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How to be a lolita?!

Before the 'real' post I wanted to show you a picture of one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen :D Clockworkangel has so much talent! It's amazing how she made this doll dress and I love
the doll's face-up. <3
Like I said before, starting with something new is always a little bit scary. I was scared at first, I thought the Lolitas from the Dutch forum wouldn’t like me, I was very scared to make mistakes because I wanted to wear Lolita so badly. In the end, all the people were very nice, friendly and understanding.

With this I want to tell that it is going to be okay, don’t be scared to wear Lolita, just start wearing it! That sounds easy but what else can I tell you?! If you don’t like it after all, you can always stop wearing the style... It’s better to try something and finding out it wasn’t something for you than do nothing because you don’t know what it’s like.
The style has some rules, some people are very strict followers of those rules but I think they are more like guidelines. It’s about skirt length, petticoats, that you always have to wear a blouse, things like that. Just wear what you think what’s beautiful and create your own style. I don’t know everything about the rules, I know most of it, ask me, if you want to know more about it, I will answer or I send you a link. ^^ My advice: google the ‘rules’, you can choose for yourself if you want to follow them.  This site will also be useful:

The first thing that’s very important when you start wearing Lolita is choosing a style, there are many Lolita styles: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Kuro Lolita ect.

it’s fun to learn about all the Lolita styles and to choose one that you want to wear yourself.
Choosing a style makes it all a little bit easier, and it will cost less money because you won’t buy things that doesn’t fit in the style. After a while you can changes styles or wear more styles, in the beginning it’s easier to wear one style.
Buying the basics is also very important: a white blouse, a black blouse, white socks, black socks, a petticoat (white/black) and bloomers (white/black). Basics are important, there is always something you can wear to make your outfit complete. I didn’t do this and I still regret it a little, I bought many things at once when I started to wear Lolita. I bought things I definitely don’t needed, after a while I sold those things because there was no need for them.
After that, you can mix and match outfits and find new stuff that’s fits in your pictures for the ‘best’ outfit.  And what if you haven’t any idea how to make a nice and beautiful outfit?  That’s not so bad,  there are always lots of Lolita pictures on google, daily Lolita ect.  You will learn the most from seeing outfits from other people, it’s very inspirational and fun to watch.  In my next post of this theme I'm going to show you my lolita inspirations.

Daily lolita:
Something that’s very scary (for the most of the lolitas) is wearing Lolita in public for the first time. You need confidence to walk in your frills in public. People are going to stare at you, they are going to say things you don’t want to hear, you know...
Please don’t pay any attention to those people, they don’t know what they are talking about, they can’t choose the things you wear or how you look like. You are the only one who can do that!
As long as you think that it’s beautiful, cute or pretty, it’s okay!
There always will be people who like the style, most of the time I get positive reactions, too. ^^
 If you want more advice, please look at the ‘Don’t laugh at me, don’t look away’ post.
Most of the times when you wear Lolita in public you will attend meet-ups to meet other Lolitas. I know you want to wear it as much as possible, after a while you will find out, that it’s not always that fun to wear Lolita all the time. There are not many Lolitas who wear Lolita more than once a week, it’s not like you can wear Lolita the whole week (for the most of us).  You can’t (always) work in Lolita clothes; some schools disapprove the style because it’s so outstanding. It’s very difficult to be a lifestyle lolita, I only met a few lolitas who wear it all the time. I’m not a lifestyle Lolita myself, sometimes people think I am, but it’s not true :P

Reasons why I’m not a life style Lolita:
-  It’s expensive, it’s not possible for me to wear Lolita all the time because I need (a lot) more clothes than I already have. I don’t have that much money.
-  I don’t like it when people look at me all the time.
-  Lolita clothes aren’t always that comfortable.
- Not all the clothes are suitable to wash, there are bleeding prints and most of the Lolita clothes can’t be washed in the machine. Yay, l love hand wash >.<

Even though something in me wants to wear Lolita all the time! More questions about being a lifestyle Lolita? This is the blog from Josine:
She wears Lolita all the time. ^^  

I forgot to tell about meet-ups, it’s so much fun to attend a meet-up. It’s nice to meet new people with the same interests. And I like it so much because I can see my Lolita friends again :D
There are meet-ups very often, maybe somewhere very near where you live.  Join a lolita forum, the egl comm or a group on facebook if you want to attend a meet-up, believe me you will find something near where you live. ^^
Don’t be shy during a meet-up, there are always people who wants to talk with you. You can always talk about the new Lolita releases ,music or your favourite brands. ^_~

egl community (livejournal):
Dutch egl forum:
I have to tell you about this, I don’t like it very much but it’s easier to say it then finding out yourself.
There is a site Lolita secrets and that’s mostly about negative things in the Lolita world and community. There also a site about positive Lolita things, that site is called Lolita valentines. ^^
I have never had a valentine but I think it’s an honor to get one :D
Example of a secret: *this one isn't completely negative*
Example of a valentine:
Any questions? Go ahead, please ask them! I'm here to help you!

I hope everyone likes this post a little bit, I didn’t write about how you can be a Lolita exactly. It’s not something I can tell, you have to find out yourself. ^^ The only thing I can do is giving some advise! It’s not like you have to do something to be a Lolita, I think when you wear the clothes regularly you can call yourself a ’ lolita’. Even though I never call myself a Lolita, I always say: I wear gothic Lolita. ^^

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