zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Cathedrals in my heart

Oh, I forgot to say something: in the post from before, not all the pictures are mine only the
ones from the fashion show...

This week wasn't that interesting, I have worked a lot...
But today I went with a friend to the zoo.
It was so much fun! I will show you the pictures very soon. ^^

There happend one thing that kind of interesting for my blog, I ordered a dress!
Guess which one?
No, it's not the Cathedral...
not the Silent Moon O_o
I ordered the Holy Stained Glass from Moitie! ^^

I had been thinking about it quite long, I couldn't choose a dress.
I was stuck between the HSG and SM jsk <- omg that sounds so wierd xD
In the end I have bought the HSG, because it's a very beautiful and unique dress
I was a little bit scared at first to buy it because I was thinking: Oh no what are the
other people going to think if I buy again a dress with a 'religious' print?
But I don't care now! I love that dress and it's me, whose going to wear it.
By the way, I ordered the blackxsilver version..
 It's a beautiful dress, isn't it?!

So what I'm going to do next?
Finishing my new outfit, I have special plans for this dress. ^^
Of course I'm going to chase after the Silent Moon jsk, that will
be fun!
Maybe I will wait a year to make it more difficult...
That would make that beautiful and special dress even more
special don't you think?

And I'm waiting for my headdress which Iira (rosa nitida) made for me,
I hope it will arrive very soon. ^^
I will show you some pictures when I have it here at home!

Thanks for reading this, hopefully will my next post be something more interesting. ^^
I wanted to make outfit posts but the cat scratched me in my face...
It's nothing serious, still I hope it's going to be better soon..

bye bye!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben echt heel benieuwd naar hoe die jurk je gaat staan! Maar, zeker met nog een headdress van Iira erbij, zal het ongetwijfeld erg mooi zijn! :D

  2. Ik ben zelf ook heel erg benieuwd!
    Ik hoop dat het mooi gaat staan :D

  3. Ik denk dat de jurk je heel mooi gaat staan ♥

  4. Die jurk is zeker mooi! En ik ben ook benieuwd naar je nieuwe headdress ^^

  5. Dank je!
    Ik ben zelf ook erg benieuwd, hij is er jammer genoeg nog steeds niet :(