vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Favorite Lolita Indie Brand (4 O'Clock)

Happy new year everyone!! <3 I wanted to look back at 2012 and make some new resolutions like I did last year. Unfortunately I fell ill and I couldn't do this... I hope I will be able to do this in a few days. First a new Lolita Blog Carnival, it's about indie brands and I really like the subject. There is no better subject to start with this new year than indie brands. I have many favorite indie brands so it's quite difficult to chose just one, I could probably fill my whole blog with my favorite indie brands. ^_~

My favorite indie lolita brand is 4 O'Clock (former Mirror) by Linda Friesen, it's the one most amazing lolita brand of the world and I don't think the label indie brand would be enough, it's equal (or even better) than the famous lolita brands. 4 O'clock is a brand that is specialized in creating elegant custom made doll-like garments. 

Everything is made in a custom size, that's why there are no items in stock. There is also a possibility to order your own custom design, I truly recommend you to do that. It's so amazing because you will get a dress that suits you style perfectly and it's in your own size. 

My favorite item from their collection




Are you not impressed yet?!! You must be!
I hope you understand why I totally adore this brand. I don't have any item from 
4 O'Clock yet, it's one of my big dreams to buy a dress from this brand. That's why I made a custom order and this dress will arrive in a few days. I've already seen it, it's so wonderful you can't imagine it! (I won't show it's a work in progress picture) When the dress arrives I will show it you for sure, I'm really looking forward to see the dress for real. I'm pretty sure it will be even more beautiful! <3

Information about 4 O'Clock
Contact: 4 O'Clock on facebook
Located in: The Netherlands

How to order?
1. Visit the website click
2. Choose a favorite design or think about a design you want to have.

3. Send a message to 4 O'Clock on facebook with the details of your order. What do you want? Which color? Which fabric? Lace or no lace? Bustle skirt? Price? And outward arrival date?

4. Linda will give you the further details about your order and when she can start working on it.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have to agree with you, it's one of the most incredible lolita brands out there ♥ And fun to see that one of your favourite designs is the green dress!

    I look forward to see your dress! :D

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned this brand! I saw the first dress two years ago and could never find the source of the person who created the dress, and now I know how did it!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Four o' Clock is amazing. Everything they do looks absolutely luxurious. I had actually forgotten about them until you made this post. So thanks for reminding me!

  4. SO excited about 4 o Clock, their work is truly gorgeous! I adore their tailored fits, the gorgeous draping, and the loving amounts of detail in their work. I am always excited to see it pop up in my tumblr feed!