vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

~~Live the fantasy~~

Today I want to tell you all something about my favorite jewelry brand: Michal Negrin.
Some of my followers know I'm don't like jewelry very much, at least I barely wear it.
It's because I'm very picky about jewelry and I always feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing (a lot) jewerly.
But I love this brand so much, the jewelry is so beautiful and the quality is very well.
One of my necklaces survived it while it fell in the fishbow. xD * I'm not going to say that you have
to put you jewelry in the fishbow, it was an accident!*
I want to show you some examples for the brand and something about the brand itself.

michal negrin world
About Michal Negrin:

Michal Negrin has been creating a unique lifestyle for over two decades with vintage-inspired designs that include jewelry, fashion, home décor, and accessories.
Born in Kibbutz Naan in 1957, Michal always knew she was an individual with her own vision and this was despite being brought up in an environment that preached group uniformity.
She was driven to follow her inner passion for self-expression and spent her childhood designing. Her mother was an inspiration and supported her in fulfilling her dreams despite the Kibbutz's conventions.
In 1984, Michal married Meir Negrin, and their relationship developed together both personally and professionally; Meir holds the position of CEO at Michal Negrin Designs.
In 1988, the couple launched their first collection at Tel Aviv’s famed open-air marketplace, a breeding ground for emerging design talents.
In light of their success, they opened a concept store in the fashionable shopping district of Sheinkin Street, in Tel Aviv.
Designed to convey a familial and romantic atmosphere, this cozy store became the inspiration of the international model for the brand’s subsequent locations.
With the growing success of the company, a factory studio was established in 1996, in Bat Yam.
Entrepreneurs from around the world became interested in the Michal Negrin brand and started opening concept stores worldwide: Japan, USA, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, Australia and many more.
The unique flair of Michal Negrin has expanded into other domains and is today considered to be a lifestyle.
"Every day I try to re-interpret what is exciting to me and this helps me to fulfill my dreams. I believe that curiosity, enthusiasm, and faith are daily reminders that anything is possible and that we must keep the child in us alive. It directs us towards creative reinvention and helps us to achieve self-fulfillment."
In early 2009 the Michal Negrin Visitors Center was opened. The Visitors Center provides guided tours and an unforgettable experience at the spectacular Gallery Café.
Inspired by combining the old with the new as well as employing exceptional color combinations, Michal Negrin personally designs every piece of jewelry, clothing, and home decor that carries her name. She uses a variety of techniques to craft her pieces and believes in blending styles, designs, and colors to create a world of magic, romance, and vintage style.
Michal's unique style has generated a positive impact and is captivating people around the world. Her designs attract various media and other public figures including celebrities and talk show hosts.
In the past twenty years, the Michal Negrin brand has expanded into new categories and has opened dozens of points of sale and concept stores across Israel and throughout world.

From: http://www.michalnegrin.com/  (about Michal Negrin)

It's not only a jewerly brand but also a brand who sells lifestyle products, clothes and much more.
Some pictures from their Visitors centre:

Michal Negrin Gallery Caffe

Michal Negrin Gallery Caffe

Still not impressed? Here are some more pictures!

Michal Negrin 2

Photo 1: unknown
Photo 2: Guli Cohen
Photo 3: Guli Cohen

One is a medallion, the one with a angel on it and the other one is a key necklace.
This is my little collection Michal Negrin jewerly.

I hope I can buy another necklace soon but as you all can imagine, it's not a cheap brand. The prices are between 35 euro up to 1000 euro or even more. (50 dollar - 1250 dollar or even more)
It completely depends on what you want, more simple designs are cheaper than extravagant designs.

Where to buy?
You can buy Michal Negrin Items on their webstore: http://www.michalnegrin.com/
There is a shopping list on the website.
In Holland there are some shop who sell some Michal Negrin jewelry. Please note, it's only jewelry, no other things and the collection from most of the shop is limited. There are shops in Nijmegen, Arnhem and Amsterdam as far as I know who sell this brand. I always buy my Michal Negrin jewelry in Nijmegen, this shop can also take 'special orders' so you can order a item you want from their website. This is only when you ask for it, I'm not sure you can do this now.

At the moment I want this medallion the most:

Do you have more questions about this brand? Please ask me!
I will do my best to answer them. ^___^
Now I want to ask you a question: What's your favorite jewelry brand?

donderdag 27 oktober 2011

~~She has no time~~

Hello everyone! <3

It's great to write something on my blog again..
It has been a while since I wrote something on my blog, I was very busy with a lot of things.
Unfortunately I can't find enough time to finish the 30 days lolita challenge. 
I want to apologize for that, I want this challenge to be fun I don't want to feel this challenge as required.
I felt bad about not commenting on the blogs which I follow and only doing the challenge on my own blog.
This doesn't mean I'm going to quit blogging or wearing lolita, I just have less time for these things!

First of all there are going to be some changes on my blog:

- I stop writing about the lolita challenge.
- I will put a signature on my own pictures. So the readers of my blog can see which pictures are mine and I don't want to see these pictures all over the internet without my tag on it. 
I don't mind people using my pictures but I saw in my statistics some weird searching words.
I know most of the people who read my blog are visiting my blog for lolita FASHION but there are some who are interested in another sort of lolita! o_O
And that scares me a little bit, I mean everyone can read this blog if they want.
- I changed my front page, there is only one blog post on the front page.
Just go to the next page to see the other ones if you like! ^_~

I think I promised you many things to write about, this is what you can find on my blog very soon:
- More outfit posts.
- More pictures from my dolls.
- Some updates about my pirate room and my other room.
- I want to share my opinion about certain subjects in lolita fashion.
- Pictures from meet-ups.
- Handmade lolita clothes.

Do you miss a subject here? Please tell me!

Enough talking about this blog! It's time for the real blog post! 
First I want to show you some recent buyings and some gifts:

I'm going to make a pirate hat from the hat in the first picture, the cardigan is a gift from my mom she is too sweet for me. <3
On the second photo you can see fabric and some accesoiry for the hat.
On the last photo are shoes, my new nike shoes! I love them so much!!!

Now I want to tell you something about what I would like to see more in the lolita style:

Guro lolita! It's an amazing style but there aren't many lolitas who wear this style.
This style needs more love~

Something like this is amazing to see, I think. It's very refreshing, I haven't seen anything like this
before. You can see lots of 'skin' which is wrong most of the time when you wear lolita, only I don't think that's disturbing.
This a great example of a form of gothic lolita which isn't all dark. The colors white, black and blue are combined very well. Why would you wear always the same colors? You don't have to wear black and white while you are gothic lolita. It can give a very nice effect when you put colors in a dress or a jsk forward.
And those socks, I love them! <3 I want to have them so badly!
Extreme deco lolita. It's lovely to see something like that! All those accessoiry, so cute. ^_^
Secretly I hope the deco style will reach the gothic lolita style, ott gothic or deco gothic lolita would look so great! *_*

Soon I will show you some more pictures of great styles or lolitas with a amazing style!

Thank you for reading this and see you next time hopefully! <3


woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Day 18- A picture of your favorite lolita style.

My favorite lolita style is gothic lolita, I love this style.
It's cute and dark at the same time, I like the combination of those two things.
Some examples from daily lolita & google:

What's your favorite lolita style?

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Day 17- What do you want more than anything now?

It's not easy to give a answer to this question. I'm not sure...
At the moment I don't want anything material really bad, there are some issues in my personal life.
And these things make me very sad. All these things are kind of personal, it wouldn't be fair to
say it on my blog, I don't want that everybody can read it.  
The thing I want the most right now is being happy and I want my family and friends to be healthy
and happy. Most of the time you don't think about this, being healthy is something very naturally
at least when you ARE healthy and being happy is very naturally when you are happy....

The material thing I want the most now, I guess,I want a pirate lolita hat the most?
I love hats and I love pirates clothes so a pirate lolita hat would be awesome! ^_____^

Some examples of awesome pirate lolita hats (and outfits of course!)

The Gazette released the new CD, named Toxic.
Yes, I know I'm very late with this.
But I was too busy, I totally forgot about the new CD!
Here is one song named 'the suicide circus' 
don't be sacred of the title, it's a nice song.
* it's a little bit weird to post this on this day in the lolita challenge, I don't mean anything with it, life is too precious to trow it away!!!!!* 
If you like the song please support them and buy their CD!
I will buy the CD very soon! 
*Ads it to list of CD's I want*

I like the Gazette I hope to see them live sometimes!
Some day I will, I'm sure!

maandag 17 oktober 2011

Day 15+16 A picture of your last lolita purchase & outfit of the day.

I have got some delay again, I'm a little bit angry on the people who are supossed to make my laptop. It's taking ages and I need my laptop back, not only for fun also for school.

Next week I have autumn break and I'm sure it's going to be fun!
I will go to Dolliverse, a BJD convention,I'm going to do fun things with some of my dear friends and see my family again. I'm looking forward to it, first I have to finish my exams >.<

Day 15:
A picture of my last lolita purchase:

The holy stained glass, I bought some other small lolita things but those are not interesting.
I don't think socks and such are really interesting...

Day 16:

This is the outfit I'm wearing today, it's not lolita but I hope you will like it:

Dress: H&M, it has a cat print *_*
Stockings: pieces
Shoes: from a local store
Shirt: Coolcat
Hat: handmade by my mom
Fake fur: Vintage (At least, I hope it's fake o_O)

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Day 13 + Day 14: A picture of my favorite sweets and a picture of my dream item.

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite sweets.
Day 14 – A picture of your dream item.

I'm going to talk about these two days because this weekend is going to be very busy!
Maybe I will write another lolita challenge post but I don't know how much time I've left this weekend.
I think I already told you which sweets are my favorite:

Macarons! <3

And this is my dream item, I don't think this is a surprise for all of you...
I always talk about this dress which I want so badly.
I love this dress , I hope I can buy it once!
A funny story about this dress:
Yesterday I was cleaning my room and I was looking for some cute fabrics for a skirt which I'm currently working on.
*It's going to be a strawberry skirt, I love strawberries! ^_____^*
I also found old designs and examples of clothes from a loooooong looong time ago, it was fun to see how my view on (lolita) fashion was, many years ago.
Between these designs I found a inspiration photo of a dress, guess which dress it was?
Of course, the Cathedral from MMM!
It's was kind of odd to see this beautiful dress between all those ugly ita dresses...
At the moment I'm wondering why I already loved this dress 5 years ago, maybe it's because of google???!! Try to google the words elegant gothic lolita, I believe this picture is one of the first pictures you see *it's on the second rank, I think*

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

This is my bag for the weekend, I have some other bags but this one I use the most.

So... let's show you what's usually in the bag:
1. My wallet
2. Sunglasses (only in spring and summer)
3. Mobile phone
4. Lipgloss
5. My mp3-player
6. A pen
7. Hello Kitty mirror
8. little box for my lenses

Not anything special!

This weekend my mom surprised me.
She had a gift for me, new shoes. ^^
I was really happy because I wanted this shoes for months. :D

I think I'm going to wear them for 'normal'.
Anyway,I have some nice idea to wear this shoes with a pirate lolita outfit.

The past few days I noticed that my blog has many visitors.
I was kinda surprised, I'm not writing about anything special just about the things I like.
Still I'm glad to see the number of visitors is increasing,
thank you all!

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

I know I should post this 3 days ago, but I couldn't.
I have had some problems with my laptop, it needed to be fixed only my local computer store couldn't fix it.
(the battery doesn't work anymore, it's empty the whole time...)
I sent it back to the factory, that can take 6 weeks o_O
So... now I still have my PC. It doesn't work that well, only when it wants to work.
It's a old PC, I think it's more than 10 years old!
This means it's possible that I can't blog every day, I hope all of my followers will understand this.

1. Going to a concert. (again)
One year ago I went to a live for Versailles in Amsterdam and it was so much fun..
I wore classic/sweet lolita but I didn't feel confortable at all. I was more afraid something would
happen to my clothes than I was enjoying the concert... >.<  Still it was nice to see Versailles!

2. Painting

3. Going to my work in lolita
I'm a part-time cleaning lady ,I don't think I can work in lolita.
It's uneasy and I my clothes will get dirty.

4. Going to a party

5. Do sports

6. I don't come near to my cat when I wear lolita. Fritzke is a cat with a orange/red haircolor.
You can see his hair on every color, it's quite annoying xD
I don't want to have his hair on my clothes, it takes lots of time to clean them.

I can't think of anything more..
Maybe it's because I don't wear lolita very often then you don't think about the things you will
never do in lolita.
I hope I can post tomorrow more about the 30 days lolita challenge!

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Day 6 - 10 things you can't life without in lolita

Hello Lace is working, so don't worry there is nothing wrong!
I think it was just a mistake of google or something else, I don't know..
What I do know, is that there isn't a problem anymore!

Oh and how was the Swap meet in Utrecht? I couldn't go..
I would love to hear your stories about it. ^^

10 things I can't live without in lolita:

1. Bloomers

2. Petticoats, that's so important for a lolita. A lolita needs a good petticoat!

3. Internet, I couldn't even wear lolita without internet. I buy my stuff on the internet,
meet-ups are organised on websites as facebook and forums.

4. Shoes in different colors. Every outfit needs a pair of shoes in the right color.

5. Confidence

6. Jsk's with a print. I love prints and jsk's! I wouldn't like lolita so much when jsk's with a print
wouldn't exist.

7. Fake lashes. It makes me look more doll-like

8. Lolita clothes for my dolls! <3

9.  Meet-ups, I like to go to meet-ups!

10. Gothic & Lolita bibles and Gosurori's for more inspiration.

Thank you for reading! <3

zondag 2 oktober 2011

Day 5- 10 items for your wishlist.

1.  Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny OP

2. Cathedral OP/JSK
3. A white lolita blouse, with a huge bow.

4. Angelic pretty shoes

 5. Moitie shoes. ^^
6. Socks, not anything special just new socks with a cute print and one pair of white socks.

7.  This jsk in black x black
alice and the pirates
8. Melthy Mermaid Jsk

9. Alice and the pirates hat.
Veil Claris silk hat
10. Innocent world gretel boots

It seems like Hello Lace isn't working, when I go to the website it's a completely different website O_o
* You can guess what it's like >.< * I think it's hacked or something like that..
Please do not try to go to the site, I got a computer virus because of it.. 
I hope the real site is back soon!

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

1. Pancakes. In Holland they call them 'pannekoeken'

2. cupcakes, I love them. I like cute food!

3. Pizza, that's my favorite food for diner.

4. I like salads, especially in the Summer. I like to eat it together with rice, so
something like this would be great:
5. I like fruit, I like strawberries and grapes the most.

6. Macarons, my favorite kind of sweets.

7. lasagne


9. Donuts

10. Broccoli, oh I love broccoli I would love to eat it for breakfast, lunch and diner..
Hahaha just joking! It's a stupid joke between me and my mom. Anyway, it's my favorite

Not much healthy food! I know, I love to eat food that's not healthy...
Please note, I eat every day vegetables potatoes and meat (yeah, this is typical Dutch).
I'm very picky about  food, I don't like 'normal' food most of the time, but there
isn't a problem when the food is very tasty.

I would like to know what kind of food you like!