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Lolita and Ball Jointed Doll Meme

Lolita & Ball Jointed Doll Meme

·         Who are you? 

Hello,I’m NyappyAnne, I’m a girl (no, I’m not a guy, like google/some people who visit my blog think, yeah I always read my blog statistics) and I live in the Netherlands. My blog is manly about Lolita fashion, Ball Jointed Dolls and the things on my mind. Oh, now I forgot to tell that I love to blog, but I think you already know that!

·         Why do you have this blog?

I love Lolita fashion and Ball Jointed Dolls and I want to show that to the rest of the world. Those to hobby’s are so much fun, I met great people because of it and I want to encourage new  people who are doubting about those hobby’s to start with it! And I love to read other blogs, I think it’s really interesting to read about other people’s interests.

·         What can I expect to see on your blog in the future?

I’m sure that I will be uploading this blog every once in a week (or more) this upcoming year. I’m going to show you my recent buyings, outfit post every once in a while, a new Lolita wishlist for this year, a wardrobe post, meet-up photos, posts about my Ball Jointed Dolls, Handmade items and post about Lolita in general.


·         How long do you wear Lolita?
In November for 4 years.
·         What’s your favourite style?
That’s a difficult question, I love sweet Lolita and gothic Lolita both. At the moment I would say gothic Lolita because I haven’t wore sweet Lolita for months, in summer I would say sweet Lolita. 

·         Why Sweet Lolita?

I love to dress up like a princess, in lovely clothes with cute prints or nice lace and with cute accessory. It makes me feel happy!

·         Why Gothic Lolita?

I love gothic fashion but it’s too dark for me, I wanted to wear something that’s dark and cute at the same time. The gothic Lolita style gives me that chance. Gothic Lolita gives me that elegant antique doll feeling, I can be that antique doll while I wear gothic Lolita.

·         How did you pick a style?

Like you can see in the question here above, I haven’t picked one style. At the moment I wear gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. When I started with Lolita I already decided that I wanted to wear Sweet Lolita and I started to save up for my first sweet Lolita dress. I was young back then so I hadn’t that much money to spent, just enough for a metamorphose jsk which I truly loved back then. I haven’t thought much about it, I just wanted to wear it because I thought it was an amazing style. After a while I decided that I wanted to fur fill one of my dreams, buying a Moi-même-Moitié  dress, I loved Mana’s brand Moitié  so much. (I still do ^__^) In the end, it I haven’t bought a dress then, I bought a skirt, I couldn’t spend more than that, because I also needed a gothic blouse.  You know that Moitié  is really expensive, so I never thought I would ever own a skirt and a blouse of that brand. So, I wasn’t really aware that I wanted to wear gothic Lolita, I was my dream to own a Moitié  item. Now I know why I wanted to wear gothic Lolita, because it’s so elegant, I think this style suits me more than sweet Lolita and I can wear it for more years than sweet Lolita.

·         What inspires you to wear Lolita fashion?

Every week I go searching on (Japanese) street fashion websites for new inspiration,  Daily Lolita, my Lolita friends inspire me a lot and also my favourite Lolita models: Mana-Sama, RinRin and Misako. Flowers and nature are a great inspiration for me and cute things such as toys ,food ,dolls and more. Other styles: Gyaru, Mori, Gothic and ‘normal’ fashion are important for my style. And Visual Kei bands influence my own style too. Especially Hizaki (Versailles), Kaya, Asagi (D), Kamijo (Versailles) and Mashiro (paradeis, ex himeyuri).


·         Are you a lifestyle Lolita?

 No, I’m not I lifestyle Lolita that’s not possible for me due my jobs and school.  It does make it more special when I wear it, I feel very happy when I can wear it. I don’t think if it was possible for me to wear Lolita all the time that I would wear it every day.  Wearing Lolita every day is very tiresome: you need to stay tuned not breaking anything with you petticoat, not every piece of Lolita clothing is very comfortable to wear all day long and people can’t stop staring at me. Lolita is more than fashion for me but not a lifestyle, I think I consider it as a hobby.

·         So, you consider Lolita fashion as a hobby, why?

 It’s not only about frilly dresses and looking pretty. I think Lolita is also about visiting meetings and having fun with the other Lolitas (shopping, do a high tea, going to the beach, visiting museums,  visiting fairs & more). One of my favourite pursuits is creating a coord that’s nearly perfect, it fun to do. I also love to create and make my own clothes and baking cute cakes and such.

·         What’s your dream dress?

Cherry Berry Bunny (Angelic Pretty),Cathedral (Moi-Meme-Moitie) and I would love to own a dress from Rosa Nitida and a dress from 4 o’clock (by Linda Friesen).

Cherry Berry Bunny

·         How can you afford all those expensive clothes?
First of all, I have to admit that I’m a little bit spoiled, I think that has to do that I have no brothers or sisters.  When I don’t need something I will sell it immediately and I work and I have more than one job... I don’t mind it at all, I like my work.

·         How long do you want to wear Lolita fashion?
I’m not planning to stop wearing Lolita anymore. I think I will wear it for now until I’m somewhere in my twenties of sure but I think when I’m 25 years old I’m going to wear it toned down or I will stop wearing it. Maybe I stop wearing it a lot earlier, I don’t know what the future is going to bring! As long as I love Lolita fashion and I feel happy when I wear it, I won’t stop. But I know there will be a day that other things become more important or that I will be too old to wear it. For now, I’m very happy I started to wear Lolita when I was young, I can wear a few more years then other Lolitas.

·         Do you want to say something to people who are new to Lolita fashion and who want to wear it?
Ask to yourself if you really want to wear it and if the answer is yes, please begin wearing it. Don’t let others makes this decision for you, if you want this it’s okay. Don’t let other people scare you about the thing that Lolitas are mean  people, that not true but do not forget that Lolitas are people too! Then it’s up to you: do good research, search for inspiration, ask for help when you need it  and think well before you buy something. I did that wrong, I regret this a little bit. First you need to buy the basic of the style you want to wear, then buying other items, dress, accessory ect. Otherwise you are going to have many half outfits hanging there in your closet, which you cannot wear. Oh, and go searching a Lolita community in your neighbourhood, it’s fun to meet-up with other Lolitas and you learn more about the style than.
Ball Jointed Dolls
·         How many dolls do you have?
I have six dolls at the moment, I’m sure this is not going to be the end of my ball jointed doll family.

·         What are the names and the molds of your BJD?
(from new to older) Mimi – Fairyland Pukifee Bonnie, Noah- Crobidoll Haz, Maya- Souldoll lev the fool, Kamijo- Fairyland Minifee Karsh, Nono- Fairyland Littlefee Flora and Miki- Boy and Girl Hera.

·         Tell me about your dolls?
Mimi is a little fairy, Nono is my little pandagirl, Kamijo is a elf assassin who loves to wear Chinese and Japanese traditional clothes, Maya is a forest elf, Noah is a visual kei artist (he is not finished yet) and Miki is a ghost.

·         Don’t you think dolls are for young children?

No, I don’t think so! Dolls are for every age, children play with dolls, but I don’t play with them. Ball Jointed Dolls aren’t made to play with like children do, those dolls for more valuable and fragile than normal dolls. I make clothes for my dolls, I take pictures, write little stories about them, take them to meet-ups and I look at them while they are sitting next to my bed.

·         Why do you like BJD?
I always loved dolls, I never stopped collecting dolls. When I was younger I collected Polly Pocked and Winx Club dolls. When I was a little bit older I bought a Blythe and a Pullip. I never stopped liking dolls, I like them so much because they can look like I want and they can be the person I want them to be. Ball Jointed Dolls are dolls but they can look like real persons, that’s makes them so interesting I think. They will be dolls, only with a little bit more reality than others.

·         What’s your favourite music?

I haven’t got a favourite music genre, I love to listen to visual kei bands/music (and watch their pv’s) I like Malice Mizer, Versailles, The Gazette, Kaya, D, Moi Dix Mois, Sug (their older music), Dir en Grey and Paradeis the most. These bands aren’t my favourites, my favourite band is from the west : Keane. I also like: Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Within Temptation,Queen,David Guetta, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, The Red hot chilli Peppers, Snow Patrol, Nightwish and many more..

·         Do you have other hobby’s which aren’t BJD or Lolita related?

Yes, I like spending time with my friends: going to movies, shopping,  talking just ‘normal’ things. I love to listen to music, I can’t live without nice music. I love to read books, especially Dutch literature, fantasy, history books and I also love to watch anime or read manga. I like photography only I’m very bad, I need to learn a lot more about that. My favourite hobby beside Lolita and BJD is travelling, I love to see new places, to meet new people and learn about other cultures!

·         What would you been doing now if you didn’t know about Lolita & BJD?

I think I would visit every interesting music festival  or concert here in Holland, travelling around the world, learning other languages and rescue little sea turtles somewhere far, far away in another country. This sounds great, I think I’m going to sell all my dolls and clothes now... Hahaha no, I’m just kidding, I can do this anytime I want, I just need to save up for it. Only it’s really difficult when your dolls need new clothes or your dolls want a new doll or I want a new dress and the new dress wants a new blouse and the blouse wants new socks, blablablabla! I think you know what I mean by now, I enjoy life and I’m sure I’m going to do these things in the future! ~~

·         What’s your favourite animal?

 I love cats, cats are so cute. I have one cat, he’s red/orange and he is very lazy, I love him so much! <3  I think that being nice to animals is a great thing, it’s so important I think. If you can’t be nice to animals, I don’t think you can be nice to humans either. I don’t understand why people could hate animals...

·         What would you like to say to your followers and readers? 
 First of all, thank you for following my blog! It means so much to me that you like my blog, I don’t think my life is interesting at all but my 36 followers think it is... I never thought my blog would have more than 8000 page views and I would have 36 followers, I can’t believe that. I want to excuse myself for my English, it’s not my first language and I know I make mistakes, I’m sorry for that. I’m still learning! If there is something you think I need to know, or you have any questions for me feel free to ask. I won’t bite, I’m here to help you and I want my blog to be interesting for my readers.

Thank you so much for reading all this, it was a huge post, please don’t hate me now because I let you read all this. At least I hope you got to know me a little bit better!  Do you have any question, concerns, or something else feel free to send me a e-mail:
Don’t be scared, I will do my best to answer your question, it can be about me, about Lolita fashion, my dolls, something else. ^^

donderdag 23 februari 2012

New stuff ^^

Hello everyone ^____^

First a picture from Nono and me, it's the only one I have with Nono! Please ignore my face, hahaha!

Welcome new followers! And also a special welcome for my other followers, thanks for showing interest in my blog!
I want to show my recent buyings and some gifts, I hope you will like it as much as I do. ^^

This my new Angelic Pretty blouse, I'm very happy with it!
It has  heart buttons on it, so cute!

And I got this Metamorphose brooch as present, I'm happy with it!
I'm going to use it for my hime coord. ^^

Ribbon Hair pins are a gift from my pen pal. ^^
The other one is also hair accessoiry, I won this because of a give away. Isn't it cute?
 I haven't won the give away but the second and third place also got a cute present. I can't wait to wear it!

I also got this amazing gift from my granny, she knew I totally love this. A few weeks ago she said: you can have it because I know you are going to use it because you like it so much. It's so sweet of her! ^^
My grandma is the best! :D

Next post will be about some handmade things I made recently, so stay tuned if you want to see that.

Thanks for watching <3

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Princess Diaries

I would like to talk about Hime Lolita, one of the beautiful substyles of lolita that needs a little bit more love, I think. Many people think Hime Lolita is always sweet and cute, I don't think that's right.
Yes, it can be worn with a sweet lolita influence, but it can be worn with classic and even gothic.
It doesn't have to be sweet all the time!
Hime Lolita is about looking elegant, even more than the other lolita (sub)styles, it's has a classy look.
It has more accessories than sweet lolita, gothic lolita or classic lolita but not too much, then it would be Deco or OTT Lolita. Flowers, tiara's, gloves and fancy jewerly are very populair among Hime Lolitas, as long as it looks classy with a little touch of cuteness.
Hime Lolita is more influenced by fashion from the rococo era than all the other lolita styles. In the Hime Lolita style borrow the lolitas the fashion from then, with some changes from now, which makes it more comfortable to wear. 
      Hime Lolita isn't always super sweet:

 It's not the most easy style to wear, if you wear too much accessoiries you won't be wearing Hime Lolita, you will be a OTT Lolita.
And many people compare Hime Lolita with Hime Gyaru, only that's a different style. There are many similarities but it always will be a different style, please remember that! It's not a shame to use Hime Gyaru as an inspirition, I think that great, only remember that  if you want to wear Hime Lolita you need to think about the basic of your outfit. (dress,blouse,PETTICOAT, socks/stockings,ect.)

Let me show you the difference between Hime Lolita and Hime Gyaru:

This is Hime Lolita:

This is Hime Gyaru:

Can you see the differences? I can see it!
  • Other Make-up.
  • The Hime Gyaru girl wear a shorter skirt and no petticoat.
  • Hime Gyaru shows more 'skin'.
  • The hair: Hime Gyaru hair is often bigger than Hime Lolita hair, but it can be a great inspiration!
What's important for a Hime Lolita outfit?
Let me explane:

1. The tiara, crown,hat,bonnet or flowers make the outfit more princess like.
2. The Hair, most of the time it's in the famous hime cut, bigger than
normal. Most or the time Hime hair is curly, it can be without curls then it needs to be long.
3. The shoes, those are very important.
4. Jewelry, this makes the outfit more elegant. Pearls,
flowers and ribbons are very popular.
5. The blouse, if you wear a jsk, please wear a blouse
with it or wirstcuffs. I prefer the blouse, only if you make
a good coord it's possible without it...
If you wear lolita without a blouse you cannot call it Hime Lolita immidiately.
6. The petticoat, that's a must for every lolita outfit!

Inspiration pictures for Hime Lolita hair:
(feel free to ask for bigger pictures)

Outfit inspiration:

I would love to see some more lovely Hime Lolitas and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to wear the style very soon. 
I would be so happy if this style became more popular. ^____^
I already have some ideas on my mind, so stay tuned!
I hope that I can afford the new dress I want, first I need to save up, of course...

I got two questions for all of you:

How do you think about Hime Lolita?

Can you tell me where I can find some more
Hime Lolita pictures which are more gothic
or classic inspired?