donderdag 29 november 2012

Formspring Question: sense of style

What do you think about the sense of style in your local community? Do you have a lot of weeaboos or do you have very well-dressed people?:D Any highlights in style? I'm on Tumblr a lot and I rarely see Dutch lolitas!

I think my local community has a great sense of fashion. ^^ Of course there are weirdos once in a while, that's something you can't avoid. Most of the people who are truly interested in lolita fashion are motivated to learn from their 'mistakes', I think everyone should get enough time to learn about lolita and find their own style. It's not that easy! And the people who are only in the community to get attention won't stay for long.

The difference between Dutch lolitas and lolitas from other countries is that they are less active on websites like Daily Lolita and such. There aren't many tumblr famous lolitas from the Netherlands... Most Dutch lolitas share their pictures on their blogs, the problem is that you need to find those blogs. The most popular way to share pictures is facebook these days which is mostly friend only. And the Dutch community isn't that big, I think there are about 100 lolitas who wear lolita regulary and attend meetups. There are more people (I don't know anything about the numbers) who have lolita clothes which they don't wear ( in public/post pictures on the internet) and people who like lolita only haven't start wearing it yet.  So... that's why you can't find much pictures from Dutch lolitas. 

The first link I want to give you is the Dutch Lolita tumblr: 

Some Dutch inspiration blogs and tumblrs:
* Josine 
* Damien 

Some Dutch lolita 'brands'
There are more Dutch lolitas with an amazing style this is just an impression! I hope you like it and that it helped a little bit! ^____^

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vrijdag 23 november 2012

Formspring question: Are there any lolitas you look up to as a person?

Someone asked me this on formspring:

Are there any lolitas you look up to as a person?

My answer

Hello ^__^

Thank you for your question! There are lolitas which I look up to as a person. It's true that I met so many inspiring people through lolita. It's a good question, I try to answer it as good as I can. This is kind of different from my lolita idols because that's more about clothes...  
I need to meet someone to look up to someone I think... the internet is a nice place for inspiration only you never know whose the person behind it. I mean you can hide a lot about who you really are on the internet, that's why!

Linda Friesen
I really look up to her because she always looks amazing as lolita. And she is an amazing designer every piece of clothing she made is so perfect *_*  It's my dream to design and make as beautiful clothes like her.  Have you ever heard of 4 'O Clock?  ( The brand name was Mirror in the beginning) That's her brand! Please take a look at this facebook page:

Iira is one of the most wonderful persons I have ever met. She is such a nice person, an amazing lolita and she makes absolutely beautiful clothes for her brand Rosa Nitida. Her style is so unique and beautiful, I wish I could be so lady like when I wear lolita. Her blog:

She is such a nice person and a beautiful lolita. Her artwork is so cute and beautiful, I wish a could draw and paint like that. ^___^ This is her tumblr:

I have to admit that look up to everyone who has the guts to wear lolita, it's not easy. Wearing lolita means standing out of the crowd.There are always shitty people who say hurtful things and some people never understand the style. I guess we are all brave enough, hahaha! I like brave people :) 

Please take a look on my blog for pictures ~~~
And thanks again for your question!

Have a nice day!
Best wishes,


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Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 themed Meetup Ideas

First of all I'm very sorry for not writing for the lolita blog carnival!
I really like it and it's so nice to read other blogs and hear opinions from other lolitas about certain themes. From now on I try to be more active!
This week I noticed something odd, many pictures disappeared from my blog..
I'm not very happy about that. Many of those picture were on my other laptop and that one is broken, it can't be fixed anymore. I'm going to try to get my pictures back, but first I'm going to remove the empty picture icons, that annoys me so much..

Meetup themes, that's something I really like!
Let's start! ^____^

Rococo tea party

This one is my favorite idea and it's going to happen in January here in Holland, that's not weird because Josine and I are organizing this meetup. Let me explain the idea of a Rococo tea party.
Everyone knows that lolita is influenced by the Rococo era and why we should go back to the roots of lolita and add a few more lolita elements to it. This meeting is all about bonnets, Marie Antoinette, many many details on the dresses, big hair and so much more...
And aristocratic ladies loved to drink tea, that's why we decided to make a tea party of it. 

Fairy tale meetup

I really love fairy tales, I always loved them since I was a kid and I still do.
Now I collect old fairy tale books, with amazing illustrations.
There are so many fairy tale themed prints and dresses, I'm wondering why there wasn't a fairy tale meetup before... Every lolita wants to be their favorite character from a fairy tale for one day, right? Let's make it happen! I think I would like to wear a little red riding hood outfit,the little mermaid outfit or maybe a inspired outfit from a relative unknown fairy tale? 

Masquerade ball

Once in my live I want to go to a lolita masquerade ball, that would be so amazing!
Everyone MUST wear a mask or something that covers your face. There will be nice music for some dancing and enough chairs and tables to eat and drink something. The event must be in a castle,manor house or something other classy!

Twin meetup

Everyone who attends this meetup has to twin with another lolita. It doesn't have to be the same print, the same style is okay only it would be nice if everyone has someone or more persons to twin with!

Pirate Meetup

Pirate lolita is still underrated I think, it has to change! If you do it well it's not too costume like, like many people think. What I love about pirate lolita are the many details in the outfit and it's not too girly. And of course the tricorn hats which are so awesome, it's a great excuse to wear mine again.The overall theme of the meetup will be the sea so mermaid coords and sailor lolita would be great too.The perfect location for a pirate meetup is the beach, hopefully the weather will be nice enough next year. ^___^

Secretly I want to do a treasure hunting game on the beach, that would be so much fun!

 Blog list

I can't wait to read your blogs! ^__^
Next time I want to show you a drawing which a friend of mine made for me, show you some of my recent buyings, tell about the fly away fashion show and answer one of my blog readers questions. (I'm pretty sure this won't be one blog post)


vrijdag 2 november 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: What's on your lolita playlist?

I don't really have a lolita playlist but I can show you some of my favorite lolita inspired songs.
The songs are in a random order, the first one isn't my favorite I like all the songs! ^__^

1. Danse Macabre
 A perfect gothic lolita song... and it's also on my list because of halloween.
Do you know the story behind Danse Macabre? Let me tell you!

Please notice it's a dark story~~
According to legend, Death appears at midnight every year on Halloween. Death calls forth the dead from their graves to dance their dance of death for him while he plays his fiddle ( here represented by a solo violin). His skeletons dance for him until the rooster crows at dawn, when they must return to their  graves until the next year.

2. Malice Mizer - Au revoir

I love Malice Mizer, au revoir is one of my favorite songs from this amazing band.
It's so elegant and it makes me feel like dressing up in my most beautiful lolita clothes.

3. Versailles- Aristocrat Symphony

4. Efteling- Droomvlucht
It's the theme song of my favorite attraction in my favorite theme park the Efteling. I think it has another composer than the Efteling? I'm not sure, can anyone help me?
If you are going to visit the Netherlands and you have a lot time and you don't know what to do, please visit the Efteling it's worth it! Anyway, it's a amazing beautiful song, it's so dreamy.


5. Nostalghia- Cool for chaos

It's a dark song, even though it's beautiful!
I didn't like it at first but the song was stuck inside of my head and when I listened again and again I actually began to like it more.

6. Keane - Frog Prince

It's sounds like a fairy tale, the whole atmosphere feels like a fairy tale too.

7. Nightwish- Nemo

Just seven songs, it's not much...
I was too busy with studying for my exams to write about more songs.
I hope you like it and what's on your lolita playlist?

Blog List
Ramble Rori
Sweet and Simple
La Petite Princesse
Pop Princess

More will be added as soon as possible!