dinsdag 28 juni 2011

'Bad Kids'

Today I'm going to talk about parents and lolita because I read a post from a girl on the lolita forum.
I think it's only a 'problem' for the younger lolita's.
My meaning of this post isn't to show that parents, don't have the rights to forbit you to wear lolita.
In the end it's up to them!
I can understand that some parents don't want their kids to wear lolita, but forbit something isn't always the right thing to do.
I want to give some tips to the young lolita's and newbee lolita's and I'm going to tell experience as a young lolita.
( I started wearing lolita when I was 14 years old)

I hope this post is useful. ~~

1. Don't keep it a secret
Parents don't like secrets, when they find out you do something secretly they might be more angry about it when you just tell it to them.

2. Tell them what lolita exactly is.
The word lolita is very confusing.
You don't want your parents to think about lolita like the book from Vladimir Nobokov. It totally isn't like that!
Lolita is a japanese fashion style, you don't wear the style because you want to look sexy.
Maybe it's useful to call it gothic lolita like the most lolita's do.
You can tell them about the different styles and the history of lolita ect.

Show them pitures and videos there are lots of lolita documantaries on the internet.

3. You are not the only one.
They exist the other lolita girls. (even guys)
It's useful and fun to sign yourself in to a lolita forum!
When your parents know that you are not the only one, they might be more understanding.
Maybe it's a good thing to invite a local lolita to tell them about the style or to ask advice on a lolita forum.

4. Watch out with the more extreme lolita styles
OTT lolita, deco lolita,guro lolita ect. are very extreme lolita styles.
Your parents may be disturbed when you tell them you want to wear styles like that.
You can't wear those styles every day, it isn't always comfortable and people will stare at you and call you wierd names.( I'm not making this up)
Those styles are more suitable for the weekends and meetups.
Your parents want to protect you from that, so don't be angry with them when they forbit you to wear it on 'normal days'.

When you want to wear one of styles really badly, you can always start with wearing one of the other styles and when they are used to it, you can start decorate it! ^_~

5. The prices
Lolita isn't cheap, you can't buy 3 dresses in a month or a whole wardrobe in a year.
Don't compare yourself to other people.
It's better to start with a cheap dress, one from bodyline, taobao or a secondhand dress.
You can always buy a brand dress!
I think your parents will understand it more when you buy a cheap dress first.
You can tell them you want to find out if the style really is the suitable style for you.
Or you can make a list of the dresses/items you really want and after that saving up for that

items. (Don't change the list, that's not fair :P)
You can find a part time job when you have enough time for it.
When you work for your own money,you understand the price of something.
You have to work very hard for a lolita dress, don't think your parents are going to give you one!
Most of the parents want their kids to understand the value of money.

You are more likely to be able to buy a dress when you have a part time job.

6. Lolita is like hobby (or a lifestyle, please save that for later)
The youth always wants to stand out, that's normal.
Most of the youth wants to go out, shopping for clothes or things like that. Lolita is nearly the same, a lolita buys clothes (most of the time online) and most of the lolita's go often to meetups.
Some people collect things, other people like to go out in the weekends and some people want to wear lolita.
I don't think there is anything wrong with one of these things!

7. Wearing lolita
You don't have to wear lolita every day, that's nearly impossible for the most lolita's.
Make a promis with your parents about wearing lolita.
For example: Only wearing lolita in the weekends and holidays.
You can always change this after some time or maybe there is no need to.

8. There are worse thing you can do
Lolita is especially about clothes, it isn't something illegal. :P

9. Meetups
If your parents don't trust the meetup they can go with you.
I don't mean the whole day, just bring you to the meet up and be present from a distance.
When you go to the meet they can shop, so they are in the neighborhood.
Don't let them join the meet, it's a lolita meet not a parents of lolita's meet :P
Don't let them ask other ones to baby-sit, the other lolita don't like that! ^_~

                                          (An example of a lolita meeting)
10. All of this doesn't work?
I feel sad for you! It so much fun to wear lolita and meet other lolita's, I hope your parents will understand it very soon.
Be patient, don't get angry with your parents.
They want to protect you from the evil world.
( sorry, I like to say that)
If you get angry they definitely won't let you wear lolita!

Tell them it's something you really want, in the end for them lolita is just a fashion style, for the most lolita's does it mean a lot more.

My parents:

My mom was really against it first, especially because of the prices.
And she didn't like the gothic style,she had the same prejudices about lolita as about gothic.
You know... being depressed, always wearing black, don't have friends all those wierd ridiculious things which are not true!

My dad didn't care about it, until I was 14 years old I collected toys I think he was happy about me wearing lolita because he thought of it as a sort of growing up. ( lolita a being grown up hihihi :P)
Unfortunately my dad had nothing to say about me because my parents are divorced, I see my dad only on monday.
But I began to save money for buying a lolita outfit and I bought my first outfit a few months after that, I was so happy when I went to Mfashion.
My mom saw that I was so happy and that was the moment see became to understand why I wanted to wear lolita. (because of personal circumstances at that time I wasn't been able to be that happy for a long time as back then)
After a few years ( I think two years) her view on lolita changed dramatic, she accept me to wear lolita fashion.
But I think she is still a little bit ashamed when I wear sweet lolita, when I wear sweet lolita she don't want to go anywhere with me.
That's kind of annoying but I understand it a little bit. I won't stop me from wearing lolita :P
I think it's a little bit funny my mom wants me to wear gothic lolita instead of sweet lolita.

Thank you for reading all this! ^_^

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Den Bosch

I went with my mom to Den Bosch today.
We've had a high tea at the Pink Lemon,
we went shopping and we saw the Sint Jan's church.

                                 Cheesecake :D
                               In the Church:

                           The High Tea :D

Not much pictures from the high tea, a part already dissapeared before I could take a picture :P

Just a simple post today, I'm too tired to write a long story...
Thanks for reading this! ^_^

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

The Perfect Fake Lolita

This time I want to blog about a issue in Lolita fashion, it’s a well-known issue in the ’ Lolita world ‘ .
I’m going to blog about how fake Lolita is these days.
Some of you already wrote something about this topic, I just want to give my own opinion.  ^_^

Too Fake:
Most of the Lolita’s wear wigs, put on fake eyelashes and makeup.
  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it!
But some Lolita’s exaggerate it a little bit.
They wear huge wigs and lots of makeup, false eyelashes, fake lenses and last but not least some use Photoshop. 
 Those Lolita may look pretty but I don’t like this because everything about them is fake.
I know Lolita is about looking like a  beautiful little doll with frilly clothes only that doesn’t mean you have to look perfect.
 Perfect persons don’t exists so perfect Lolita’s don’t exist either!  I like to see more ‘human’ Lolita’s,
I don’t care if your eyes aren’t the right colour, you think your hear isn’t pretty enough  or your face isn’t pretty enough so you have to use Photoshop.
Those things doesn’t change you as a person, it only change the way you look like. And I know some people are insecure about the way they look like but that’s normal everyone is insecure about something...
It’s just a excuse to hide the person you really are.

A little bit fake is ok:
I don’t mind people wear wigs or something like that. As long as you can recognize the person.
I like wigs and false eyelashes because I like to try other hear colours and hear cuts.
And a wig can finish your outfit!
If you don’t have long eyelashes like me, there is nothing wrong with wearing fake eyelashes.
Just don’t make it too much, sometimes less is more. ^_~
‘Human’ Lolita:
I told you that I would like the see more human Lolita’s because it’s not true you can’t wear Lolita without all those fake accessory.
There is a lot you can do with simple makeup. And there is so much you can do with your own hear.
  I think Lolita is about looking elegant and cute in your frills, you can be cute and elegant without all the fake things too!
Just concentrate yourself on your outfit and as I said before fake things are not required when you are a Lolita.
I would like to see more Lolita girls that look like real persons not like lifeless dolls.
Is it something permanent?
No, I don’t think so.
There a lots of people who like the more fake style of Lolita but there are also lots of people who don’t like it.
Lolita is a fashion style and when you are going to talk about fashion, you have to keep in mind that some styles will be popular right now but in a few years this can be so different.
  Don’t worry it will change and for the people who like more fake things in Lolita: keep following your style, it’s important to wear what YOU like! ^_~
old school example:

My opion:
Like I said before I don't like it when lolita wear too much fake item ect. a
That doesn't mean I don't think they are not beautiful. I do think they are beautiful but they look too much like dolls, it's like they are not real people anymore. a
I don't think you need all those fake things to be beautiful. If you look to the old school example, I think those girls are beautiful too!
I think they also used some fake items but not too much.

Thanks for reading all this! I hope to hear your opion. ^___^

New blog layout:

I think you all can see it, I changed my blog layout.
I hope you will like it! ^_^
I was in for something new.

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Candy House ~~

Me wearing my first lolita dress. It's too long ago that I wore this dress!

Jsk: Metamorphose
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline
Jewelry: Metamorphose
Headbow: Claires

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Is it ever enough?

When you start with lolita you are very happy when you can buy your first dress, blouse, shoes ect.
The first dress or outfit is always special, I think.
Three years ago I bought my first lolita dress but I knew about lolita for a very long time.
I was afraid that I was not beautiful enough to wear it and it was way too expensive for me..
After a few months I thought: ''This is false, why can't I wear lolita?''
So that's how my 'lolita story' began, I saved every month some money and after halve a year I
could go to Mfashion to buy my first dress.
I was so happy! This is my first dress, Candy House from  Metamorphose.
The pink version of course:

My first lolita outfit was very special to me.
So, can you be happy with one outfit? Yes, I think so..
But I can't..
When I started wearing lolita, my view on lolita was different I totally loved this style and I was considering to be a lifestyle lolita.
In sort: I didn't see the bad sides of lolita
After some time I found out that you can't wear lolita all the time:
- It's not that comfortable
- Some people don't appreciate it and will laugh at you and will think you are funny
- Most of the time you won't wear lolita when you have a bad day.
So... all this didn't stop me wanting to wear lolita or wanting to buy a new outfit..
But the second dress/skirt isn't that special as the first, it's still special because it's
something you have chosen.
Now I'm three years further and I have lots of lolita clothes, for someone of
my age. ( 3 dresses, 2 skirts,5 blouses, 10 socks, 2 cardigans and more..)
I'm just a 17 year old girl...
I want to buy a new dress, I've told you the previous time on my blog I want
to buy the Holy Stained Glass * it's such a beautiful dress*
I was wondering when I buy this dress can I be happy with it? Do I want to have it
just because it's such a beautiful dress? And how long would it take to want a new
dress again?
This sounds so spoiled I know, sometimes I think that I'm such a spoiled brat you know..
I can buy lots of lolita clothes even brand lolita such as Moi Meme Moitie! And I own
Ball Jointed Dolls too.
 I know it's not completly true, I work very hard for my money..
And I love my lolita clothes, they mean so much to me!
And I'm very happy a new lolita item arrives but not that happy as in the
beginning. It's sounds a little bit wierd but when a outfit is finished/complete, I'm
already thinking about what I can buy next time..
Maybe it's because of I wear gothic lolita and sweet lolita, therefore you
need different clothes.
I wanted to know, Am I the only one?
When my new dress arrives, I don't think I'm going to buy a new one,
I want to be happy with the clothes I already have and create new co-ords
with them without buying new brand items. I already have some beautiful clothes and it's
not like I need new lolita clothes. As the most of you know I don't wear lolita very often..
I can use the money for my new school or I can go more often to meets when I don't buy new lolita clothes..
Thank you for reading all this ^_^
See you next time! ^_~

maandag 20 juni 2011

Summer Goals ~~

I've had some very busy days! First I've had a little party because I passed my exams.
On friday I visited a friend and we went shopping.
After that a friend vistited me, and we watched Alice in Wonderland.
I've never seen that movie before, that's a shame, I know :P
I liked that movie, it was fun to watch!
On Saterday I went to a dance event called Theatric Beats, I've made lots of fun, unfortunately it was raining nearly all the time T_T
Sunday was my lazy day :P
And today I went to work and it was a friends' birthday, it was fun to be there ^_^

So.. I've had no time to blog something!
Don't worry I'm back again ^_~
I would like to tell you my summer goals.

- Wearing lolita more often, I wear lolita once in two weeks, that's not much.
I want to change that because I don't no what's going to happen next year maybe I can't go that often
to meets as this year.

- Buying Moi-même-Moitiés Holy Stained Glass, I hope when the summer ends that I could buy it.
It such a beautiful print.
I'm pretty sure, I'm going to buy it in the blackxwhite colorway.

-  Convincing my mom that I need a new lolita dress, she won't let me buy it T_T

-  Going to meets, I want to see everyone again, it's such a long time ago!
I always feel so happy when I can go to a lolita meet!

-  I want to learn how to make my own clothes.

-  Give Noah a pretty outfit, he is still unfinished.
He looks so unhappy, I want to order some clothes by Tata's paradise. (a BJD clothing shop)
I still not sure about his wig, maybe that's going to change too..
I'm very happy with Noah but there is lots of work to do!

- I want to go to the beach, it's more than a year ago when I went to the beach!
That's too long ago!
I hope the weather is soon nice enough to go to the beach!

- Going on holiday with my mom, our flight to Iceland was cancelled,  we couldn't go there so we had to cancel our whole holiday.
We are still not sure where we are going now, I would like to go to Norway or maybe to Paris, or back to London...

- Work, I need to work otherwise I can't buy new stuff and I can't do fun thing or going anywhere..

donderdag 16 juni 2011


I passed my exams ^_^
Zo, in het Nederlands gaat dit een stuk makkelijker! Ik wilde even laten weten dat ik
geslaagd ben voor mijn examens. Gelukkig maar! Er waren veel mensen in mijn klas die
een herkansing moeten doen of helemaal gezakt zijn, ik geloof een dat het er vijf waren in
mijn klas (niet iedereen was op tijd aanwezig dus het was een beetje moeilijk in te schatten
wie nou wel en wie nou niet geslaagd was). Gelukkig zijn al mijn vriendinnen die examen gedaan
hebben geslaagd, behalve van een vriendin weet ik het nog niet :(
Iedereen nog een fijne dag ^_~ Ik hoop dat verder iedereen die dit leest en examen gedaan heeft
ook geslaagd is!

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Sweet Lolita or Gothic Lolita ???

The past days I’ve been thinking about what Lolita clothes I want to wear. I love Sweet Lolita but I don’t feel like wearing it! I want to wear Gothic Lolita, black clothes with crosses and religious prints ect.  At the moment I like Gothic Lolita more than Sweet Lolita, that’s not bad, It just feel a little bit weird because I always liked cute things and I wanted to wear cute clothes. It’s not that I’m going to stop wearing Sweet Lolita, I still love this style!
 I can’t wear Sweet Lolita very often because of my work and I think I can wear gothic Lolita more often . When you wear more casual co-ords people would appreciate it more.  And it’s more grown up, you know. I want to focus myself on Gothic Lolita, so I think I’m going to stop buying sweet and wear the clothes I already have. And from now on I’m going to spent my Lolita money ( Every month I save some money for buying Lolita clothes) on Gothic Lolita clothes.
Currently I’m saving up for Moi-même-Moitié's Holy Stained Glass, I think it’s a beautiful dress, I love the little details. Secretly I want to buy Vanilla-chan from Angelic Pretty, that’s such a different dress, isn’t it? xD
Buying a new Angelic Pretty JSK isn’t clever because I not going to wear it very often because I don’t wear Sweet Lolita regularly and I think that’s not going to change when I buy that JSK. When I buy the Holy Stained Glass JSK I don’t have the same problem I wear Gothic Lolita once in a week. I have a lot offbrand gothic Lolita items so I can wear a few different outfits, but I still want some more variety.
Maybe it’s going to stay like this and that would mean I’m going to stop wearing Sweet clothes. But I don’t think so! Sweet Lolita has I place in my heart. Maybe I feel like wearing sweet Lolita again after some time.. I hope so! ^_^

zondag 12 juni 2011

Lolita Shopping List & more!

!!Warning: Very long post!!
Some of my friends asked me to make a list of Lolita shops and other sites about Lolita for them.  Some months ago I already made a list of this but I lost this list. I want to help my friends, that’s why I’ve made a new list. Here it is:

Lolita shopping:
Antique Beast
Alice and the Pirates :http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping-ap.html
Baby The Stars Shine Bright:www.babyssb.co.jp
Black Peace Now :
Emily Temple Cute:www.maruione.jp


Innocent world:
Jesus Diamante: (most of their items are gyaru)
Metamorphose :http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/

Maxicimam :
www.cdjapan.co.jp (English)

Miho Matsuda :
Victorian Maiden:
Shops with more than one brand:www.mfashion.eu
Some of them sell new clothes(marui, cdjapan), some sell only second-hand(closet child,fairy angel)and Mfashion sells both (most of their items are new). Buying second-hand isn’t bad it's (often) cheaper and sometimes is the item you want only worn once.
List of TaoBao stores:http://egl.livejournal.com/15204857.html
You need a shopping service for ordering from taobao.

EGL Community Sales:
!Not all these stores ship overseas! You need a shopping service when a store doesn’t sell stuff to customers from Europe (or somewhere else)
Lolita sites:
Daily Lolita:
http://daily-lolita.livejournal.com/  Lolita pictures, outfits and photo shoots
EGL Community:
http://egl.livejournal.com/ lots of information, questions, you can find nearly anything about Lolita fashion there ~~
Hello Lace:
http://hellolace.net/ Stock Photos, Information
http://lolibrary.org/ Stock Photoshttp://www.createforum.com/gothiclololita/  Dutch Lolita Forum, People say a lot of mean things about this community but it’s completely false. All the people are so nice! ^_^ Don’t be afraid to join this forum!

Some interesting Lolita blogs:
F*ck yeah Lolita:  http://www.fyeahlolita.com/
Lolita Charm:
Carousel of crowns: 
Monologue Garden:
http://manamonologue.blog16.fc2.com/  (Mana-Sama)
Rosa Nitida:
http://rosanitida.blogspot.com/ (Mostly about Aristocrat)
Angelic Pretty Blog:
Bats and Bunnies: 
Toothless Tiger:
http://toothlesstigers.blogspot.com/  (Dutch)
Flowers and Pearls:
Dix Love:
Rainbows ‘n Sparkles:
http://rainbowsnsparkles.blogspot.com/ (Dutch)http://takulu.blog79.fc2.com/ (Japanese)

Maybe I forgot some  websites.. If you can’t find a Lolita shop that should be in this list you can say it to me. I will add it to this list ^_~

maandag 6 juni 2011

Noah, the new doll..

I want to show you Noah's boxopening.
Yesterday I went to dolliverse to pick him up ^_^
I 'adopted' him from Kyoya so he is not completely new.
That doesn't matter because I like Noah anyway ^_~
* Of course I do love him otherwise I didn't buy him xD*
Noah is a Crobidoll Haz.

Noah, at dolliverse, without clothes xD
I was searching for nice clothes for him.

Noah at dolliverse with his new clothes.

I hope you will like him! At least I'm very happy with him ^_~

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Mind the gap!

On Thursday night started my school trip to London.
Unfortunately I didn't sleep well because
the other people in the bus thought they didn't need any sleep and were so noisy.
The first thing I want to say: Go never to London by bus, train or boat if you want to sleep :P
When we arrived it was six o'clock in the morning, it was a little bit too early to shop or to visit some
tourist attractions.
My friends and I went to subway first but some of us couldn't pay because their debit cards were not accepted.
Luckily we found a bank very soon! After that we went with the subway to the nearest disney store because most of my friends are huge disney fans.
The disney store where we went to was very new and we were the first costumers of that day so we were allowed to open the store with the special disney key ^_^

 We were very tired that's why we went to Hyde Park to get some rest and to have our lunch. 
The last 'real' thing we went to was Camden Market and I loved it there.
So much people and they are all so different, I don't think that's negative, I think that's great those people are who they are! I visited some lolita stores, gothic stores and the cyberdog that's a cybergoth store. *correct me if I'm wrong*
After that we went shopping again but everyone was so tired, we were happy that we could go back to the bus and sleep!
I've had a nice day, I definitely going back to London there is so much left to see and to do!
When you go to London it's useful to buy a dayticket for the subway, that's why we could see so much things but always mind the gap ^_~  *I don't like the subway when it busy, but walking is a lot worse*
The things I bought:

Gifts for  friends and my grandmother. I hope they will like the gifts! ^___^
Happy International Lolita Day Everyone!