Lolita. And having a own brand or shop(s) doesn’t make you the best Lolita...
I admire Mana , but that’s not required for being a Lolita :P
* The prints are so awesome and the older clothes from MMM, I totally love MMM*

You can only wear one style:
That’s not true, you can wear every Lolita style you want to wear. For example I wear gothic Lolita and sweet Lolita.

There aren’t many lolitas:
That’s true, Lolita isn’t that popular as gothic (for example). Here in Holland are 100 of them and maybe a another 100 who have Lolita clothes but don’t wear it very often.  The number is still increasing.

Lolita communities are very strict and Lolitas aren’t always nice.False, if you read the rules it is going to be okay and some forums/communities have very strict rules for joining their community but that’s mostly because of privacy and security.  You don’t want to have weird people in your community?!
And it’s true that Lolitas aren’t always nice,  ‘normal’ people aren’t nice all the time, too.
So why lolitas always have to be nice? It’s not human to be nice all the time, but it’s very important to be nice. So please be nice to people! And don’t worry I have never had trouble with anyone, everyone has been very nice to me. At least that’s what I think, I don’t know how people think about me! :P

Can you be too young or too old to wear Lolita?
No, you can’t but it’s important to know what your age is, if you are 40 years old and you look like someone of 40,some styles/clothes  aren’t suitable anymore. It’s the same for when you are 12 years old then some styles/clothes aren’t suitable.  It’s important to know that and wear the clothing that fits your age!  But it’s ridiculous that young people or ‘older’ people can’t look beautiful in Lolita. ^_~

Thank you for reading this! I hope to see you next time. ^^
Best wishes,

About my  English: English isn’t my first language, I will make mistakes, I hope everyone understands it! I’m trying to do my best!

Oh and about the text under this.. just ignore it, I can't remove it -_-''

Lolita is very expensive, probably I can’t pay so much money for clothes:
True/False, Lolita can be very expensive but it’s  all about what you want! If you want to fill your whole Lolita clothes with new Angelic Pretty (or MMM xD) clothes then you need  lots of money. There is also a possibility to buy offbrand clothes, second hand brand clothes or replicas/bodyline. It’s all about what you want and how much money you want to spend!
You aren’t a Lolita when you don’t wear all brand outfits
False, some offbrand outfits look even better than some brand outfits. A brand outfit isn’t always Lolita, and using offbrand things in your outfit make you more creative.

maandag 15 augustus 2011

So you wanna be a lolita?

Hello, it's me again! ^_^

I was thinking about the time when I started wearing Lolita, that’s quite long ago, something like three years? At least I think it’s long ago hahaha...
I was a little bit scared at first...

 I hear stories from people often, they want to wear the Lolita style but for some reason they can’t. 
Because they are embarrassed about it: What would my friends think? What would my family think?
Or people think they are not suitable to wear Lolita, that the style only exist for small, cute Asian girls. Or that it’s too expensive (It’s very expensive that’s true! my money is always gone, guess why? :P) Or that someone likes the style but thinks that lolitas aren’t nice and that it’s all about rules. Oh I hate the last one, but sadly I’ve heard about it :(

I want to make this very clear: everyone can wear Lolita, it’s not only for small Asian girls,  it’s for everyone!  As long as you love the style and have respect for others it will be okay. And in the beginning it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, every Lolita made mistakes!! Just try again and do it better next time. Let me tell you a little secret: sometimes I’m still afraid that my clothes aren’t Lolita enough or that some colours won’t match with each other.

I want to help newbie Lolitas (beginning Lolitas) because it’s for some girls very difficult to start wearing Lolita. Something new is always a little bit scary! 
But there is (nearly) nothing to be afraid of, Lolitas won’t bite ^_~  (At least it never happen to me)
If you are nice to other people they will be nice too, remember  that! Being nice is very important as a Lolita but even so important for someone who doesn’t wear the style. Please remind that!

This week’s theme is: So you wanna be a Lolita?
The first post will be about prejudices and misunderstandings, I’m going to tell which one are false and which ones are true.  <- how orginal!
The second post will be about: Starting wearing Lolita, I’m going to talk about choosing styles, confidence, meeting other people and about being a lifestyle Lolita.
The third post will be about: How I think about Lolita, my style icons and how it was like to start wearing Lolita. 
The fourth will be about:  how to not lose yourself, while you are wearing the style. That sounds a little bit weird , this could also be interesting for Lolita who wear the style longer..
For those who are interested: I have already written about parents & Lolita (the ‘bad kids’ post), about low budget Lolita and about other people (Don’t laugh at me, don’t look away)

I know that most of my followers aren’t new into the Lolita style so I need your help: if you know people who want to start wearing, please tell them about these posts. It’s not because I think it will be so great, I just want to help people with beginning to wear the style that I love so much!
Oh and if you have questions about Lolita just ask them, I try to answer them as good as I can and as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask something, it’s better to ask something than keep wondering what the right answer is.

See you next post!
Best wishes, Anne

Outfit for the oldschool meet!

  Blouse: Baby the stars shine bright
  JSK: Baby the stars shine bright
  Socks& Headbow: offbrand
  Shoes: Bodyline

I'm not sure about the socks, I think I'm going to wear white socks because
it's more old school.
What do you think about the outfit? Do I have to wear other socks?

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Efteling meet + new headdress + SD pictures

Hello everyone! ^^

On wednesday I went to the Efteling a Dutch theme parc in Kaatsheuvel.
It's a theme parc with lots of fairy tales and fun attractions.
And of course roller coasters, I love them! ^^
I nearly forgot to say that it was a lolita meet xD

I've had such a great day! It was nice to see everyone. ^^
It was also very nice to go the Efteling because it's been seven year the last time
I was there.
My parents divorced, it wasn't fun to go with my mom alone because she is
afraid of hights and my friends go with their family and they all have brothers and
sisters so I couldn't go with them... That's why I couldn't go to the Efteling for so long.

We were with a small group at first but later we were with 18 people. ^^
Unfortunately there is no group picture!
Because at the end of the day everyone was very tired and some people left earier....
So we kind of forgot it...


                      In the girl in the middle : )
                    Blouse: Baby the stars shine bright
                    Skirt: Metamorphose
                   Cardigan: Hema
                  Socks: Offbrand
                 Shoes: bodyline
                   Headbow: handmade

         steampunk dragon!

        Tina with her huge high heels

I hope there I can show you more pictures, my camera was doing wierd that day, my pictures have failed >.<
If I find more pictures I will show you them. ^^
Yay! My headdress was delivered at home today!
I wrote a little letter to the mailman * I wasn't at home, I was at my work* if he would be so kind to
bring the package to my neighbor but he put it in my mailbox. agggh stupid mailman!
The whole package was broken T_T Luckily the content was still intact. ^^

I'm so happy with it! Iira really makes beautiful lolita things! ^^
It's even more beautiful than I imagend!
And she gave me a little gift, the small brooche that's also in the picture,
that's so kind of her. ^^
I hope I can commission something very soon again!

So... One package at home, still two somewhere in the middle of nowhere xD

And here are more pictures from Summer Darkness:
lolita legs, lets play a game which legs are mine? xD
Lolitas always stands in circles
      Hiding for the photographers, why
     doesn't it work?!
         Yay! me again ^^

Thank you for reading/watching all this. ^^
I hope you will like it!


!!!!Very important: pictures by Hime-chan (Elise) & Veroowrocks (Veronique)!!!!
The picture of the headdress is mine, that's the only one.

zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Cathedrals in my heart

Oh, I forgot to say something: in the post from before, not all the pictures are mine only the
ones from the fashion show...

This week wasn't that interesting, I have worked a lot...
But today I went with a friend to the zoo.
It was so much fun! I will show you the pictures very soon. ^^

There happend one thing that kind of interesting for my blog, I ordered a dress!
Guess which one?
No, it's not the Cathedral...
not the Silent Moon O_o
I ordered the Holy Stained Glass from Moitie! ^^

I had been thinking about it quite long, I couldn't choose a dress.
I was stuck between the HSG and SM jsk <- omg that sounds so wierd xD
In the end I have bought the HSG, because it's a very beautiful and unique dress
I was a little bit scared at first to buy it because I was thinking: Oh no what are the
other people going to think if I buy again a dress with a 'religious' print?
But I don't care now! I love that dress and it's me, whose going to wear it.
By the way, I ordered the blackxsilver version..
 It's a beautiful dress, isn't it?!

So what I'm going to do next?
Finishing my new outfit, I have special plans for this dress. ^^
Of course I'm going to chase after the Silent Moon jsk, that will
be fun!
Maybe I will wait a year to make it more difficult...
That would make that beautiful and special dress even more
special don't you think?

And I'm waiting for my headdress which Iira (rosa nitida) made for me,
I hope it will arrive very soon. ^^
I will show you some pictures when I have it here at home!

Thanks for reading this, hopefully will my next post be something more interesting. ^^
I wanted to make outfit posts but the cat scratched me in my face...
It's nothing serious, still I hope it's going to be better soon..

bye bye!

maandag 1 augustus 2011

Summer Darkness

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to welcome my new followers, thank you for following my blog!
I hope you will like my blog. ^^
Don't be afraid to comment on something, I always read my comments and I will answer

I have also a question for all my followers:
What would you like to see on my blog?
More outfit post, more about meetups, more about lolita or maybe more about my dolls?
If you have any ideas, please say it to me!

Yesterday I went to Summer Darkness, a gothic event in Utrecht.
There was also a Gothic Lolita fashion show, which Leyla (she has a lolita shop called Mfashion) had organised.
It was such an amazing show!
I hope I can be a model for the show next year, for me it's a dream to walk in a lolita fashion show. ^^
I have had such a amazing day, it was so nice to meet the other girls again!
Can't wait to see most you next time in the Efteling. ^^
I want to show you some pictures of the show and pictures after the show.

About the pictures: If you want to have one of these pictures, please send me a email and
I will send you the picture(s) to you.
And if you don't like a picture with you on it, please say it to me and I will remove it.

First, my pictures:

Before the fashionshow:
The dolls:
Denise & myself
She is such a sweet girl!
And a amazing lolita, please never stop wearing it!

some lolitas
                                          Me and Josine, she is so nice and I love her style!

Two pictures of myself:

See you next time!
Many hugs,