zaterdag 30 april 2011


Some minutes ago I've read on Josine's blog about a shoe wishlist.
Now I want to make a list myself because I love shoes! This is my wishlist:
(Angelic Pretty,Jesus Diamante,Nike,Reebok, Jesus Diamante,Scapino, Moi-Meme-Moitie)

There is lots of pink in my wishlist! It's easy to say that pink is my favorite color :P
I would like to see your wishlist, if you have one ^_~

woensdag 27 april 2011

Saving for a new doll

 I saw Haz on the site of Crobidoll and I fell in love with that doll!
He is so cute! I don't know why but I've never thought
of buying a doll with teeth. It's not that I think that dolls with teeth are ugly, that's absolutly false.
Most of the time I think it's a little bit too realistic. I want my doll to look like dolls not like
humans! This time is different I think those teeth make him even cuter.
I'm saving up for him and that's going well ~~
I'm happy about that because I want to buy him as soon as possible.
Yesterday I've sent a message to a face-up artist (ClockworkAngel)
to do his face-up when he arrives.
Today I received a message from her and she said that she loved to
do his face-up. I'm so happy about that! Her face-ups are so beautiful!
First I have to save up for him, you can't buy things when you don't have
money for it ! ^_~
Saving is always very difficult, only it isn't that stupid because I have a
fun job.
As soon as I finish my exams I'm going to order him...
I'm very excited, it's the first doll that I'm going to order myself. I bought
the other dolls by Think Pink, it's a lot easier, you just have to wait for
your doll and you haven't got the stress about customs and other things..
I hope everything is going to be ok when I order him!
Enough talking about him, I'm going to show you some pictures:

Crobidoll Haz (Noah) from Kyoya

Isn't he a cute doll?
Thanks for reading all this ^_~

zondag 24 april 2011

Happy Easter! (Vrolijk Pasen)

Happy Easter everyone! I'm not going to do anything special..
Today I celebrate easter with my mom and tomorrow with my dad.
Unfortunately I can't wear lolita today because the weather is far too hot.
Maybe next year I can wear it. I hope that I can wear Sheep Garden (from
Angelic Pretty) with Eastern next year it's such a cute print, it really is my dreamdress!

Sheep Garden JSK

Sheep Garden Print

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair ^_^

Zo even in het Nederlands dat is wat makkelijker voor mij en volgens mij
zijn al mijn volgers toch Nederlands :P
Zondag ben ik bij de EFF geweest en dat was erg leuk, het was voor mij
de derde keer, ik vind het zo'n leuk evenement! Ik ben er samen met Rosy
naartoe geweest en onze dolls. Rosy had Michanou bij en ik had Nono bij,
anders is het natuurlijk te veel slepen met al die dolls xD

Dit was mijn outfit:
Ik ben ook naar de lolitameeting geweest, het was erg leuk om iedereen weer
te zien en om iedereen te spreken. Iedereen zag er erg mooi uit. ^_^
Jammer genoeg was de meeting erg kort dus ik hoop snel weer naar een meeting te gaan!

Ik vind het zo mooi om te zien dat mensen zoveel aandacht aan hun outfit besteed hebben,
vooral als mensen zelf hun outfit maken voor de EFF. Daar heb ik echt respect voor!
Ik heb jammer genoeg niet veel foto's gemaakt omdat ik het zo druk had met rondkijken.

Nono en Aiko (van Evy)
Dat waren mijn foto's alweer, zoals ik heb gezegd het waren er echt te weinig T_T
Achjaa volgende keer beter!
Ik voor Nono een nieuw kledingsetje gekocht een pandakostuum echt zo lief, ik kon het gewoon niet laten liggen.


maandag 11 april 2011

My dolls

Two years ago I started to 'collect' Ball Jointed Dolls.
I know about those dolls because of lolita: I saw a doll in a
beautiful lolita dress and I wanted to know what kind of doll it was.
That's how I found out what Ball Jointed Dolls are.
At the same time a shop with BJD's was opened in a city close to the village where I live.

At the moment I have got 4 dolls and I going to tell something about them:

This is Miki. She is a sort of ghost and she is inmortal.
She only wears clothes with white in it, that's her favorite color.
She is quiet and a little bit shy.
I got Miki two years ago, she was a birthday gift from my mother.

This is Nono she is named after the ex-gitarist from v(neu) (a japanese band)
Nono's best friend is Fritzke that's my cat.
Nono is a normal girl and she loves bunnies, cats and cute clothes.

This is Kamijo he looks a little bit girly but he is a guy :P
Kamijo is a elf.
He likes: listening to music, make-up, drawing, buying clothes and singing.
Kamijo is named after the singer from the band Versailles.

Maya is also a elf. I love elfs and I love dolls that's why I have two elf dolls!
I designed his outfit and that was fun to do!
This were short descriptions of my dolls. I hope you will like my dolls!


zondag 10 april 2011

New dress & outfit

Dress: Angelic Pretty (Memorial Cake)
Blouse: Offbrand
Vest: Maxicimam
Headbow: H&M
Socks: Baby the stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Bodyline

I love my new dress, the print is so beautiful! And the little crowns in the lace are so cute.
The dress is only a little bit too short, but that isn't a problem if I wear bloomers ^_~
I think this is going to be my outfit for the Elf Fantasy Fair, a fantasy event in Haarzuilens.
Don't be affraid to talk to me if you recognize me!