vrijdag 28 september 2012

Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen 2012

Hello dear readers! <3

I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair two weeks ago, the event was held in Arcen. More information about the elf fantasy fair Arcen in this post.

The day before I tried my make up and wig, it looked like this:

    Ignore the crappy photo, it's taken with my phone when it was dark.
  Also ignore the blue Adidas cardigan...

Some more pictures:

The fish and I!

I don't have every picture from that day, I'm going to put everything I like on my blog.
I just have to wait for a few days, I'm still waiting for half of the pictures.
My thoughts about the EFF 2012 Arcen:
It was so much fun! I really appreaciate how much effort people put in searching for/making/designing/ such amazing outfits. ^__^
Believe me, you can't imagine what I saw at the EFF...
The weather was so nice which that made my day.
And I saw a few friends again, I'm so busy with my studies that I don't have time to visit them very often.

Stay tuned, more will follow!

zondag 9 september 2012

Lolita wishlist~~

Yes,again a wishlist! I hope it's not boring...

1. La Danse de la Dame Juilette et Justine

Foto: Die jurk is prachtig, ik moet hem hebben <3
Nu hopen dat ik genoeg centjes heb en ik moet nog uitvinden hoe ik bij Juliette et Justine kan bestellen....

2. Lady Sloth Silk Cherubins JSK

3. Cathedral Skirt, Jsk or OP 

4. Alice and the Pirates Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island Jsk or skirt

5. Silent Moon skirt Moi-Meme-Moitie

6. Moi-Meme-Moitie bat bag

7. Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Jsk ( Pink, Blue or Yellow)

8. Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette (Blue or Pink)

9. Mary Magdalene Rose Basket Jsk

10. Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur OP

11. White Socks from Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, MMM or Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I don' have anything special in mind, just white socks with nice lace! ^__^

12. White Shoes. A new pair of white shoes would be great when I want to wear classic lolita.

13. Baby the Stars Shine bright Marie Antonio OP or Jsk

I'm not sure if this is the right one, I believe there is another dress like this with a similar text. 

14. More hats! (The one from Angelic Pretty is just an example, I want many more cute and elegant hats!)

It doesn't deserve to be on the last place, but there are so many amazing prints of this brand. I can't choose a favorite one! I'm talking about Juliette et Justine of course. I already mentioned La Danse de la Dame, I have many many more favorite prints and dresses from this amazing brand. It's my favorite brand at the moment! <3

So, that's it! My style is changing again, it's more gothic, gothic classic, classic and a little bit sweet lolita. I growing out of sweet lolita, it's a cute style only it's a little bit childish I think. I don't mind about that, if it's just for once in a while only nowadays I would like to buy something more elegant and classy. 
Don't worry/ be happy about selling all my sweet lolita dresses, it's not going to happen! I love all my lovely clothing and I'm only doubting about selling one dress which is not because I don't like it anymore... 
It's too short, that's why...


I also want to excuse myself for the many mistakes I make/made, I'm still learning. I hope that I will reduce my mistakes and incorrect grammar. When I have time I'm going to fix all the grammar mistakes on my blog!

And thanks for the comments and thank you new followers for following my blog <3
I'm going to try to answer everything, I very busy with my studies so please give me some time to do that!

Next week it's already time for the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen, I can't wait. See you there! ^___^