vrijdag 24 juni 2011

The Perfect Fake Lolita

This time I want to blog about a issue in Lolita fashion, it’s a well-known issue in the ’ Lolita world ‘ .
I’m going to blog about how fake Lolita is these days.
Some of you already wrote something about this topic, I just want to give my own opinion.  ^_^

Too Fake:
Most of the Lolita’s wear wigs, put on fake eyelashes and makeup.
  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it!
But some Lolita’s exaggerate it a little bit.
They wear huge wigs and lots of makeup, false eyelashes, fake lenses and last but not least some use Photoshop. 
 Those Lolita may look pretty but I don’t like this because everything about them is fake.
I know Lolita is about looking like a  beautiful little doll with frilly clothes only that doesn’t mean you have to look perfect.
 Perfect persons don’t exists so perfect Lolita’s don’t exist either!  I like to see more ‘human’ Lolita’s,
I don’t care if your eyes aren’t the right colour, you think your hear isn’t pretty enough  or your face isn’t pretty enough so you have to use Photoshop.
Those things doesn’t change you as a person, it only change the way you look like. And I know some people are insecure about the way they look like but that’s normal everyone is insecure about something...
It’s just a excuse to hide the person you really are.

A little bit fake is ok:
I don’t mind people wear wigs or something like that. As long as you can recognize the person.
I like wigs and false eyelashes because I like to try other hear colours and hear cuts.
And a wig can finish your outfit!
If you don’t have long eyelashes like me, there is nothing wrong with wearing fake eyelashes.
Just don’t make it too much, sometimes less is more. ^_~
‘Human’ Lolita:
I told you that I would like the see more human Lolita’s because it’s not true you can’t wear Lolita without all those fake accessory.
There is a lot you can do with simple makeup. And there is so much you can do with your own hear.
  I think Lolita is about looking elegant and cute in your frills, you can be cute and elegant without all the fake things too!
Just concentrate yourself on your outfit and as I said before fake things are not required when you are a Lolita.
I would like to see more Lolita girls that look like real persons not like lifeless dolls.
Is it something permanent?
No, I don’t think so.
There a lots of people who like the more fake style of Lolita but there are also lots of people who don’t like it.
Lolita is a fashion style and when you are going to talk about fashion, you have to keep in mind that some styles will be popular right now but in a few years this can be so different.
  Don’t worry it will change and for the people who like more fake things in Lolita: keep following your style, it’s important to wear what YOU like! ^_~
old school example:

My opion:
Like I said before I don't like it when lolita wear too much fake item ect. a
That doesn't mean I don't think they are not beautiful. I do think they are beautiful but they look too much like dolls, it's like they are not real people anymore. a
I don't think you need all those fake things to be beautiful. If you look to the old school example, I think those girls are beautiful too!
I think they also used some fake items but not too much.

Thanks for reading all this! I hope to hear your opion. ^___^

New blog layout:

I think you all can see it, I changed my blog layout.
I hope you will like it! ^_^
I was in for something new.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I really like your post!
    I also have no problem with wigs and make-up. Because I have a wig myself and wont leave the house without make-up haha! Not that I think I'm ugly but you just don't want to see that xD.

    And at the point I wouldn't recognize the person without there fake stuff, that's where i draw the line. indeed nobody is perfect and being insecure about yourself is normal too. But covering yourself won't fix anything about that.

  2. Thanks!
    The same here, I like wigs and I won't leave home without make-up. When I don't put on make-up I feel there is something missing :P

    I have the same opion, all those fake things won't change anything about why you are insecure about. And they won't make you perfect, too :P

  3. All the fake things can be nice for the look, but I don't care much about them. I prefer a more natural look. To be honest, I often leave the house without make-up...usually I don't have time to put it on, but I also think I don't really need it :P

  4. I also prefer a more natural look. ^^
    But I like fake things, only when it's not too much!

    Lucky you, that you don't need make-up ^_~

  5. Cute background of your blog! :D

    Personally I like fake lolitas. I don't mind them looking unnatural. Actually that is something that appeals to me. But then again, I also like other non-human-looking styles like cybergoth.
    However, that doesn't mean I don't like human lolitas. I like them too. ^_^

    Personally I want to create a whole selection of wigs and I am also practicing my eyelashes-skills, so I am getting more and more into the very fake category. :P
    But I don't really like photoshopping. I can imagine that a photographer wants to photoshop a lolita from a shoot to get that very doll look, for an artistic point of view.
    But normal outfit snapshots, meet-up pictures and such, I wouldn't photoshot those. I mean, when you see me in real life I want to look the same as I do on my pictures.

    And personally I already have a hard time recognizing people when they are wearing wigs (even if they don't wear much make-up and no false lashes). I always have a hard time recognizing faces, but when someone shows up in a meet-up with a totally different colour wig than I am used to see on their pictures, I don't recognize them. XD
    So since more and more people are getting wigs nowadays, for me it is really troublesome to recognize people at meet-ups. :p

  6. When I'm not at a meet-up, I usually don't wear any make-up at all. Only when I'm really bored, and the same thing goes with wigs. But when I'm about to attend a meet-up, I do wear make-up and a wig. No fake lashes though, because it's too much work for me. (And I'm not good at it).

    I like both, fake and natural lolita looks.
    But, I don't like the photoshopping when you can't see who you are looking at.

  7. @ Debbie: Thank you!

    It's not like I think they are not beautiful. Some Lolita girls who wear lots of fake lolita items look amazing! <3 For example the girls in the pictures, they look so beautiful!

    I like the natural look more..
    I don't feel very comfortable to wear lots of fake items :P
    The thing is I don't like people who wear so much fake items and also use Photoshop.. ( only with 'normal' pictures, it's ok with fotoshoots)
    I think it's ok to wear a wig or other fake items. The thing that bothers me the most is that most of the lolita's who use fake items in their 'outfits' really look like each other especially with sweet or ott lolita. I don't mind it when lolita's try different and original looks and put on fake items.

    I'm also not good at recognize people, it become even worse when people wear wigs :P

    @Denise: The same here, when I'm at home or when I don't go to a meet I only wear simple make-up. I only wear wigs or fake eyelashes with meet-up.

    I like the natural lolita more, it's kinda wierd to say as a sweet lolita ^_~

  8. good opinion i hate photoshop and pics where lolitas have too big eyes,it looks funny don't cute :D

  9. Thank you! It's not that I don't like OTT or the all the fake stuff, I do like it wear things like that once in a while but not all the time.
    I love oldschool lolita and I like to see lolitas who show their natural beauty.
    And I don't think photoshop has to be bad, but it's bad when it's used to change the looks of a person.. like what you said with the big eyes. Extremely big eyes are creepy, I think xD

  10. I love this a lot! I personally don't wear wigs often and when I do it usually at a lolita meet up. I live in such a small "uneducated" town, that it's best that I don't wear a wig often. But I do wear makeup because if I don't I feel like a lolita. Glad I found your blog!