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Lolita issue: Brand vs Replica

Hello everyone~~

From now on I want to talk about lolita issues once in a while, there is so much to talk about in the big lolita world! I saw on Tumblr a discussion about replicas, someone said that one of the designers of Angelic Pretty said that it breaks her heart to see all these replicas. I'm not sure this is true, because anyone could say this... but it made me think more about this subject.

I was thinking about this recently, I bought a new dress from Angelic Pretty and I was like, if I bought a replica I could have two dresses?!
But do I want to have two dresses, which are fake?
In the end I'm very happy that I bought my Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly, it's worth the money I think!


Brand is always something important for lolitas, many people think that's important to have brand.
That doesn't mean it's necessary to wear brand, wearing offbrand or replicas is not a shame, it's all about how you create your coords.
Still many lolitas consider brand lolita clothes as better or as more valuble because it's brand.
Lolita is from Japan so the Japanese brands are mostly considered selling high quality clothes.
Brand definitely is more expensive then offbrand,handmade or replicas. If you are going to talk about Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitie, Baby the stars shine bright ect. then you are for sure that you are going to pay more than 250 dollar* for a dress maybe if you are lucky you get it a little bit cheaper.
That's a lot of money after all! I own about 5 brand dresses and I have to admit that the quality is very good, I don't mind paying more for that. Only I DO think that you are paying for the brand, just to have that 'Angelic Pretty' label or 'MMM' label in your pretty JSK or OP, there's nothing wrong with that but I'm sure it's happening! They also need to earn their money and making dress is very expensive because it's a lot of work and fabrics aren't so cheap these days.

*I'm not sure about this, I haven't bought anything in a while from Japan.. it guessing for me, people told me the exchange rate is very high at the moment so I'm not sure about the 250 dollar? Maybe it's starts with 300 dollar now?

Sometimes I'm not really fan of the clothes about a brand, I would never like an item because it's from a famous brand I only like the things I love it myself if you understand what I mean! My favourite brands are AP and MMM but I don't like everything, some items I would never ever buy.... just because it's not my taste, it's ugly or it won't fit right. I'm not going to pay too much money for something I don't like!
There are some lolitas that buy everything from their favourite brands and I'm sure most of it looks fantastic but I hope they can also understand that not everything is so great. Some brand dresses are even more ita-ish than offbrand stuff! * Think about the wrong lace monsters from years ago, there a few which are amazing....only most of them are just uughhhhh!! And brands who are copying each other, I don't want to have two dresses which are nearly the same even though those are really cute! * Please don't mind me, it's all about your taste of course! It's just my personal opinion! One person likes a dress and another one says: ''Nooo, I'm never wearing this dress!' And the most important one, not everything that a lolita brand sells is lolita. Some items are more related to fairy kei, pastel fashion, gothic or even cosplay. Rule number one when we are going to talk about brands is: wearing just brand clothes doesn't make you a lolita!

Can you tell which one is real if the card wasn't there?

Lolita brands do sell cosplay outfits once in a while, some of them are lolita but most of them absolutely not. And for example Angelic Pretty sells mini skirts and saloppetes, I think it's lolita but many lolitas say it's not lolita because it hasn't the lolita shape. Those thing are more related to fairy kei. The same as popular classic brands sell dresses that also can be used for Mori kei or Dolly Kei. I Think it's 50% about the 'lolita shape' & quality and the other 50% is about the coord.

Replicas are very popular these days, it isn't so expensive as brand. Most replicas are between 75~~100 dollar while brand dresses are twice more expensive or even more! That means more people can buy lolita clothes, whether it's about the size, the price or whatever.

That's something what's good about replicas, it's a lot cheaper and you can order it in your own size which is kind of difficult when you talk about brand. I know baby the stars shine bright has different sizes S, M and L only I'm not so sure about the difference because I only own one btssb dress and that's a old school one. I'm not so interested in the new clothes from baby, just a few exceptions but I really do love the old school ones! :) Excuse me for not knowing much about the size. I also know that AatP has different sizes and Innocent World has some plus size items. Only most of the time the brands have no sizes... So if you want to have your favourite print or dress but you won't fit in it right then it's a solution. Everyone should have the right to wear their favorite print or dress don't you think?

Of course there is also a bad thing about replicas, first of all it's the quality. I make my own lolita clothes so I have a little knowlegde about good fabrics and lace. And I can tell you if a dress from more than 250 dollar is made into a replica then the first thing what the make will do is buying cheaper fabric and lace! That's only natural to do, like I said before fabric and lace can be very expensive. When it's a print it's slightly different or really different to the original one, it's nearly impossible to make a exact replica! Never ever think that a replica is as good as a brand item, it's just impossible to make something like that for such a low prize.Brand items mostly have beautiful detailed lace (for example Jewelry jelly has jelly's & stars & dots in the lace) and replicas have more simple patterns in their lace or no lace at all! * yes, I know I'm a lace monster myself xD*

And there is the famous discussion about replicas! Brands like Innocent World already warned their costumers about replicas and that they are absolutely not pleased about this.
I also heard a rumor that one of the Angelic Pretty designers said that all those replicas break her heart. 

So.. the brands are not pleased about this... I can understand this! I mean, they are putting much effort in making and designing clothing and a random 'brand' or person makes replicas from it. Nobody would like that! Some people have a strong opinion, they don't like replicas for those reasons and for some more reasons. I'm not going to say much about it because it's an endless discussion...

An amazing coord & a amazing dress, can you tell it's a replica?
I surely couldn't if it wasn't mentioned!

My opinion
I have had a replica in my lolita closet, it was a bodyline replica of an Angelic Pretty dress. I have worn it once and I didn't feel comfortable in it.. I was just meh! I just didn't like the dress!
Since then I never bought another replica dress. Only I also bought a pair of shoes, baby the stars shine bright replica shoes, I love them so much and I still do! After 3 years I still have them, only now they are a little bit old and have some flaws. This is my own experience with replicas... 

I love replica shoes, I don't think I would ever buy real lolita shoes new because those are so expensive, I simply cannot afford them. I prefer to buy another dress and wear cheaper shoes or replica shoes then just brand shoes. I have worn brand shoes and I can't tell why they would be better than replica shoes or offbrand. Why would I buy something for so much more money if I don't think it's better?

I would never buy replica dresses or skirts myself, like I said before I felt so bad when I wore that replica dress! Unless I really like it and the dress/skirt is from good quality. The older replicas should be very good I heard. ^__^ The main reason is that I don't like the fabric and the lace and the details are bad most of the time. Yes, I'm that kind of person that is going to stare for hours to a dress just because of one little cute detail in the lace or when the print is just so amazing.There are pretty replicas of course, only it's just not like the real dress. I also do respect the designers, that also a reason why I won't buy replica dresses or skirts. (I hope they are going to forgive me for the replica shoes, I have more money for brand dresses) 
I think this is also something difficult because would buying second hand/selling your dresses be insulting for the designers too? You are selling your dress to someone else and it's not like the designers/ the brand earns money from that! 

What I really do hate if people tell me that they don't have enough money to buy brand and that they say that they have to buy from bodyline (what's wrong with bodyline anyway, they sell  lovely dresses! <3 I know some items are awful  but that doesn't mean that they don't have nice items) and have to buy replicas because they don't have the money and then you ask which dresses do you have and then they say I have this one and this one and this one... ect. What I want to tell is that they have an enormous amount of replicas. From that amount of  money you CAN buy brand it's just a little more saving up and you will have just a few dresses. It's not like you can't buy brand at all -_-'' I just can't stand that people say I'm soooooo poor and still buying many replicas, that's just so unreal. A replica dress cost from 75~~ 100 dollar, that not much only when you have to pay shipping and for the customs I would say you already spent between 125~~200 dollars. Here in the Netherlands are the customs taxes very high, I'm not sure how it's in other country I do know it's the same in the rest of Europe. For 125~~200 dollar you can buy a lovely second hand brand dress if you search well, so what's you excuse for I can't buy brand? If you can't afford brand, you afford replicas, end of the discussion! I just hate it when people say things like that, in the end they can buy brand and they are just complaining for nothing... just no... can't understand that.

Of course I'm not saying that wearing replicas is bad, it's a great solution when you don't fit in the real item. It's so unfair that you can't wear something that you really really want! Lolita brands should be more aware of that. I know from some of my lolita friends that they won't fit in dresses because they are too short, too tall or they don't have the right size (too big/too small) it's not a big deal to make dresses in other size when there are good patterns. 
It's also a great solution if you want to try lolita and if you aren't really sure about it. It's quite easy to order a replica, you are sure that it fits and it's not a shame when it's not your taste after all.

And if you truly don't have enough money what's the problem? Everyone should be able to wear lolita: rich, poor, plus size, skinny, tall, short or whatever! I know there are people who need to save up every penny they have for that one (replica) dress and what if it's a replica? It doesn't matter as long as you are happy with it! I would never ever insult someone because she/he is wearing a replica, it's not a shame to wear a replica. Never ever think that and if someone is saying that to you then it's just an awful egoistic person! Nobody has to right to say something like that, if you are happy with it! And if your coord is good, you can beat those lolitas with their real deal burando dresses! ^_~

What do you think? Should I talk more about lolita issues? 

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  1. Replica's are a though subject to be honest. And I don't really know where I stand in this debate exactly...

    To be honest I find it rather sad to see almost every Angelic Pretty print being copied and made into a replica. It might sound a bit elitist, but if I save up 350 euro's for a dress and then see a lot of other people wearing the same print in a cheap replica thing, it makes it less special. Especially when most replicas are lesser quality.

    But then again, I do own replicas as well.
    I have a pink wonder cookie jumperskirt, where I intentionally went for the replica instead of the real deal. This was because I was not sure if it would look good on me, and if I would like the vertical stripes. And I never re-sell a dress, so I didn't want to waste 300 euro's to get the real on.
    But when it arrived, I noticed the quality was really bad compared to my AP dresses, and it didn't feel good wearing it either. So I actually never worn it.

    And then I have two other dresses, my Marionette girl OP from Kidsyoyo and Chandelier jumperskirt from HMHM. Both are wonderful quality and they look like brand to me. When I bought them, I wasn't even aware that they were replicas from Angelic Pretty dresses. I just tought that they were original dresses from Kidsyoyo and HMHM. If I knew that they were replicas before I bought them, I don't know if I would go for the real ones or still buy these replica pieces. To be honest, I have rarely seen them on sale on closet child (which is also the reason why I didn't know they were replicas in the first place), so getting the real ones would be quite difficult.

    But then comes the other replica part. Footwear. I find it hypocryte when I see people saying that all replicas are evil, and then wear antaina tea parties themselves for example.
    I would never buy brand footwear. First of all, because my feet are simply too big to fit in them. Usually shoes go up to 24.5 cm and I am a size 25.
    And secondly, I find brand footwear way too expensive for the quality that you get. I haven't heard really good stories about brand quality shoes and I used to wear my lolita shoes every single day, not like only 5 times a year to go to a meet-up/concert kinda thing. So I really need shoes that last long, or that are cheap so that they can be easily replaced by newer ones.

    So overall you could say that I am not 100% against replicas, but for clothes I prefer to go for brand instead of replica ones. Yes, brand is mpore expensive, but the quality is so much better and it just feels better to wear a brand piece, in my opinion. And if I really want something, I am willing to save up for it.

    But that is my opinion. If someone else wears a replica coord, I won't ignore them/be rude to them/write evil secrets about them/gossip about them/etc.

    And a side note: It really sucks living in Europe with those custom fees. Because if I only had to pay the value of the dress itself from either a brand store or closet child, and have no 30% of that added in custom fees, I would get all brand (and no offbrand) definitely.

  2. Thanks for the looooong answer! :D I’m sorry that I’m so late commenting it!
    That’s for sure! I’m always a little bit insecure when I talk about replicas because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I do have a opinion about replicas for myself. I don’t like replica dresses or skirts myself like I said I don’t feel comfortable wearing it. That doesn’t mean I think it’s bad that other people wear replicas… But I do have a lot of replica shoes, which I really like and those aren’t so extremely expensive! I love shoes, that’s why I love to have a lot of shoes! <3 That’s not possible when I would buy brand. Although I’m not a huge fan of replica dresses I don’t think it would be a problem if it was a dress without a print, if it’s well-made!
    It’s like how you said it, it’s so sad to see every Angelic Pretty print being copied. It’s not fun anymore at all! I don’t think you are a elitist at all, it’s kind of annoying to see many people walking in a dress which definitely is a copy. Especially when you saved up all your money to buy that one dress and another person buys a copy of it for a lot cheaper and less quality but it’s still the same print. I was so sad and angry when I saw that there was a replica of the divine cross from MmM I saved all my money to buy that one skirt, working all summer long for THAT skirt…and then someone makes it for cheaper and I don’t think it would be the same quality… it’s an amazing print, it’s not like it easy to copy that.. it can’t be that perfect! Ugh and I’m not talking about the lace the lace is sooooo perfect on the real one… no it can’t just being copied. *Sorry for my weird obsession with the divine cross xD* It’s so unfair that I paid so much for it, to have the real one and now everyone can buy it? It’s so unfair! In the end I know mine will always be prettier than the replica. *wow, that sounds selfish*
    Only it’s also unfair if someone who really don’t has enough money or it or doesn’t have the right size can’t wear it because of that. When it’s like that I don’t mind that much…
    Most of the time I don’t mind because it’s not about the print I like, if it’s about a print I like/I own I have a different view on it…. Angelic Pretty replicas aren’t bugging me that much… I think it’s sad because why would I buy I replica? And I don’t care about the people who buy them.. it’s just normal to me.. there are too many Angelic Pretty replicas so there’s nothing special about it?! It’s just a dress like another 1000 people have? Not interesting for me! Let them be happy with their replica, I prefer brand. But when it’s about Motie, I can be really pissed off about it. First of all because it’s tasteless, I wouldn’t buy a Moitie replica and that’s all about respect for the designers and Mana. Secondly MmM designs have amazing details, it’s not possible to copy that in the right way. If you have never seen a pretty Moitie design closely you can’t tell! I guess you know what I’m talking about  Just no… don’t Iike MmM replicas >.< You want something that looks like Moitie? Just make it yourself or let someone else do it or buy moitie yourself… I mean if you search well it doesn’t has to be that expensive especially the pretty old moitie stuff :D
    Only I do have the same opinion about this.. if someone is happy about it then why not? I don’t like it for myself but yeah? What can I do about it… I know how happy I’m with my Lolita dresses so it’s not wrong to have a replica if you are really happy with it!
    As for non-print replicas, I share your opinion! By the way, I really like those too dresses from Kindsyoyo and HMHM. Oh and I saw the chandelier print once, it’s a rare print.. my friend nearly bought it only in the end she hadn’t enough money, hahaha …
    And that’s true, those dresses aren’t sold a lot, I saw them just a few times on second hand stores…
    Oh, I think it would be awful to find the real ones… this is a great solution I think!

  3. Yes,yes… the footwear. I would be such a elitist and brandwhore when Lolita brands did not sell footwear, hahahah! All my shoes are replicas, fake or offbrand and I’m really proud of that! I have size L (24,0 cm) only it’s not like every brand has the same ‘size’ which makes it difficult for my feet. I need to have the exact size when I would buy brand and that’s not possible. I not going to spent 150 euro or more on shoes which do not fit. I just never got the idea of brand shoes, if they were better and if could walk for 10 years on them.. I bought 4 pairs of shoes right away! Those shoes aren’t better than replicas, there’s a rumor that they were made in the same factory. When my replicas die, I don’t panic, I just buy new ones! :D
    I really don’t understand a the fuss about replica shoes, most of the western people have big feet, they can’t wear brand shoes, get over it!
    So… you can say I’m not really against replicas, I don’t get the fuss about it. Everyone should wear whatever they want to wear. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me sad to see my favorite prints being copied. I’m too picky for replicas myself, I wouldn’t work out, I think I will start hating it after five minutes of seeing it when I found all the mistakes and such when it’s about a print. Honestly I don’t mind about non-print replicas, I have seen some lovely ones! Still that doesn’t mean I would hate anyone when he/she is wearing it, it her/his choice! And it’s not like I can see if it’s a replica if you coordinate it well. It’s much better to see someone who has a great coord with a replica than see someone who has a extremely tasteless coord with (only) brand.
    Side Note: I hate that so much, I could buy my current dream dress from the custom fees which I already paid. >.< Stupid customs have to buy Cherry Berry Bunny for me in red ( or any other color)
    The same here, it’s not possible to do that now because I have this amount of money that I can spent on Lolita clothes and I can’t spent more than that. There are also other things I need to pay, for example school and the train those things are expensive enough… why do I need to pay so much tax on something I can’t buy here new? Ughhh, I don’t get it!

  4. I only wear lolita clothes at conventions and lolita tea parties because even though lolita is my style, "normal" clothes are also my style. So I express my lolita side at conventions and such.
    Anyway, when you live in the Netherlands like me, it can be diffuclt to finc lolita brands that ship to the Netherlands AND are the right size, because we folks have a different build than the japanese (well, me anyway). Also I do not have a money tree in my backyard, so brand clothes + shipping = me being poor OR saving up for a dress for 1-2 YEARS. That is why I buy handmade clothes from Summer Tales Boutique. They sell handmade dresses (replicas are non-existent as far as I can tell) for 100-300 euros (and do commissiones) and are situated in the Netherlands just a 40 minute drive away from my house! The large price range makes it good for me.
    And for replicas: I don't think they are particularly bad if you wear them because the company doesn't ship to your country or if they don't have your size and you really want it, but it can't be too expensive. If I really wanted a brand dress I would have to save up for 1-2 years for that dress, because if you save up money then eventually you will have enough money. Not enough money is not an excuse in my book if you really want something. If you want cheaper dresses if you have the option for brand dresses, then chose handmade ones, original ones. Because replicas aren't justified if you can get one via shipping. I won't hate, but that is how I think about it.

  5. As an artist, I like to support other artist

    1. (Sorry I accidently hit the "publish" button) so replicas kind of hit me coming from a moral standing. But I'm also plus size. Yes, some of the big lolita brands sell more plus size friendly dresses, but personally I wouldn't buy a brand dress just because it's brand, but because of the print. And sadly most of the prints that I like are not made for my size. But at the same time as an artist, its like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place...

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  7. I have to be honest - I don't give a damn about the brands. The replicas can also be high quality. Im buying already for a while in online shop https://get2lux.cn
    Their products are just the same as original stuff. Materials are nice colored and soft. I don't see a reason to buy handbag for a few thousands if I can have it for less than 200 from Get2lux.