zaterdag 28 april 2012

Broken Doll

~~When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
and dreamed of paradise~~

Coldplay- Paradise

These past days I feel a little bit like a broken doll...
That used to be a sad feeling but now it's okay!
I want times to be the same only I also want to live my dream.
I'm looking forward to the future, I'm not afraid anymore about who I really want to be or want I want to do.
Still I'm a little bit afraid to say goodbye to life today.
I'm not afraid to work hard for what I want to be but I know that it's something I really want.
This time I do not hope for something, I know it's going to be okay.
I'm just waiting for that one letter or email to arrive...
And then.. I need to arrange lots of things.. so wish me luck! ^__^
I hope I find a place to live, that would make things easier.
You can say it's just a little change, I don't think so... it will be hard because I have to start over all alone, like again..
I do NOT like that, only I think it will be easier because it's something I really want..
It's not going to be easy to leave and even if I won't leave there will be many changes, but I still will be there for my friends so that's something that won't change.
Please do not be afraid of that!
I guess some people know where I'm talking about, some don't know..
It's fine if you aks ^_~

This was kind of personal?! Yeah.. I need to tell this.. it's something on my mind..
What has this to do with my blog, Lolita and BJD's, a lot for sure.
First of all time, I won't have much time for things, I will have enough time to go to meetings and such but I have less time for my blog.
That means it could be right that I will post less on my blog from May, and little by little I will post less.
That doesn't mean I will stop blogging, I have to find out how much time I have and then figure out how I can use the time usefully.
I have many great things in mind, please don't worry my lovely followers!
About Lolita and BJD, I'm older now which doesn't mean I will stop with it.
Only I believe I realized my dreams already on that subject.
I do have dream dolls and dream dresses which I do not have, only do I want to have everything?
Of course not, that's really materialistic, I guess people are going to laugh about it, but I'm not a materialistic person.
I just want to follow my dreams, and 4 years ago I had a dream to wear lolita clothing and own ball jointed dolls, go to meetings and live the 'princess life'.
Now I have other dreams, I want to see more of the world and I more sure about what I want kind of job I want to have.

I want to open my eyes for other things, because there is so much more in life.
I don't want to stick to one (fashion) style, I want more..
I love lolita but I love more then just lolita.
A few weeks ago I fell in love with visual kei again, I also want to try pastel goth and I still want to try gyaru and cyber.
And the thing I want the most is designing and making my own outfit for the EFF.
So why won't I do that?! I will, I will...
I said it before I want to travel more, I feel I need to do that.
I want to see, pretty places and learn from other cultures.
That's why my first goal (for travelling) is going to Japan now.
I also want to go to New Zealand and travel through Europe by train.
* Money tree, please?!*

I want so many things~~
I girl can wish right? I don't want to look back on my life and regret the things I did not do!
I don't want
Only there is no reason to be afraid that I will stop wearing lolita or that I will sell my BJD's,
I love all of those clothes/those dolls so much! <3
I just want to be happy and now I have other dreams, I want those dreams to come true.
So I still wear lolita, but I won't buying anything big, because I want to have money for more important things! The same for dolls..
I'm sure this will be difficult for me, only I'm pretty sure it's going to happen..
Just small things, that won't be that difficult?
*Yes, here I go again, I need to stop this*

So, I still going to (annoy people at) meetings, wear lolita, make clothes for my dolls, and other things I do now.
And my friends and family will always be on the first place..
I just have a less time and I won't buy anything big after today.
I bought my last lolita item recently, which is going to arrive next week.
It's one of my dream dresses *_*
More about that soon~~~

This was really personal, I hope you don't mind!
And I'm sorry new followers, soon more happy and less personal post but I had to tell this.
Next time the lockshop review, I'm working on that now. ^__^

All the pictures in this post are inspiration pictures and places I like!

vrijdag 27 april 2012

Back to Pink (EFF 2012)

Hello ^__^

A special welcome to my new followers!
Thank you! ^__^  I hope you will like my blog!
I want to show some more pictures from the EFF in Haarzuilens, I hope you will like them!

That's all, I guess..
Maybe there is more, I just don't know...
I will show you if I get more pictures~~

Oh and next month, there will be one post about a meet-up, one lockshop review and about the give away, I'm going to pick the winner on the 4th of May NOT the 11th of May because May will be a very busy month for me. I don't have time to go to the postoffice if I will pick the winner later then that date...

maandag 23 april 2012

Elf fantasy fair Haarzuilens 2012

Hello dear followers~~
<> <> <> <>
I love this outfit!!! It's amazing!!

Yesterday I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair with my friend Rosy. ^___^
I was really looking forward to it because it's my favourite festival, I could meet many friends and meet new people. I hadn't slept well the night before so please ignore my face >.<
* that's the reason of the hearts on my face*

The sad thing about the EFF was that the weather was so bad. Rain and lots of wind, not so well if you wear a costume, lolita or whatever.
My deco stuff wasn't waterproof or windproof, I lost many things which I found back thanks to my friends and other visitors only I did not like that... I wanted to wear all the stuff not loosing it!
I even lost my contacts because of the wind O_o I found them again, that's a miracle (!) but yeah, it was still very stressfull...

Enough complaining, the weather didn't ruin my day! The EFF was still amazing! So many amazing outfits, a few examples:

Not many pictures but hopefully enough to give my followers a good impression. I just can't dressing up, modelling on pictures, meeting friends and photographing at the same time. I want to go sometimes just to make pretty pictures. ^__^

So, what did I do yesterday: first I went fixing my outfit, after that we went searching for a place without rain, then we met a friend of Rosy.
Then I went to all the nice shops on the market, after that the Lolita meeting started.
The lolita meeting was really short, also because of the weather, it started to rain after 20 minutes...
Not so nice if you wear lolita!
That's why everyone split up to another place, unfortunately!  
It was raining for more than an hour, that's why we stayed a while in a nice gothic shop.
With pretty clothes, I have lots of inspiration now!
After an hour the sun was back again, oh I can tell you, there are not many times I was so happy to see the sun! We went walking again, saw many amazing people and costumes.
Then we meet up again with the lolitas in the steampunk tent, yes that's possible. xD
Me (NyappyAnne), Danchelle and Simone

Inimimi found some friends, she is sitting on Danchelle's dress.
I hope Mimi won't like Angelic Pretty too much, that would be awful for my wallet!
I need to buy more dresses for myself not too many for Mimi~~

We stayed a while in the tent, after that we went to searching for Simone's friends.
Then we met Jannike, that was nice I haven't seen her since November.

Such a lovely outfit! ^__^

And now Rosy, she made this outfit herself! :D

And some pictures with myself on it:

Maybe I will show some more pictures, I'm not sure how many pictures I will get and if I like them enough, hahaha!
I can tell you that one photographer who made pictures from Rosy, Marcella and I at the EFF in Arcen also made some picture from me (and Rosy) at this EFF.
I hope I get them because I really liked those.
So that's all, after that we went home~~
And I was so tired...but it was a fun day!

I hope that everyone who went to the Elf Fantasy Fair had a nice day. And I really hope that the weather will be better next time.
So, I will see you at the next EFF.
And please don't be afraid to say 'hi' to me if you see me,
I don't mind if it's on the EFF or somewhere else.
Only I'm not sure if you will recognize me without my lolita wear, hahaha.

And and, I bought a wig (lockshop) and a ring before forget to tell it.
I will write about that soon.

donderdag 19 april 2012

Review: eylure oh my Katy Perry false lashes

A while ago I saw on the internet something about katy perry lashes.
I thought: that's kind of interesting,  Katy Perry has amazing lashes.
Of course I forgot about it, yeah that's how I am... only one week ago I saw that those lashes were sold at a local shop (kruidvat). I just bought them!
Here is a review, maybe it's nice to read it if you want to buy false lashes like this.

How does it look like?

                                                And what do you get?                                                       

  • a sticker
  • the eyelashes
  • a little 'book' about how to use the lashes
  • eyelash glue

Where are the lashes suitable for?
I think the lashes are amazing for lolita, the lashes are very pretty and make your eyes look very doll- like.I think they would be great for goth fashion,gyaru and fairy kei too.
The lashes are NOT suitable for a normal day or at work, they are very extreme.
They are too big and eye catching for a normal day! :( 

Let's try them!



 close-up eyes:

closed eyes:

What do I think about the eyelashes?
I like the fact that the lashes are very soft, I feels like it's made of feathers.
I have never had lashes that were so soft like this. This makes wearing them more confortable!
The lashes are very thick, that can make it uneasy to wear them but I don't feel that way.
Yes, they are thick but it isn't annoying.
What I don't like about the lashes is the fact that I don't get them very close to my eyes.
The lashes are way above my real lashes, I don't like that!
 I  have to live with that I guess, it's not that terrible. ^_~
I just have to put on a little more make-up on. 

About the prices?
The lashes cost 8 euro, that's not cheap I think.
I used to buy asian import lashes, those were 3~4 euro each pair.
There are many lashes which are less expensive only I think these lashes are worth it!
I don't mind spending more money on pretty and confortable lashes! <3

The lashes are pretty and very comfortable.
Only the lashes are very thick, that can be troublesome because it's very weary for your eyes.
And I can't get them really close to my real lashes, which I like the most.

To buy or not to buy?
To buy, for sure!

zaterdag 14 april 2012

Let's take a look in my treasure chest

Hello lovely followers!

New followers! Welcome ^__^
And I want to say sorry, I reply late on many blogs it's not because I'm so busy but blogger tells me too late when there is are new post. Don't worry I still read every blog I follow (yes, that takes a while but I like to do that) only that takes time.

When I got home today I saw that I got a lolita valentine! ^___^
Thank you so much, you totally made my day! <3

A few days ago I saw on Toothless Tigers, a lovely post about the items you treasure the most. I thought what a lovely idea, I want to do the same on my blog.
This is the list of my most treasured items, which I love to most.

My first lolita piece

That's my Candy House JSK from Metamorphose. I bought it 3 years ago, it was my first 'real' lolita item. I had some other lolita items only those were handmade (there's nothing wrong with handmade but at that time I hadn't much knowledge about lolita) and I don't think you could consider them as lolita, more like 'ita' items, hahaha! I was so happy when I bought this dress, it was a REAL lolita item and I could never dream to own one then. It was a difficult time for me, so it was even more special because I made one of my dreams come true. The sad thing is: I don't like it anymore, I don't think I'm ever going to wear this jsk again. It's an item I used to love only after 3 years my style changed much and it's not something I want to keep. I hope I can sell it and when I saved up enough money I want to buy a cute Angelic Pretty Jsk of the money or  a 4 'o clock jsk I'm not sure yet.


 My most beautiful lolita piece

That's my Memorial Cake jsk or my Divine Cross skirt,  I don't have a favourite. Those two were items that were on my 'dream' item list, that's why I'm very proud to have them. I love my Memorial Cake because it's cute, it has an amazing print with cakes and butterflies and it feels very comfortable when I wear it. I love my Divine Cross because I fell in love with it when I saw it, it's amazing! *_*
The Colors, the lace and the print are amazing!


 My most used lolita piece
One of my blouses or cardigans, I don't really know.
I think my baby the stars shine bright blouse or my maxicimam cardigan.

~☆~☆~My most comfortable lolita piece~☆~☆~
The old school Baby the stars shine bright jsk,  most of the time I wear it with hot weather because it's so comfortable when I wear it. It's an oldschool dress, that means it's a little bit shorter than other lolita dresses I think that's one of the reasons why I like to wear it. You don't have to be aware of the big poofy dress all the time, it's to short to create huge poof and I don't mind that at all. Oh, shirring it has shirring which doesn't make you look like a sausage and you can eat all you want~~ I love the shirring!

☆~My lolita piece with the most emotional value

The Divine Cross from Moi-même-Moitié, I worked for the skirt the whole summer. It wasn't always nice to do but when this beautiful skirt arrived it was totally worth it. I couldn't been happier! ^____^
It also reminds me of my amazing journey in Andalusia (Spain), when I was in a internetcafe I saw that this skirt went on sale in a few days. I already bought matching sockings the day after that, no, no I wasn't planning to buy that skirt when I came home! In Andalusia I saw all those amazing and beautiful churches, other nice buildings, nature, I liked the food and the local people were really nice. This skirt is a sort of memory of those nice days.
It's also my first Moi-même-Moitié item, that's my favourite brand together with Angelic Pretty. That why it was so special to me, I never thought I would have a Moi-même-Moitié item or even more in my lolita wardrobe.

My most expensive lolita piece
My Holy Stained Glass of course... I'm not very proud of that.. I guess I told that before.
I do not regret the fact that I bought it, I just regret that it's so expensive. I really like it, but I don't love it only I don't want to let it go anymore. Every month since january I became to like it more and more... Maybe after one year I will love it?! I hope so!  It's a very beautiful dress, I like the print, I love the corset and I adore the silver color of the print only I really miss the lace. I want more lace in this jsk T_T And it short, I love shorter lolita dresses, then you can't notice my short legs.

Well, how much did it cost?
 I'm not going to tell.... it was too much money, forgive me xD

I hope you liked it and I hope more people will put this on their blogs~~
Thanks Josine for making the original post, it was so nice to read yours and to fill out mine!

woensdag 11 april 2012

Birthday gifts

Hello dear Followers,

I wanted to show my birthday presents to all of you.. I was doubting about that because I don't want to show off with my gifts. I was thinking about how I could show them and do something for my follower too, I decided to do a give away. You can read everything about that in the next post! ^___^

First the gifts! Thanks everyone for giving these amazing gifts to me, it means alot to me.

Many, many gifts! O_o