vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Efteling meet + new headdress + SD pictures

Hello everyone! ^^

On wednesday I went to the Efteling a Dutch theme parc in Kaatsheuvel.
It's a theme parc with lots of fairy tales and fun attractions.
And of course roller coasters, I love them! ^^
I nearly forgot to say that it was a lolita meet xD

I've had such a great day! It was nice to see everyone. ^^
It was also very nice to go the Efteling because it's been seven year the last time
I was there.
My parents divorced, it wasn't fun to go with my mom alone because she is
afraid of hights and my friends go with their family and they all have brothers and
sisters so I couldn't go with them... That's why I couldn't go to the Efteling for so long.

We were with a small group at first but later we were with 18 people. ^^
Unfortunately there is no group picture!
Because at the end of the day everyone was very tired and some people left earier....
So we kind of forgot it...


                      In the girl in the middle : )
                    Blouse: Baby the stars shine bright
                    Skirt: Metamorphose
                   Cardigan: Hema
                  Socks: Offbrand
                 Shoes: bodyline
                   Headbow: handmade

         steampunk dragon!

        Tina with her huge high heels

I hope there I can show you more pictures, my camera was doing wierd that day, my pictures have failed >.<
If I find more pictures I will show you them. ^^
Yay! My headdress was delivered at home today!
I wrote a little letter to the mailman * I wasn't at home, I was at my work* if he would be so kind to
bring the package to my neighbor but he put it in my mailbox. agggh stupid mailman!
The whole package was broken T_T Luckily the content was still intact. ^^

I'm so happy with it! Iira really makes beautiful lolita things! ^^
It's even more beautiful than I imagend!
And she gave me a little gift, the small brooche that's also in the picture,
that's so kind of her. ^^
I hope I can commission something very soon again!

So... One package at home, still two somewhere in the middle of nowhere xD

And here are more pictures from Summer Darkness:
lolita legs, lets play a game which legs are mine? xD
Lolitas always stands in circles
      Hiding for the photographers, why
     doesn't it work?!
         Yay! me again ^^

Thank you for reading/watching all this. ^^
I hope you will like it!


!!!!Very important: pictures by Hime-chan (Elise) & Veroowrocks (Veronique)!!!!
The picture of the headdress is mine, that's the only one.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Your headdress looks beautifull!
    You must show a picture of you wearing it, with a suitable outfit ♥

  2. Thank you!
    I'm going to do that, I have a outfit in my mind. ^^

  3. Ziet er leuk uit, die foto's van de Efteling meet en Summer Darkness!
    En je headdress is echt prachtig, zoals ik op het forum ook al zei. :p

  4. @Jet: hahaha That's true
    @Velvetbat: Heel erg bedankt! ^_^