woensdag 25 januari 2012

Why is the rum always gone?! (Pirate meeting)

I went to the Pirate High tea meeting in Breda last Sunday~~
It was so much fun, everyone wore amazing outfits. ^____^
I was really looking forward to this meeting since months because pirate lolita is one of my favorite lolita styles.
We went to a restaurant, sadly it wasn't the restaurant with the pirate theme...
At the restaurant we had I high tea, no, we haven't had any rum!
It was lovely to see everyone again, as always of course! :D
And the high tea was delicious!
After the high tea we went outside to take pictures, unfortunately it was already 4 o'clock so it was a little bit dark and the weather was stormy.  
Still I hope you will like the pictures! ^_________^

Me and Josine, I love her outfit! I like the winered color, it's very pirate like! 
We are both wearing hats who Iira made. ^^

Dreamfairy, she has orginazed this meeting.
Thank you for doing this, I had such a wonderfull day! ^___^

Pictures aren't mine, photographer: Dragonfire
Excuse me for my bad english today, I am not feeling well today... *sadface*
I can't wait for the next pirate meeting, yoho yoho a pirates life for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

See you next time~~

maandag 23 januari 2012


Hello everyone ~~

Thank you so much for the support, I feel better now.You are all so kind! <3
I decided to go on with lolita, I'm not giving up, I love it so why won't I wear it?
Now I'm feeling more secure about it and I already want to improve my style again.
I want to apologize for the post from before, it wasn't completely fair to write about my
'personal' life and I got a little bit in trouble because of it..
I felt like I was complaining about it and that wasn't my intension...

Blahblahblah, I'm going to stop talking about this, and I will remove the post partically,
I'm sorry for that...

Two weeks ago I went to the Vintage meet in Amsterdam which was very nice, I already told you about this... Recently I saw on a streetfashion website photos from that meeting.
I haven't told this before, there was a streetfashion photographer who was interesed in the clothes we were wearing and I wanted to make photos of it, of course!
I wish I could show you these photos here, but those are all copyrighted, the only thing I can do is show you the link. There are 6 photos, two group pics, two with me and Velvetbat and two with Jildou and Miradell on it. I hope you like these pictures, everyone looked great that day! ^___^

Yesterday was the Pirate meeting in Breda, I don't have any pictures of it at the moment, hopefully I can show you some very soon. ^^
I wore my divine cross skirt, with a little cape and the hat Iira made for me. Sadly, it won't fit first but Iira fixed it while we were in the restaurant, my head was too big for it hahahaha xD
Luckily Iira is such a kind person and she suggest to fix the hat!
It was nice to see my lolita friends again, and to meet some new people.
I like to meet new people but I'm so shy...
The high tea was lovely, I ate so much,I was happy that I could walk back to the car.. -_-''
Everyone wore such an amazing outfits, I love theme meetings, esspecially this on, I love pirate lolita!
Secretly I'm a pirate, so watch out for all your lovely burando clothes!! Lol, I'm just joking...

Saturday I went to Amsterdam for some school business, I also got the opportunity to go to my favorite fabric store. I bought fabrics for the new dress I'm going to make, it's going to look like this dress:

Not completely like that, it's not going to be an exact replica, because I really don't want to do that.
I want it to fit I'm my own style so I'm going to give it a few changes.
And it's made from another fabric, I like to use cotton instead of polyester.
The color is another green I think, but it's pretty, it's looks like Christmas tree green.. hihi xD
I believe there is also blue lace in the real one, only I'm going to use only black.

Have you seen the new print from Alice and the Pirates? I did! it's amazing, the perfect print for me,
it's a print with hats on it, I have this obsession with hat, that's why I need the jsk in my life~~
With an amazing hat, to wear with the outfit, otherwise the outfit will not be complete...

I'm doubting, which one would I pick? The purple one or the red one?!
I don't know, first I need to save up for it... or it will make a great 18th birthday present!
But I guess that's not going to happen..

Thank you to listen to my blablabla, I hope next post will be more interesting! ^_~

maandag 16 januari 2012

Do you believe in fairytales?

Hello lovely dolls,

So cute,I love this! ^__^ Drawing&design by Yvette. ^^
Thank you for letting me show this on my blog.

I'm a little bit despered, I just don't know what to do and I need your help!
Please help me!
I would really appreciate that!  ^______^

Let me tell about the fun things first, this Sunday the pirate meet is held and I'm looking forward to
it since months.
So let me show you some pictures from the outfit I'm going to wear this Sunday:

The first picture is a little bit
dark, but now it's more a surprise.

Close-up from the hat:

Isn't it stunning? It's an amazing hat, the perfect hat for
pirate lolita! I love it! *_*
It's from Rosa Nitida, Iiraliina makes such an amazing

And a normal outfit which I would like to show:
You can see Fritzke's tail xD


All the fairytales are told now..

woensdag 11 januari 2012

Mystery repeats ~~

This week I was searching (again) to buy a new lolita dress, that's not something very special.
Normally I do that every day, if I have the time.
It doesn't mean I'm going to buy a new dress, I just like to find a dress I love and want to add it
to my wishlist...

Lately I'm not really amused by those new dresses, I like them but not enough to want them....
I always have the kind of feeling I already know the dress or the print.
Of course this is true, I know this for years, brand are copying each other so many dresses
from different brands look the same.
Only this isn't the only 'issue' there are also lolita brand who copying dresses from their own
brand, and saying it's a new print or dress.

Let me show you some examples:
Angelic pretty: Memorial Cake (2009) and Decoration dream. (2011)

Both very lovely dresses only they are very simular to each other.

Angelic pretty/Baby the stars shine bright: Vanilla-chan and Kitten in the room of sweets. (both 2010)

Cute Kittens? The dress design isn't the same, but I can see simularities. Pink and blue are both coming back in the designs. Can this be coincidence?! O_o

Alice and the Pirates: Vampire relequiem and The cat, the witch and the apple tree. (2009/2011, 2011)

First of all, I love these dresses, one of these days I will buy the cat the witch and the apple tree jsk, that's the only explitation I will make if it's about prints/dresses which look the same...
Still I think the print design looks like each other, it's not the same theme but it's the same format I think.
And the shape of the dress is nearly the same.

Metamorphose perfume bottle and Angelic pretty Rose Toillete (2010  /2007)

Do I need to say anything more about all these dresses?? xD

What do you think, is this pure coincidence? Or are these brands copying each other?
I think it's no coincidence..
I would rather see new fresh designs than the same print which is repeating himself.
For example, I already own the memorial cake from Angelic Pretty, I love the print but I'm
not going to buy Decoration Dream because it looks the same...
I'm not going to spent so much money on a jsk which looks the same as the one I already have
in my closet.

I would like to hear you opinion about this?
What do you think, do you mind?
Or is it something you don't care about at all?!

*Note: I used some individual pictures from lolitas, I found these on google. I want to say that you look awesome! *_*
If you don't want me to use your picture, please tell me, I will remove it.*

zondag 8 januari 2012

Recent Buyings & more..

Hello dear readers ^___^

I'm not blogging that often these days, I totally don't know about what I need to blog.
I have a sort of lack of inspiration.
And I'm really bored, I need to find I new job very soon and start saving up money for next year when
I'm going to study again.

This weekend I went shopping, Friday I went to Amsterdam with some lolita girls, that was fun. ^^
On Saturday I went to Nijmegen my favorite city in the world.
Yeah, I can't help it to like such a boring city...
Even after I visited half  Europe I still like Nijmegen the most, maybe it's going to change sometimes..

Well, I went shopping with my mom, because she promished me that for Christmas.
Some of my buyings and gifts I got this weekend:

  • Bunny Cardigan from H&M
  • Brownxgrey shirt from Miss America
  • Stockings with stars and dots

  • H&M black x white winter dress
  • Miss America sweater ( the text says 'A perfect saint is what I ain't')
  • Taily Weijl grey x pink skirt

Vintage Hat, It made me think of a MmM hat.
It needs more decoration...

A gift from my mom, it's from Michal Negrin. *_*
I wanted to have this necklace for months,now it's mine..
It's perfect I'm really happy now, best (late) Chrismas present ever!

Currently I'm working on my pirate outfit, I need to find everything before
22th January. 

And I got this amazing idea for a new doll it's going to be a girl and she is going to be 
a hime gyaru girl.
Some inspiration pictures for her:

maandag 2 januari 2012

Let's Talk!

Hello everyone! ^_^

It's the first post of the year, I want to say happy new year to all of you!
The year 2012, who knows what it's going to bring us.
I hope it will be a great year for all of us!

Let me show you one of the last oufits from 2011:

So... now I want to talk.. talk about the new year,I have this feeling things are going to change.
Some of you know (the Dutch lolitas) that I'm selling some of  my lolita clothes.
It's not because I want to stop wearing lolita, I still love it so much! <3
Only there are some things that are more important and I want to love the clothes that I have in
my closet.
That's the whole problem, I don't like all my lolita clothing...
I because of I changed and my style changed a lot too.
I don't like the things I totally loved some years ago.
I want to have a lolita closet I can be proud of and I want to love all the items I have.
Don't wanna have items to make my closet look bigger.
So I hope I can sell the items I don't like anymore and buy something of it I totally love! ^______^

*I want to trade: Holy Stained Glass*
*I want to sell: Candy House Metamorphose*
  Offbrand blue Headdress
  Metamorphose Gingham Cherry Skirt
  Pink Angelic Pretty Cutsew
  Pink Metamorphose Sailor Cardigan

Interessed in one of these items? Please contact me here or on the Dutch lolita forum. ^^

I also made some pictures of Noah, I changed his style a little bit.
I like it but I'm not completely happy with it but it's just the beginning of the big change!
Here are the pictures:

And I want to show you some pictures from the Fly Away Fashion meet:
Together with Ellis
Together with Jannike
Everyone at the meet