dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Old school meet Utrecht

I'm very late! It's a week ago now...
Most of the time I blog immedately about meet-ups, only this time I was a little bit late
and I kind of forgot it.. -_-''

Group picture! Look at me, I'm the only one who wore pink xD
Everyone looked so beautiful, everyone totally fits in the old school theme. ^^

Pictures with me on it:

Oh, I need to dye my hair again  >.< I'm not sure about the color, I think it's going to be the same...

The meet-up was so much fun! It's always nice to see my lolita friends again. ^^
We went to the Dom 'garden' to make some pictures, it's such a beautiful church and it
has a lovely garden. It's always nice to be there and it's a very suitable place to make pictures.
After that we went to a lunch room to eat something. When we finished our lunch, our group fell apart some lolitas wanted to go to a cafe, others went home. I went shopping with some girls, we went to a fabric store and to the episode. ^^  After that I went home because I didn't feel well... ( And my money was goneeee, again T_T Why is my wallet always empty?)
Thanks everyone, for the great day!

I want to say welcome to my new follower, thank you for following me!
I hope you will like my blog...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Je ziet er leuk en oldschool uit! :D De foto's zien er ook gezellig uit, echt jammer dat ik niet kon komen. :(

  2. Dank je! :D
    Ja! Inderdaad jammer dat je niet kon komen, hopelijk volgende keer. ^^
    Misschien komt er nog wel een keer een old school meet. Ik hou erg van thema meets. :)

  3. Je zag er heel leuk uit, je outfit paste goed bij het thema ^^