maandag 15 augustus 2011

So you wanna be a lolita?

Hello, it's me again! ^_^

I was thinking about the time when I started wearing Lolita, that’s quite long ago, something like three years? At least I think it’s long ago hahaha...
I was a little bit scared at first...

 I hear stories from people often, they want to wear the Lolita style but for some reason they can’t. 
Because they are embarrassed about it: What would my friends think? What would my family think?
Or people think they are not suitable to wear Lolita, that the style only exist for small, cute Asian girls. Or that it’s too expensive (It’s very expensive that’s true! my money is always gone, guess why? :P) Or that someone likes the style but thinks that lolitas aren’t nice and that it’s all about rules. Oh I hate the last one, but sadly I’ve heard about it :(

I want to make this very clear: everyone can wear Lolita, it’s not only for small Asian girls,  it’s for everyone!  As long as you love the style and have respect for others it will be okay. And in the beginning it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, every Lolita made mistakes!! Just try again and do it better next time. Let me tell you a little secret: sometimes I’m still afraid that my clothes aren’t Lolita enough or that some colours won’t match with each other.

I want to help newbie Lolitas (beginning Lolitas) because it’s for some girls very difficult to start wearing Lolita. Something new is always a little bit scary! 
But there is (nearly) nothing to be afraid of, Lolitas won’t bite ^_~  (At least it never happen to me)
If you are nice to other people they will be nice too, remember  that! Being nice is very important as a Lolita but even so important for someone who doesn’t wear the style. Please remind that!

This week’s theme is: So you wanna be a Lolita?
The first post will be about prejudices and misunderstandings, I’m going to tell which one are false and which ones are true.  <- how orginal!
The second post will be about: Starting wearing Lolita, I’m going to talk about choosing styles, confidence, meeting other people and about being a lifestyle Lolita.
The third post will be about: How I think about Lolita, my style icons and how it was like to start wearing Lolita. 
The fourth will be about:  how to not lose yourself, while you are wearing the style. That sounds a little bit weird , this could also be interesting for Lolita who wear the style longer..
For those who are interested: I have already written about parents & Lolita (the ‘bad kids’ post), about low budget Lolita and about other people (Don’t laugh at me, don’t look away)

I know that most of my followers aren’t new into the Lolita style so I need your help: if you know people who want to start wearing, please tell them about these posts. It’s not because I think it will be so great, I just want to help people with beginning to wear the style that I love so much!
Oh and if you have questions about Lolita just ask them, I try to answer them as good as I can and as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask something, it’s better to ask something than keep wondering what the right answer is.

See you next post!
Best wishes, Anne

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Je plannen klinken erg leuk, ik kijk uit naar je upcoming posts!

    En "Or people think they are not suitable to wear Lolita, that the style only exist for small, cute Asian girls." daar herken ik mij zeker in! Dat was ook mijn eerste gedachte toen ik met lolita in aanraking kwam. En zeker omdat het Nederlandse forum gesloten is (je moet je eerst aanmelden enzo) kon ik ook niet alvast spieken en kijken hoe het nou zou staan bij een Nederlands iemand.
    (en van daily_lolita wist ik toen nog niks af :p)

  2. Dank je! Dat is leuk om te horen. ^^

    Dat dacht ik toen ook, ik dacht ooh nee dat is vast niets voor mij...
    In paar jaar geleden was het inderdaad moeilijk om ergens een kijkje te gaan nemen hoe het bij een nederlands iemand zou staan, gelukkig is dat nu wel anders met daily lolita en andere sites. ^^

  3. Leuk thema ^^ Ik ga dit zeker volgen.
    Ben benieuwd wat je hierover gaat vertellen.