dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

New purchases + crobidoll review

Dear followers,

I saw that I have 66 followers now! Thank you so much for liking my blog, I never thought my blog could have so many followers! Today I want to show you my last purchases, maybe the people who follow my blog a little bit longer are wondering why I haven't shown my purchases for so long time. 
All my pictures are on the other laptop and that one is broken, it needs to be fixed only I haven't got time to go to shop. School is killing me, there is so little time left for other things.. I'm so happy I have vacation now! But school so much fun, I never thought I could like school so much :D

Let's show you my new stuff! <3

Angelic Pretty Hat
More Details

Baby the stars shine bright and Metamorphose socks

  I like the metamorphose brand card so much, it's so cute! ^__^
I bought some new clothes for my doll Noah, I will do a little review at the end of this post...
Leather Jacket, I love it!
I do want to keep it for myself only it doesn't fit, it's too small hahaha...



I also ordered a scarf and hair parts to customize Noah's wig again. ^__^
This week or next week I'm going to take some pictures of Noah with his new clothes. ~~

Crobidoll review

It's well-made and it fits right, the leather jacket is a little bit too big only it's not troublesome I think.
The jacket has so many small details, I love the tiny studs and the little pockets. The jacket is even lined with a leopard print, I didn't know that when I ordered it.
Although the pants are torn they are not damaged, it's part of the design.


The website is very beautiful and everything is very clear. All the items were priced right and it's easy to find what you want because of the layout,every different category can be find in the left of the webpage.
There is a slight color difference between the scarf and the hair pieces, I think it's because of institutions of my laptop. I made a mistake when I  placed my order, I can't give a reliable opinion about ordering because it was my first time shopping through Crobidoll.

Like I said before, I made a mistake while I placed my order and I was really worried about it.
I placed my order only I couldn't pay. That's why I decided to send Crobidoll an email, I got an kind answer in two days. They said I didn't have to worry and gave me the right paypal adress.
When my payment was confirmed, the package was sent the same day!!
I'm really satisfied about the kind and fast communication.


They shipped my order fast after the payment was confirmed. Only my package got stuck in the customs for a week. I placed my order on the 1st of October(I believe???)  and I received my order at 15 October.


I would definitely buy again from Crobidoll, especially because of the good communication and nice items they sell!

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Favorite makeup tips

Favorite makeup tips, I'm going to be honest I'm not a huge fan of using much makeup. I love to keep my makeup a little bit natural and toned down, I don't want my makeup to scream: here I am! I guess this makes it difficult for me to write something about my favorite makeup tips, so why would I write a post about this? 
It would be interesting because it's something I would never write about, I want to give it a try!

My first overall makeup tip: natural & toned down makeup!

Don't get me wrong, I don't like to use much makeup.. that's my opinion. Many lolitas think that they have to use lots of makeup to look good in lolita, I think it's not true. With a little bit less makeup, you can still look pretty. First of all stop comparing yourself with the makeup pages in famous lolita magazines, yes the lolitas in the magazines look stunning, only their makeup is done by professionals and then most magazines use photoshop for their models. Then I want that you won't see makeup as something you use to hide yourself, okay it's something to make you 'prettier' but it's not true that using more makeup means that you automatically look good. Don't try to mask the part of your face you don't like, try to emphasize the parts you like. 

Take a look at this, this is one of my favorite pictures... even if it's my one of my favorites I haven't used much makeup, it's exactly enough I think:

What makeup did I used?

- Primer (I'm not sure how to call it, we call it foundation in Dutch)
- Pink rouge
- Mascara
- eyeliner
- False eyelashes
- Red lipstick
- A light colored 
eye shadow

False eyelashes

Like many lolitas I love false eyelashes, maybe you are wondering why I still love false eyelashes while I always say that you don't have to use much makeup. It's because I don't have long eyelashes.. then people say: ''Use some mascara and then it will be okay!'' Mascara doesn't work, I tried many different brands, my eyelashes stay short. My under lashes are longer then my upper lashes, weird isn't it?! That's why I tried false eyelashes once... Since then I NEED to wear false lashes when I wear lolita. My favorite ones are those long drag queen like false lashes, extreme long and thick lashes are so pretty! And I love false lashes with sparkles, stars or even a whole decorated theme in it. (like those very expensive flower ones) False eyelashes are my favorite part of my makeup besides the lipstick.

           My eyes with false eyelashes

   Some amazing false eyelash examples:


The finishing touch for every look, the lipstick. Lipstick is feminine, elegant and it makes a face vividly I think. My favorite color for Gothic Lolita is mysterious red (111) from YSL and for Sweet Lolita baby pink from a unknown brand. 

Review of YSL Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick in 111, Mysterious Red.

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donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Prints You Would Like To See

First post for the Lolita Blog Carnival, I'm happy that I'm part of it now! If you are wondering, what's the Lolita Blog Carnival? Let me explain it to you: it's a group of bloggers who decide to blog about a common topic on the same day and then they all put a link with a list of all the blogger who blog about the same topic. I want to apologize if I make any grammar mistakes, I'm going to do my best to make less mistakes. My first post will be about 3 prints I would like to see, this topic is so much fun to start with.

Creepy Cute Halloween print

I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday of the year after Christmas. Halloween is becoming more popular in the Netherlands since the last few years, I'm happy about this because there are more parties and fun events. I want to wear something special... So what do I want to wear? 
Lolita, of course! That's why I want to see a creepy cute Halloween print, firstly because there are too little Halloween prints I can't remember seeing one.(correct me if I'm wrong) I think this is weird, Halloween is very popular among lolitas why is there no annual Halloween print? Angelic Pretty made some jewelry and socks with bats and stuff, still no Halloween print. If I could design a print like this I would like to have a creepy cute print design. Bats are a must, it must be a print with a big pumpkins, in and around those pumpkins you can see a few lolita girls, a Guro lolita, an Alice lolita and a Pirate lolita. There are bats with big cute eyes and sweets all over the design, not too much because troublesome. 

Let's show you some inspiration pictures:

Aristocratic Tea Party

I'm really into paintings these days and I something that would make me so happy, is a print with Aristocratic ladies while they are drinking tea. Drinking tea is so elegant, I think. There should be a tea party print! <3

Some amazing paintings:

Happy Bunny Paradise

Bunny prints are the most amazing prints ever, I know that it's not so original only I love bunnies so much. <3 I want a print with white bunnies in a beautiful park with flowers. About a year ago I went to a park with a friend and we when we wanted to go home because it was already twilight. At the moment we decided to go home we saw a big group of white bunnies, so cute! My friend told me those rabbits were part of the petting close to the nature park, many rabbits escaped and tried to live in the 'free nature'. I never saw so many white rabbits at the same time, that moment was magical. That's why I adore bunny prints, I want to catch that magical moment and put it in a print! 

That's all! I hope you like the prints and I really hope that one of my favorite brands will make a prints like this, that would be great. I would like to know which prints my followers would like to see? Please tell me your ideas. ^__^

zondag 7 oktober 2012

Demon Lolita

I promised to show some photos of the Elf fantasy fair when I got them all. There is one problem, I don't have every photo, I'm still waiting for a few... It's not a problem at all, everyone is very busy, I understand because I'm so busy myself! I'm still hoping that I get every picture. ^___^

I decided to show you some of my favorite pictures, I already have...

With my friend Rosy
Photographer: Pieter Rijnaard

Photographer: Ed de Jong

 photographer: Niek Vermeulen

With Marjolein and Rosy in the background.

Photographer: Lucaz Photography

That's all I have for now!

About my outfit
I wanted to wear something different this year, only I still wanted to wear lolita.
That's why I decided to combine lolita with demon horns. It's still lolita, with a little fantasy touch, which is more suitable for the Elf Fantasy Fair. The dress is handmade, I really wanted to wear because the last time I wore the dress it was July, I think. So long ago! 
My theme of the day was Demon Princess, it's was nice to look like a elegant demon for one day. 
I wanted to try something dark and different so I used some fantasy items and the colors green, black and gold. I hope you all like it! 

Dress: Handmade
Blouse: H&M
Socks: Metamorphose
Necklace: Michal Negrin
Brooch: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Bodyline
Horns: I bought them at Summer Darkness
Rest: Offbrand