zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Don't laugh at me, don't look away...

As I told in the previous post I was on holiday near to the beach and the sea.
When I am near to the sea I feel always happy, it's something so wonderful the sea...
It makes you think about certain things: about small things and also things like what do I want
to do with my life.

I mean in about a month I'm going to be a student, you have to know a little bit about what you
want to do..
I don't think I know that!
I know what I going to study but nothing more...

What I want to say with this: I feel a little bit insecure.
It even got worse when I went to some cities to shop for clothes...
I have to say: I am a little bit different than other people even when I don't wear lolita.
At least other people think I'm different or something I don't know what it is and why
they think that..
Most of the time I'm used to that, I mean it has always been like that.
But it's so annoying when you are already insecure and people are going to laugh
at you or say mean things, that's not something you want to hear -_-''
Maybe it's because I'm aware of everything what's happening around me, it's very
tiresome you know...
When I think about this now I think those people are a little bit pathetic only when you
are insecure about youself you don't think that...

Back in the hotel I saw this program on MTV I believe it was called 'made' or something like that..
I don't like MTV but the program kind of interest me ;P
It was about a girl who was very insecure about herself and she only got one friend but her friend
was going to move to somewhere far away.
She wanted to make new friends and because of that she wanted to be a pegeant queen (I didn't know that
word before :P)
It was nice to watch, when the girl had more confidence in herself you saw her become more beautiful, this inspired me to make this post...

I going to talk about lolita, confidence and the other people..
Every lolita gets to do with that even if you don't want to xD

I'm going to give you some advise, you don't have to take this serieus, but I hope it
helps a bit ^_~

1. Only wear things YOU like
When you are a lolita it's important to create a own style, you can ask advise from other people
or wear the same things as the stock oufit but after a while that's not fun anymore..
Clothes say something about who you are and how you are feeling, it's something very personal!
Other people can't pick clothes you like!
If you feel happy with the clothes you are wearing other people will see that, it's the same when you
don't like the clothes you are wearing.
And last but not least when you found your own style you have made from lolita fashion something personal, it's definitely something to be proud of!

2. Be Happy and Polite
Being polite is something very important:

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. ( I found this on Iira's blog

Even when people are not nice to you, it's better to be nice to them.
Please don't lower yourself at their level.
Most of the time when you are nice and polite to people they will act nice and polite
to you no matter how you look like!

Being happy is also very important, if you act happy other people see that.
And being happy is also a sign that you have confidence in yourself!

3. Cherish the positive reactions and comments
It always very nice to get positive reactions, no matter if it's though the internet
or in real life.
Those positive reaction are something to cherish, they will make you forget the negative reactions
and give you strenght to try new things!

4. Travelling
Most of the lolitas have to travel a long time for they can attend a meetup.
I don't mind travelling only a feel a bit incesure when I have to travel alone.
You can always ask someone else to go with you, aks can your fellow lolitas who live
near to you ^_~
It's more fun to travel with more people, you aren't distracted because what  other
people say and the time will past faster. ^^

It's always possible to meet each other on the trainstation.

5. When people are rude to you
There always will be people who don't understand it why you want to dress up like a doll or like a little
child. ( in their eyes)
That's okay! Not everyone can like lolita fashion.
But when they are rude or say mean things to you, it's the best to stay polite or to ignore them.
Don't get angry, they want you to get angry don't let them win...
You can always sit somewhere else when you travel by train or when you are somewhere you can
always go somewhere else.

6. Everyone is beautiful
It's such a same  when you wear other clothes or when you are different than other people,
some people say that you are not beautiful!
That's ridiculious! Everyone can be beautiful on their one way.
And yeah there a people who are more beautiful than other people but nobody is perfect.
You can be so beautiful, only when you are not a nice person you won't be better than other
I think this being beautiful thingy has something to do with the media, if they say it's not good
most of the people will believe that, it makes me sad!

7. Have confidence in yourself
This one is very important, maybe it's the most important one of all these tips.
It's all about you, you have to 'live' with yourself and there are two ways to do that:
- Being positive about yourself
- Being negative about yourself
If you are positive and happy with who you are, your live will be a lot easier( most of the times)

8. You are not the only one
There are always people with the same issues or problems.
You are never the only one!

Thanks for reading all this, I hope you liked the post....
I feel a lot better now. ^^
And for the ones who will visit Summer Darkness Tomorrow: See you tomorrow! :D

vrijdag 29 juli 2011

I'm back again!

I was on holiday the past few days, I went to Zandvoort aan Zee with my mom
It was a lovely little holiday, unfortunately the weather wasn't nice..
But there was enough to do, I went to Utrecht, Amsterdam and Haarlem and
when it wasn't raining I went to the beach. ^^

Some pictures:

The view from the hotelroom:

I made a new friend, but I think he liked my food more xD
The beautiful sun:


Thanks for reading this!

zondag 24 juli 2011

Inspiration post part I

I think it's time for a inspiration post~~~

This is the first part of my inspiration post, I hope you like the pictures!
I love lots of different styles, as you can see in the pictures..
I love old school lolita but I also think ott/deco lolita is so adorable!
It's kind of wierd you know, because I said before I liked more natural
and simple lolita styles :P

See you next time, I will show you more inspiration pictures!

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Is it any wonder?

~~ Sometimes.....
        It's hard to know where I stand
        It's hard to know where I am
        Well maybe it's a puzzle I don't understand ~~

Keane- Is it any wonder?

A photoshoot with Nono.
If you look very well, you can see her new wings <3

With this shoot I wanted to tell people about 'wonders' or 'miracles'.
They are everywhere...

I mean if you look around and notice little things..
A wonder doesn't have to be big, very expensive or reachless!
Things like (little) animals, nice weather or being with friends and the ones you love,
those things are wonders too. ^__^

For me, Nono is also a sort of wonder...
She makes me happy and she's my favorite doll <3
Still I don't understand why?!
I never wanted to have a littlefee flora, secretly I didn't like
that doll, but I saw Nono and I fell in love...
So it's a little wonder she lives here at home with my other dolls.
I never ever regretted it, to buy her!

If you own dolls:  Do you have a favorite doll?

New stuff!

Hello everyone!

My little vacation was very nice and I've made so much fun.
The vierdaagse is always such a fun event.
Some day I will participate it, but for now the vierdaagse festivals are enough :P

I'm sorry but I don't have pictures, I forgot my camera   >.<
Maybe I show some pictures very soon

First of all I'm very sad because of what happend in Norway...
I can't discribe it how I feel...
I have no words for it!
It's so awful and tragic....

About today...
I went to Nijmegen with my mom to go to Think Pink!
I said before I wanted to buy clothes from Tata's paradise only they were
on a sort of vacation?
I changed my decision and that's why I went to Think Pink for Noahs new
clothes and other stuff!

This is what I bought:

A hat, shoes, eyelashes and a neckless

Other shoes  ^_^

Noah with his new eyes, he is wearing a shirt....
You can't see it though
It's a crappy photo xD

Oooh wings! <3
More wings in the next post!

Socks and stockings, I want to wear sweet lolita again!


Fritzke <3 <3 <3
I missed him a lot! He is sort of my best friend it's a little bit difficult to leave
him but my mom takes good care of him!
He is so cute  ^_^

Thanks for visiting my blog & see you next time!

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

You'll follow me back with the sun in your eyes...

Hello everyone!

My blog has over 1000 pageviews, and I have a new follower!
Thanks for showing interest in my blog.
I'm happy about that, I never thought my blog/my life is that interesting. ^______^  <- really happy face

In a few hours I will go to my friend and after that we are going to visit the
vierdaagsefeesten in Cuijk.
I'm looking forward to the Vierdaagse!
I take my camera with me so I will post some when I'm home again.

The past weeks I'm listening to some bands I nearly forgot, they meant a lot but I
forgot about them...
Many of you know I listen to bands like Versailles, The GazettE, Malice Mizer ect.
Lots of Japanese music you know..
A month ago I found a old CD from the band Keane..
I became to love Keane again...

I love their music, it's sad and mysterious but always with a little bit hope.

some songs of them:

Bedshaped-Keane the video is a little bit wierd, the doll is a bit creepy :P
The song is beautiful, please listen to it!

                                                                                     Keane- Crystal Ball

                    Keane- somewhere only we know

See you next time!

zondag 17 juli 2011

Every tear is a waterfall...

I was listening to that song xD
I promised you to show you some pictures of the things I bought in Amsterdam.
I bought a skirt and stockings.
It was very clever of me to spent less money because I will visited Amsterdam again
soon :P
I'm so happy with my new skirt, it's beautiful I always wanted to have a skirt like that. ^^
Today I made some special cupcakes, cupcakes with cheese and cucumber!
That's kind of special, most of the cupcakes are sweet...
I wanted to try something else. ^^
From now on I want to make cupcakes every week, I think I'm going to post them
on my blog.
Next week, I'm going to try making very sweet and cute cupcakes. ^_^

Oh and here is a pictures of my Versailles Rose outfit:

I have to stop saying it's my dress >.<
Because it isn't, I want to have it so badly!
I borrowed this dress from a dear friend, it's so nice of her that I can wear it!
And if I steal it, she know where I live and I don't think my
Divine Cross would be safe xD
*I'm sorry I have a bad sense of humor*

zaterdag 16 juli 2011


Yesterday I went to the Vintage shopping meet from Josine.
This meet was for her birthday so I hope you have had a great time! ^_~
At least I have had a very nice day, it was fun to see the girls again and
to see some shops where I've never been to.
We went to lots of vintage shops, I think I can say now that I can't go to a vintages
shops for a long time.
It's really bad for my bank account :P
But I think it's not going to work because I go to Amsterdam again in two weeks.
When we were finished with the shopping, we went to a chinese restaurant.
The food was delicious only it was far too much!
I was a little bit embarrased because I always eat just a little...

Group photo:
This was how I looked like:
Wow the dress I really short for me...
Jsk: Alice and the Pirates
Socks: for a market
Blouse: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: Antaina
Other: offbrand

So.... this is the outfit I was talking about, the JSK I'm wearing is one of my dreamitems!
It so pretty! Sadly it isn't mine :(
After wearing this dress for a day I don't think I'm going to buy this dress, it doesn't fit very
well *  My breasts are too big for it O_o*
To avoid more drama I'm not going to wear it again >.<

When I went home, I saw something so amazing and beautiful..
I was looking outside of the trainwindow and I saw the 'skyline' of Nijmegen..
You know, the water, the city and the church ( de Stevenskerk)
Above that I saw the moon with some clouds, it was so pretty..
It made me think of Moitiés Silent Moon, maybe it was a sign from above xD
Now I have to buy it.....

I will show you the things I've bought in Amsterdam very soon. ^^

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Dollspam xD

Photo by Brenna-Ivy

Noah with a flower, you can't see his eyes
very well T_T

Things on my mind

Hello everyone! ^_^

First of all I want to thank you all for following my blog, I really appreciate it!

This friday I go to Amsterdam and I go (vitage) shopping with some lolita friends ^_^
It's because Josine's birthday, congratulations! (a little bit early..)
I'm looking forward to it!
I'm curious which shops we are going to visit, I'm sure we are going to vistit de negen straatjes (the nine streets) and the episode and I think I forgot some shops and places :P

I'm going to wear lolita of course, only my outfit will be special this time, it's a outfit I have
never worn before and I will be wearing one of my dreamitems.
I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to wear, you can see it on friday and I'm going to post it on my blog after the meet!

Next week I will be away more than half of the week because of the Vierdaagse in Nijmegen.
It a sort of walking competition, you don't have to walk fast, it's a sort of test for yourself or something like that.
The participants have to walk 40 km each day.( I believe kids 30 km, I'm not sure)
I don't participate but I will join the Vierdaagse festivals so I won't be home next week :P
I will show you some pictures when I home again!

I will visit my aunt very soon, my granny said there where more kittens.
So Mimi and Truusje have new friends.
I'm so happy! I love kittens because they are so cute. ^^

Very soon I will go to Zandvoort on holiday.
Our previous holiday was cancelled so we had to find something new.
I love Zandvoort! It's close to the beach, it has a cute shopping centre, nice restaurants and it's in the neighborhoud of Amsterdam,Haarlem and Den Haag.

After that I will go to Summer Darkness, only on sunday because my train tickets with discount are already used :P
The train is so expensive these days, I know I have to stop complaining about it!
It's my first time at Summer Darkness, I'm excited how it's going to be there. ^^
I'm sure I'm going to watch the Lolita fashion show!

This is what I'm going to do next two and a half week. I'm going to do some more things but that's personal ^_~  I have a life outside my blog xD  But I'm also a little bit addicted to blogging.....

This wasn't everything, there is more......

I'm going to order new clothes for Noah very soon. Noah is my Crobidoll Haz.
I pretty sure he is going to like his new clothes, otherwise he must to like them because I tell him xD
I'm going to order clothes from Tata's paradise. ^^

And I want to order from Moi-même-Moitié, I want to have the Silent Moon.
I love that dress, it's so pretty and the print is absolutely beautiful! <3
But I'm not completely sure what I'm going to do.
When I wait there will be a change that the Silent Moon print is sold out, if I buy it now I have to spend more money for the shopping service, shipping cost and last but not least custom taxes >.<
One thing I know is that I will be a huge amount of money what I'm going to spend...
I don't want that something goes wrong...

Thanks for reading all this!
See next time! ^^

maandag 11 juli 2011

Lolita summer meet-up.

Yesterday I went to the annual lolita meet-up with my friend Ellis. ^^
It was my first time attending this meet-up,every year I wanted to go but there was something 
else I had to do T_T
Anyway, this year I could go. ^^
It was so much fun, I talked to so many lolitas and everyone looked amazing! (L)
I believe there where 44 lolitas!

This time I wore
 Moitiés Divine Cross and I improved the old outfit.. And I'm still in love with the blouse I was wearing, secretly it's not Moitié blouse but from the H&M :PEnough talking about me, let's show you some pictures :D 
              You can't see everyone in the group photo

                                                                                       A picture of me with velvetbat and Iira                                                                          They both look so amazing! I love their styles!
Note: These pictures are not mine,credits to Rooz, Denise & Martin
I haven't taken pictures myself because I forgot my camera(again!) So... I hope the other lolitas have taken some pictures and the rest who already have taken pictures: Thank you very much!I can look back now on a very nice and fun day :D

Thanks everyone for the nice day ^_^
And see you next time ^_~

donderdag 7 juli 2011


Most of the lolitas look like pretty dolls, it's not surprising that many lolitas like dolls.
So... Does it mean that a lolita need a doll to be a lolita?
No! Most of the lolitas like dolls but some don't like them.
It's something personal and it's not a part of lolita fashion.
Collecting dolls is a different 'hobby' than lolita fashion but it's a little bit connected to lolita fashion because some lolita brands worked together with doll compagnies to make dolls.
For exemple:


Luna, Charlotte,Bianca and Kurumi



I think they look very cute, I love lolita dolls!
I like Ball Jointed Dolls the most, I own 5 of them and I love them all  ^_^
Only two of them wear sometimes lolita fashion, not all the time, I also like them other clothes.

Lolita dolls aren't cheap:
blythes cost 100~200 euro each. 
If you are lucky they cost a little bit less but for a limited you will pay much more money
Pullips cost around 100 euro, limiteds are exceptions.
Ball jointed dolls are very expensive they cost +200 euro and some of the volks dolls are worth about 1500 euro, that's so

 I don't think I would ever pay so much money for a doll...
That's not all, real lolita dolls are pretty rare except for pullips.
Those blythe dolls were limited editions they were only sold in Japan, I believe.
And when you want to buy a volks doll you have to join a lotery, you are never sure if you can buy the doll that you want unless you buy it second-hand.

There are other ways to own a 'lolita' doll.
A doll can wear lolita clothes, some doll compagnies

sell lolita clothes, some people make lolita clothes or you can
make lolita clothes yourself. For example Bunny:
!Bunny from velvetbat she is a soom Mylo and she wears lolita
fashion which is handmade by velvetbat. She is such a cute doll! (@velvetbat, I hope you don't mind that I used this photo ^_~)!

Some lolitas wear the same clothes as their dolls, I would love to do that!
I think it's very cute if you wear matching outfits with your doll.

Last year I went to a doll& lolita meeting, It was so much fun!
Everyones dolls look very cute and beautful.
It was nice to talk with other lolitas who also own dolls.
I hope there will be a doll & lolita meeting very soon,
hopefully someone else is also interested?

And what do you think about (lolita) dolls? Do you like them?
Or don't you like them, if that's so: why?