woensdag 24 augustus 2011

New Moi-même-Moitié print?!

I saw this on the egl community:

Oh Mana with red hair, very pretty! :D
Still I'm not sure about this new print, I definitely want to see more of it...
* I can't say I want it, I bought a dress recently! Mana why are you doing this to me?!*
I think it's a beautiful print, only my bank account doesn't think the same hahaha >.<

It's very refreashing for MMM, so much colours in one dress? That's rare!
I can't wait to see more pictures!

What do you think of this new release?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. From those pictures, I don't really like it. The print is too big and looks kinda off to me. But then again, Moitie is very bad in making good pictures and I find a lot of their dresses ugly looking at stock photo's and such and then when I see owner pictures I start to like the dress. :p

  2. That's true, moitie stock photos aren't always that beautiful. It's always difficult to say if something from there is beautiful enough to buy or not. For the price, it would be better when you could see better pictures of the clothes..
    I don't mind spending a lot of money, when I know the clothes are pretty. ^^

    Still I think this dress is very interesting, it's about the colours. I love more colors in moitie clothes. ^^ Maybe I'm wrong, but I haven't even been dissappointed in one of the motie prints xD

    It would be nice if mana uses were 'real' models for his brand and not only stock photos, because now you have know idea how the clothing is going to look like..

  3. Hmm...meer kleur is wel leuk, maar de print is best groot...ik had het liever anders gezien

  4. Ja, meer kleur is inderdaad leuk..
    Alleen de print is wel erg groot, iets kleiner was misschien wel wat mooier geweest!

  5. Van wat ik zo zie vind ik het niet zo mooi.
    En waarom zo snel weer een nieuwe jurk?
    Moet nog steeds bijkomen van het geld dat ik heb uitgegeven aan Silent Moon xD

  6. ja, inderdaad het is wel heel snel weer een nieuwe jurk...
    In een half jaar zijn er al drie nieuwe prints met deze erbij, dat is echt veel!
    Ik moet inderdaad ook bijkomen van het geld dat ik uitgegeven heb xD