dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

How to build a lolita wardrobe!

Hello everyone! ^___^

I know this is a pretty common subject when you are talking about lolita, only I would also like to say something about it and give some tips. Building a wardrobe sounds so much fun and looks really easy but it isn't always easy and 'fun'. Most of the time it's fun, only there are also moments when you need to buy something that's important for lolita which you don't like. (For example I hate to buy petticoats, only it's so important) And it's sad when something breaks and you need to buy something but you can't buy the item anymore....
Building a wardrobe isn't as easy as it looks like, there are many pretty things but you can't have them all and sometimes the items you really want doesn't match. Pink isn't always the same and even black isn't always the same. Of course the price is also a big issue! Lolita isn't a cheap hobby!

1. Know your budget and absolutely don't spent more money on lolita than your budget!

Sounds easy only it's nothing like that! There are many many nice lolita items and being just 15 minutes on the lolita sales, tumblr or any brand website can be very tempting...
Before you know it there is already a new package on your way! That's not bad, of course not... only not everyone can spend a large amount of money on lolita clothes.
When you begin with collecting the clothes and other items it's better to say to yourself: ''This is my budget what I can spend on lolita clothes &items each month''
That's simple and clear! This is different for everyone of us.

I don't have a certain month budget because I don't buy lolita clothes every month, I have a year budget. I'm not going to tell how much it is, that's private, what I can tell is that I never buy more than 2 'big' items in a year. (OP, JSK or skirt)
That fits in my budget, I don't get any trouble with this...there is enough money left for the other things that are more important than lolita for example school, travelling,having fun days with friends, or when something very important is broken and needs to be replaced. (phone, mp3, camera, laptop things like that)

2. Buy the basics

What do you really need when you want to wear lolita?

* White Blouse      * White socks/ Black socks (OTK's or knee socks)
* Black Blouse      *  Lolita shoes that match with your (future) closet
* Bloomers           * Lace stockings
* Petticoat

Some Lolitas don't like to buy the basics, I think it makes it more easier to wear lolita and when you buy a new outfit there is always something to coordinate it with. Basics are important only it's up to you to buy them. For example if you only wear OP's there is no need to buy two blouses!
I'm wearing lolita for nearly four years now, I just finished buying the items from this list. I can tell you it wasn't easy, there was always something that I couldn't find in my closet.

3. Make a wishlist. ^__^

It's so much fun to make a wishlist! When you make one you are going to think about which items you like the most and which ones are not pretty enough to be written down on the list.
Try to buy everything on the wishlist and try to avoid impulse buys. Why? Because you can't have everything, a wishlist helps you to make right decisions. Of course, you can change your wishlist once in a while, sometimes after a long time that one item you wanted to have for so long wasn't needed after all.

4. Choose a favorite color/favorite colors and stick to this color(s)

Colors are important, some colors don't match at all. So... choose two basic colors to built up a wardrobe. It doesn't have to be black and white, please pick your favorite colors,those colors doesn't have to match with each other, because they are the basic.
Then you choose more favorite colors you would like to have in your lolita closet. Those colors do have to match with one of the basic colors. In the end nearly every piece of clothing can be used in a coord.

For example my closet:
Basic Colors: Black and Light Pink
Other Colors: Darker PinkDusty Pink, Green, Light Blue/Sax, Red, White

Light Pink or Black does match with one of the other colors, for the more simple coords, I use white as basic color.

5. Try to avoid impulse buyings.

Most of the time impulse buyings are more likely to be sold or to be hated after some time. You will lose a lot money on that, it's better to save up for something you really want. I sold everything  I bought without thinking wisely, from that money I could have bought my most wanted dream dress if I was a little bit smarter back then.

6. Don't buy more than you 'need'.

You many times do you wear lolita? Once in a month? Once a week? Every day toned down and full lolita outfits in the weekend or are you a lifestyle lolita?
Most of the lolitas wear their frilly clothes once a week or once in a month, then there is no need to have more than 10 dresses, I think
Yes, it's nice to have 10 dresses, only you can't wear them all at once!
That would look ridiculous ^_~ I'm pretty sure when you have 10 dresses there are one or two you can live without, it's so much better to love all you clothes and wear them with love.
When you are a lifestyle lolita or you wear lolita more than once in a week you need more clothes, it's still the same don't buy things you don't need.
Another example, you only need one or two poofy petticoats (a black one or a white one) there is no need to buy 5 petticoats. Do you only wear OP's? Don't buy blouses, buy cardigans or save up your money. Things like that! Another step to love every piece inside your lolita closet.

7. Accept that when you start wearing lolita, you are going to spent much money on the clothes.

Lolita fashion is very expensive, even if you don't wear brand. You always need special shoes, socks, petticoat, bloomers, blouse, hair accessory, other accessory and a skirt or dress with the right shape. There is no way that you can buy all this for less than 100 euro, or you have to be very very lucky!

Brand clothing makes this even worse, a brand only outfit will cost you about 500~~1000 euro new, it can be more expensive. (something like this? dress 250 ~~ 300 euro, blouse 150 euro, shoes 150 euro, socks 30 euro, bag 100 euro, hair accessory 50 ~~ 150 euro, other accessory/jewelry 50~~200)
Don't worry I don't say you have to buy all this! I never spend so much money on one outfit!
There is always a chance to buy second-hand or offbrand or make your own clothes.
It's still expensive, buying all brand outfits is extremely expensive but brand x handmade or second-hand isn't cheap either. I'm going to warn you at the beginning, you are going to spend much money, if it's too much money for you stop with it right away. I haven't met a lolita who only has one outfit, if you have one you want another one. Please accept that you are going to spend much money on lolita clothes, buying clothes because they are cheap isn't the right thing to do. You might regret it later, I'm sure you don't want that!

8. Start making your own clothes.

I think everyone can make their own lolita clothes, if I can do it everyone can. It's not easy, many things will go wrong, only when the item is ready to wear you will appreciate it much more. Try to make some small/easy items first: simple skirts, head dresses, head bows, other accessory. There are many tutorials for those items online or buy a Gosu Rori/ Gothic & Lolita bible. Or try to find a good school, I pretty sure there is one in your neighborhood. Finding good quality fabric and lace is difficult and it may be very expensive. I'm sure it isn't as expensive as brand clothing.
Another reason why it's nice to make you own clothes is because the design of the item can be completely your own. There isn't an item that's exactly the same! Isn't that amazing?

Handmade Little Green Monster JSK   

9. Buy the things YOU want to have.

Let never ever tell anyone what you need to buy, buy what you want to have. It's your lolita wardrobe and not somebody else her/his wardrobe. Somebody else can give your tips to make it easier for you, only you are the one who has to decide. You are to one who has to be happy with the clothes and you are the one who needs to wear it. Do you like classic lolita? Then you buy classic lolita, it doesn't matter if everyone else in your community wears sweet or gothic. Wear the clothes you love! Do you really love bodyline clothes? More than other brands? Don't be ashamed, wear those clothes! Wearing lolita should make you happy and happy people are beautiful people! :)

10. Buy second-hand or offbrand.

It's not a shame to buy second-hand, many lolitas buy second-hand clothes. After all, people can't see if it's second-hand or new. There are many website where you can buy (and sell) lolita clothes, such as closet child, fairy angel, alice fufurun, EGL community sales and many more.
Most of the time you save a lot money on buying second-hand lolita stuff, maybe the item is only used once? Maybe it's new and never been worn at all! It's great when you save more than 50~~ 100 euro with that or maybe more. I'm a real discount hunter, I love to buy pretty dresses for less money, I spend the rest of the money on another dress or something for my dolls.

Not many lolitas have the opportunity to go lolita shopping in a 'real' shop. Just a few have the chance to go to Japan, San Francisco or Paris. That's why it's nice to go shopping for offbrand lolita clothes sometimes. Offbrand is cheaper and it's fun because you can buy it in a store and not on the internet.Stores like H&M, Zara, River Island, Taily Weijl & more have lolita inspired or actual lolita items in their shops. Or try to find some nice clothes in your local vintage shop, vintage items make coords more awesome I think.

Conclusion: You save more money on buying offbrand or second-hand, there is no need to have a lolita clothes full of brand. It's nice if you can afford that, only not everyone is that lucky.
Things like stockings, blouses, jewelry can often be found for a reasonable price at 'normal' stores or vintages shops.

Would you like to see more lolita wardrobes? 

In this post you can find a few picture.. isn't that enough?
Here are some nice videos:

My Sweet Lolita Wardrobe by sherbertsugar

My Lolita Wardrobe by FilleDePorcelaine

Print Close-ups by thalionrin

Gothic Lolita Wardrobe by Satanicwitch (Damiën's other youtube channel)

More can be found on youtube!

My own wardrobe?

I don't have a recent picture of my own wardrobe. I wish could show it to you, I guess you don't want to see it,  my mom is still renovating the upper floors so my clothes are packed in a sort of curtain and when I need something I bring it to my room. (for those who are wondering, no my room isn't finished) Maybe next year when everything is finished, I can show you my room and my lolita wardrobe. If you are curious, please take a look at this post: Lolita Wardrobe 2012
It's not up-to-date again, I sold many things and I bought and made some new items.
It gives you an idea of my wardrobe, I hope you will like it. ^__^

zondag 12 augustus 2012

A letter to myself

Dear Nyappy Anne/ Dear readers,


This is my 150th post, at first I never thought my blog would have more than 5 followers. I was so suprised when my blog reached the 10 followers, after that my blog was growing more and more. I never thought I would write this 150 posts, I'm not that kind of person. I'm easily bored, I'm a little bit lazy so having a blog wouldn't be good for me? In the end, completely the opposite was true, I loved to blog and I still do. First I really want to thank every follower and every reading of this blog, thank you so much! <3

It was around 1,5 year ago since I stared this blog, many things changed and many things happend in that time. I'm very happy that I'm still the same person only I learned a few more things, isn't that great? Lolita didn't changed me, my dolls didn't changed me, what other people thought about me didn't changed me...and I'm proud of that!

 In the beginning of the year I started to think about quiting lolita, I didn't liked it anymore, I also felt a bit depressed about my situation in private life because thing were getting very heavy at that moment. I'm not going to tell what happend then because that's private and only a few people know about it.. I realized that my problems weren't the end of the world, I was in good health, I had/have the most amazing friends and lovely close family members. Wasn't it all about being happy and make your dreams come true before it's too late? I remember someone saying this to me: '' Live girl, before it's too late!'' I'm not going to break that promise, for sure!
This week I was thinking about this again, why? I don't know.. I think I was thinking about everything what happend this year.. I'm going to start over in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to it! I can't wait! :) Thinking back in time, I can say that I've been through a lot. Some things aren't as simple as they look like and what's completely normal for one person can be so far away from reality for another one. I cannot say I'm unhappy I'm not going to get 'oh, look at me I'm so unlucky, give me attention' I'm not that kind of person. I hate it when people do that.. I guess when something terrible happends to you, you don't every talk like that. I learned of every single thing that I've been through and that made me the person who I am right now.

I don't get why people can get so upset about little things, life is so short why worrying about silly things and judging other people because of their way of life, looks or because of which brand they wear/ not wear.  Especially the last one is really stupid, I hate it when people judge other people who they barely know.
 In the past people used to do that a lot because I did not wear the clothes that were 'fashionable' at that moment and when it wasn't about my appearance it was about something else. It says more about them, then about me I think. Think about something before you say it, maybe it's a nice person and he/she is just really insecure... little things can hurt a person so much. I don't care if your wear bodyline, a replica, offbrand or if you wearing a Adidas vest with Nike Airmax. I don't care at all, as long as you are nice to me, I'm nice to you! :) It's not only when I'm talking about clothes, it's with everything, if you are nice to me, I'm nice to you.
Like my mother says to me once in a while: ''Tread someone, like you wants to be tread''
That's why I don't understand the brand war that's raging into the lolita world. I love brand clothes, I prefer brand clothes over replicas, over offbrand only not over handmade. That's my opinion! I don't think you have any right to say something about someone when someone wears brand, replicas, handmade or offbrand, it's not like you can't be a lolita without brand. That's ridiculous! It's not my choice but if someone is really happy with that, who are you to judge this person? Some people really can't afford brand, some people can't work hard/can't work at all/ need to spend nearly all their money on more important things/ aren't spoiled/ have other hobbies/ need to pay for their school/whatever! Who are you to judge this person? I get it if you want to save up every single penny you get for that one dress every time but that right isn't given to anyone. Think about that! I'm still young, I have a few Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and MmM dresses in my closet, many people of my age could dream about that even many older people could only dream about that. I am skinny, I'm not tall and I'm not too small. I'm 5cm taller than Japanese average height, so buying brand isn't any problem for me. It is for some people, never forget that! You can't say to a person, oh you are so tall, now there's no way you can't wear lolita! That's selfish!
No matter if you are a man/ a woman, tall/short, skinny/chubby, what religion you have, where you come from there is no f*cking way that anyone is going to tell you that you can't wear lolita for any of those reasons. Again that says more about the other person than about you! Remember that!

The only people who have to right to judge about one thing, are the owners of the brands, I think they have the right to be angry/upset about replicas that's their right because it's their art that's being stolen. I'm not sure which way it's going, I'm going to keep myself up to date to this subject.
The whole drama,not only about replicas, also about other Lolita issues, are ridiculous and childish, many of us know how it's like to be judged by people while wearing lolita or while wearing our daily life clothes. Why would we do the same? And we are all grown up, or at least we are at a age that we all can think properly, so why are people making a big deal of this? We all love lolita, so why are we doing this? Can't we just get along? Can't we have respect for one other? 
 I don't say that everyone has to be friends with each other, that's impossible, just act like you like that person/don't talk to that person and don't bitch behind each others back. Sounds very simple? Especially not when it's about replicas, such a stupid subject. Maybe that girl in a replica dress is a nice person and maybe she could be your best friend? Who knows!
I also don't like when people/lolitas who haven't got any brand judge about lolitas who do wear brand. It's not like everyone who has more than two brand dress is a brandwhoring elitist, lolitas who have a lot brand can be nice too! Not every lolita is like that. It's time that people forget about thinking in boxes, wearing brand isn't equal to hating everything that's not brand/hating everyone who doesn't wear brand.  Wearing brand doesn't make you a good lolita, it's all about finding your own style and making a good coord.

So... I said what I wanted to say about that.. Now I remember I never got anonymous hate or something like that. This is no invitation to send me that, hahaha! My blog is still growing and lolitas who are less popular than me had problems with that. I love to read lolita confessions and lolita secrets on the behind the bows community, that doesn't mean I like all the secrets. Some secrets are so mean and I hate personal attacks/hate secrets. It's so low when people submit/post that. I'm going admit I've never send a personal attack or something like that. If you have a problem with someone, just talk to that personal in real life or through email/facebook. There are a lot secrets about the Dutch Community,  it should be an awful community if we all should believe the secret maker. It's not like that! The Dutch Lolita community is amazing and I made many friends. The meetings are lovely and it's so much fun to see my lolita friends again. Now I'm going to be not so political correct, I'm not friends with everyone, it's a big community and many people I've only met once or twice. Every year I meet new people, some of them 'join' the community and some of them I've never seen back. It's a group with mostly girls, so yes, once in a while there are problems, when we don't talk about it, it's not going to work out. In our community there is space to discuss your problems or concerns, if you have a problem you can talk about it. There is no need to make dirty secrets about the community because we CAN talk about things. Everyone in the community will be nice to you and talk to you unless you are nice to them and act normally. So give it a chance please? If you don't like it, it's okay when you never come back, at least try it sometimes. ^__^ 

It's the same when I talk about dolls, dolls are your own and if you like them it's okay. I don't care which company they come from~~ I changed a lot last 1,5 year and I thought I would keep all of my dolls. At the moment I'm sure I don't. Miki is going to leave, I don't like her anymore, I don't have any ideas and I don't have enough money to afford a new doll at the moment so.. she is going to leave.

I have many ideas for my other dolls, I should spent more time to finish them, I'm going to do that.
So stay tuned! <3

I should stop worrying about the little things, life is too short for that. I'm going to put effort to promote Lolita in a good way and give it a more positive view, everyone should see it's a fun/nice style to wear. I'm also going to let go, I'm not going to spent hours and hours on print hunting and things like that. I talked about serious Lolita issues to my non-lolita friends and all of them were saying this: ' So, what's the problem? It's just so funny how everyone is overreacting' 
Lolita is just a hobby (for me) nothing more, I feel like loosing myself in it, that's wrong. I'm going to stop this before it's too late. I'm going to be myself and if anyone has a problem with it, then has that person no right to be my friend. Lolita should be fun! 

Now I have talked about everything I wanted, what can you expect of me in the future? 
I'm going try to more creative, with my dolls, with my outfits, everything. Stay tuned if you want to see more new items, meet-up pictures, reviews, my dolls and many many more things.
And I'm going studying again and I really looking forward to it! :)  I'm sure everything will be all right!
This letter is a reminder for me, if I ever feel lost I can read this. 

If you have a question about me, you want to know more about Lolita/dolls or you want to know more about the lovely Dutch Lolita Community please ask me! Don't hesitate!
And thank you again for following or reading my blog. <3

Best Wishes,
Nyappy Anne

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Formspring question: styles

Ask NyappyAnne


Ellis asked me:
What styles do you want to see on other people, but not on yourself? As in, it doesn't fit your personality. (lolita or non lolita)

I think Shiro lolita is very beautiful and angelic, I love to see other people wearing that style. ^__^
    I would never wear it because I'm so pale, it wouldn't look good on me.
    I think people are going to start wondering if I'm still alive :P

    Outside lolita:

    I love pastel goth/nu goth, all those colors with black that's totally amazing! I don't feel comfortable in it and when should I wear it? Not in normal life I guess...
    It would fit my personality.. I just don't know when to wear it.

    The style I love the most is gothic, I love gothic so much. I know gothic has so many substyles, I'm not really familiar with all of them but I love many gothic styles.
    My favorite gothic style is Victorian Gothic, it's elegant, dark and it gives you the change to look like an aristocratic lady. I'm not ready to wear this style yet, I need to learn a lot about it first before I try it :) And I think it would look so much better on other people who are more elegant than I am and my face is too childish to look like a lady I think >.<

    I love to see cybergothic and I love the style only I doubt if I would ever wear this. I don't think so! It looks great on other people.. I love cyber gothic clothes especially the ones from Cyberdog. I have nothing in common with other cyber goths, I'm not into their music it's only about the clothes and the amazing hair & make-up. And can you imagine me wearing cyber gothic? Hahaha, no.. it's a lovely style, but it isn't my style after all.

    Never say never, I don't think I'm going to wear one of these styles. I still love to see them so much... so maybe? If I make up my mind sometimes, hahaha.. who knows!

    I'm so sorry for the late reply.. I was so busy and tired I couldn't find time to post it on my blog! :(

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zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Summer Darkness day 2 (Sunday)

Last Sunday was the second Summer Darkness day for me, I was lucky,there was no need to wake up early because I was already in Utrecht. It was a busy day for sure! And a fun day! ^___^

This was the day of the Mfashion lolita fashion show, I was really looking forward to that! Unfortunately I wasn't a model for the show.. although I really wanted.. :(
Still it was so much fun to see my friends, some of them were part of the show and some of them watched the show together with me. There were many new lolitas, I don't know if they were 'new' to the lolita style, only I had never seen them before... It was nice to meet new lolitas :D
The fashion show

First a video, most of my photo's are blurry.. to give you a better idea of the fashion show you can watch the video! :)

 The photo's:

And I saw Marcella again, the last time I saw her was at the EFF in Arcen, such a long time ago...
Luckily she went to Summer Darkness so I could see her. I was so glad to hear that everything went well with her! :)
A picture from me and Marcella:

Other pictures with friends:

Together with Ellis

Together with Damien

With Veronique

Sadly no picture from me and Rosy, next time we need to have a picture!
More pictures in the next post! ^__^

vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Formspring question: future outfits

Ask Nyappy Anne a question

What kind of outfit do you want to try out in the future?

My next project will be a kodona outfit, at least I'm going to make one. At the moment I'm designing it, only it's missing something I don't know what. Maybe if I will wait for I a while I get new ideas. ^__^ I'm planning to start working on that outfit when school starts and I hope it will be finished in January.

I want to improve my pirate lolita style, I hope I can buy or make a pirate jsk very soon. I really want AatP's Treasure hunt island jsk, it's a perfect jsk! *__* I'm very angry because someone made a replica of it but this means I can use the replica fabric as curtains, that would be awesome! :D I'm not sure which color I want for the jsk, I like brownx offwhite only the blue one if more my style~~ I can't wait to go treasure hunting after this dress <3 And of course it needs many pirate stuff, like golden jewelry and a tricorn hat!

For Sweet lolita I really want a salopette ( that's not really lolita... I just like it) and one of my sweet lolita dream dresses to make a super cute coord with many Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright accessoires. I also want to try a creepy cute look/outfit, that would be so much fun :D

I love the clothes I already have so I won't forget about them, I'm going to finish my old school sweet outfit and my strawberry outfit. (the strawberry outfit was complete only the socks didn't match with the rest of the outfit) And I want to be a demon gothic lolita at the EFF in Arcen, I hope I have enough time to finish the rest of the outfit in time. ^___^

I will write about this on my blog very soon~~

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donderdag 2 augustus 2012

formspring question: Gothic Lolita 'idols'

Ask Nyappy Anne:
Who are your favorite gothic lolitas? I see sweet lolita idols all the time, but never see gothic lolita idols..


My favorite gothic lolita is Mana-Sama of course! I really admire him, he looks so elegant and pretty when he wears gothic lolita. ^.^

My other lolita idols/favorite gothic lolitas are:

Iiraliina (
She looks stunning in every outfit she wears. Her style is elegant, dark and very ladylike. Most of her outfits are handmade, that makes her even more amazing! I met her a few times and she is such a wonderfull person!

Damien is so creative with his outfits and his whole look. He isn't afraid to try something, that's a good thing because it brings lolita to the next level! And he is a nice person, I'm happy that he's my friend :)


She is a Lolita from London, she wears nearly all the lolita styles. I'm not sure if she can be a gothic lolita idol but she is a lolita idol for sure! She has an unique style, she mix and match things and all here outfits are elegant, cute and amazing. Gothic Lolita can be cute and dark at the same time and she is such a great example of that! :D

Josine (
I think Josine lives in the wrong century, I don't say that to insult her, it's a compliment! :)
She reminds me of a fairy tale princess or a lady from the victorian era.
She has her own style and knows to improve that style every time! And she wears lolita nearly every day, I wish I could! ^__^

VelvetBat (www.batsandbunnies.com)
Although he won't wear lolita anymore, he is still a good inspiration for gothic lolita. His outfits were amazing, even if he was wearing a simple lolita outfit it was with so much details. He has his own unique style. His bittersweet ( I think bittersweet is more goth than sweet) outfits were so incredible and I not even talking about the cyberlolita ones.
She is so elegant and perfect for Moi-même-Moitié clothing. (And for other gothic lolita clothing too, of course!)Everytime I see her I want to wear my beloved Moitié clothing again. I can't say more.. why isn't she a model for MmM?

Frederica Hyrule http://vanilla-syndrome.blogspot.nl/
A great gothic lolita, her outfits are amazing and she is so creative. Every outfit from her is unique and so elegant! :D

And many more, I always forget people >.< The lolitas in my community are also great inspirations for me so don't be sad when I didn't mentioned you!
I know there are a lot sweet lolita idols... I think people should appreciate gothic lolita more, it's such a great style~~ Only I don't think that something gothic lolitas do...sweet lolitas itend to be idolizing people more likely I think...

I hope this was a little bit helpfull! :)

Best wishes,


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Formspring question about: lolita friends

Ask NyappyAnne a question:

Hello. My name is Nadiwa and I was curious about in what part of the land you live? Because I saw that you have many lolita friends. I live in Drenthe and only know 2 people who are familiar with this style.


                                      Hello Nadiwa, Nice to meet you! ^___^

I live in Noord-Brabant, in a small town. I'm very lucky that I have two friends who are into lolita and live very close to my home. Most of my lolita friends live far far away from my home town, I always travel for hours to see them. I don't mind at all because it's fun to see my friends again! It seems like my friends live very close to my home on my blog because I don't tell where I live normally but it's that's true. Most meet-
                        ups are 1,5 hours traveling by train, sometimes more...

 Please feel free to add me on facebook or Tumblr! :)
(http://sweetlolitadoll-94.tumblr.com/) or (http://nl-nl.facebook.com/anne.janssen.31)
It's always nice to meet new people! :D
Do you have facebook? You can join the Dutch Lolita facebook group, then you can meet many new lolitas! You can also join the Elegant Gothic Lolita forum, only it isn't that active anymore because of facebook. Please join ~~ It's so much fun to attend meet-ups! :)

Best wishes,


Thanks for your question! If you have more questions feel free to ask me something! :)
That's the same for other people, if there's something you would like to know about me or about lolita fashion/dolls, my holidays or whatever send me your question!