dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Summer Darkness 28 July 2012

I was really exiced for the whole week, you know why?
I was going to Summer Darkness this weekend! And I was very lucky, I got a place to stay the whole weekend so I only had to travel to Utrecht once. (Thanks to my friend Ellis and her brother)I live far, far away from Utrecht.. somewhere on the countryside of Holland, normally it takes 1,5 hour to travel to Utrecht only there were proceedings on the railway >.<
This weekend it took more than 2 hours to travel to Utrecht with the train.. ughh it was awful!

I'm complaning too much! Let me tell you a little bit about Summer Darkness:

Summer Darkness is a dark underground interdisciplinary festival, located in the beautiful premises of the gothic city centre of Utrecht. Utrecht is a big university city and its centre is, just like Amsterdam, full of canals and historic premises like The Dom, a large gothic church and tower with a beautiful square. But Utrecht is also home to Rietveld (architect) and Miffy.Apart from the location, Summer Darkness outshines in a mixture of music, fashion, arts, market, and dark underground dancenights. Summer Darkness brings together a varied array of bands and genres today's underground has to offer. New-wave, ambient, electro, pagan, balfolk, neo-folk, EBM, darkwave, synthpop, futurepop, neo-classical, industrial, noise and now also witchhouse: take your pick, it’s all there.

Sounds interesting, don't you think?! Last year I went only on Sunday, I really liked it so I decided to go the whole weekend. It was so nice to see my friends again and to meet new people. I'm going to talk about Saturday now, only I want to tell everything.. that's not possible of course!

It all started at home, packing stuff and dressing up. The first day I wore pirate lolita, when I traveled to Utrecht I wore a toned down outfit:

   Blouse: H&M   Shirt: H&M
       Bat Belt: Handmade
        Skirt: Moi-Meme-Moitie
Socks: Moi-Meme-Moitie
Shoes: New Yorker

I met Ellis at the station, we took the train and after two hours we arrived at Utrecht central station. It was taking ages to arrive in Utrecht and to make it worse one of the trains was leaking. It rained alot these days. Unfortunately... the leak was right above my chair... many, many water fell on my socks and one my skirt O_O It wasn't busy so it was possible to sit on another chair, lucky me! Otherwise I had to sit down on that place for 30 minutes... that could be a disaster for my skirt! In the end nothing bad happend to it...

After the great train and railway adventure we dropped our stuff and went to the local supermarket for some food. ^___^
Then we went to Utrecht central station to meet other lolitas....
After 1,5 hours, some fries, ice cream and talking about frills when left the station xD

First we went to the market on the Dom square, there were many nice shops at the square.
I liked the one with the demon horns and the cyberdog clothes the most~~
I did want to buy demon horns the first day only I couldn't try them on that day because of my enormous hat!

Let's show my pirate lolita outfit:

     Make-up close up:

                                        This morning I wore the same items plus:
Hat: Rosa Nitida
Bracelet: Gift from a friend
shoes: bodyline
Necklace: Midi-Nette

We also went to a Steam Punk fashion show, which was so amazing! <3
Post Nuclear Steam - City of Echoes

Not many pictures, I'm sorry!
The others were blurry >.<

Everyone was very hungry after the show, so we decided to go to a restaurant.
We decided to eat Italian food!

That's it for Saturday~~
Thanks everyone for the great day! ^___^
I will write about Sunday soon!

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

How to built a lolita wardrobe!

Hello everyone! ^___^

I know this is a pretty common subject when you are talking about lolita, only I would also like to say something about it and give some tips. Building a wardrobe sounds so much fun and looks really easy but it isn't always easy and 'fun'. Most of the time it's fun, only there are also moments when you need to buy something that's important for lolita which you don't like. (For example I hate to buy petticoats, only it's so important) And it's sad when something breaks and you need to buy something but you can't buy the item anymore....
Building a wardrobe isn't as easy as it looks like, there are many pretty things but you can't have them all and sometimes the items you really want doesn't match. Pink is always the same and even black isn't always the same. Of course the price is also a big issue! Lolita isn't a cheap hobby!

1. Know your budget and absolutely don't spent more money on lolita than your budget!

Sounds easy only it's nothing like that! There are many many nice lolita items and being just 15 minutes on the lolita sales, tumblr or any brand website can be very tempting...
Before you know it there is already a new package on your way! That's not bad, of course not... only not everyone can spend a large amount of money on lolita clothes.
When you begin with collecting the clothes and other items it's better to say to yourself: ''This is my budget what I can spend on lolita clothes &items each month''
That's simple and clear! This is different for everyone of us.

I don't have a certain month budget because I don't buy lolita clothes every month, I have a year budget. I'm not going to tell how much it is, that's private, what I can tell is that I never buy more than 2 'big' items in a year. (OP, JSK or skirt)
That fits in my budget, I don't get any trouble with this...there is enough money left for the other things that are more important than lolita for example school, travelling,having fun days with friends, or when something very important is broken and needs to be replaced. (phone, mp3, camera, laptop things like that)

2. Buy the basics

What do you really need when you want to wear lolita?

* White Blouse      * White socks/ Black socks (OTK's or knee socks)
* Black Blouse      *  Lolita shoes that match with your (future) closet
* Bloomers           * Lace stockings
* Petticoat

Some Lolitas don't like buying the basics, I think it makes it more easier to wear lolita and when you buy a new outfit there is always something to coordinate it with. Basics are important only it's up to you to buy them. For example if you only wear OP's there is no need to buy two blouses!
I'm wearing lolita for nearly four years now, I just finished buying the items from this list. I can tell you it wasn't easy, there was always something that I couldn't find in my closet.

3. Make a wishlist. ^__^

It's so much fun to make a wishlist! When you make one you are going to think about which items do I like the most and which ones are not pretty enough to be written down on the list.
Try to buy everything on the wishlist and try to avoid impulse buys. Why? Because you can't have everything, a wishlist helps you to make right decisions. Of course, you can change your wishlist once in a while, sometimes after a long time that one item you wanted to have for so long wasn't needed after all.

4. Chose a favorite color/favorite colors and stick to this color(s)

Colors are important, some colors don't match at all. So... choose two basic colors to built up a wardrobe. It doesn't have to be black and white, please pick your favorite colors,those colors doesn't have to match with each other, because they are the basic.
Then you choose more favorite colors you would like to have in your lolita closet. Those colors do have to match with one of the basic colors. In the end nearly every piece of clothing can be used in a coord.

For example my closet:
Basic Colors: Black and Light Pink
Other Colors: Darker Pink, Dusty Pink, Green, Light Blue/Sax, Red, White

Light Pink or Black does match with one of the other colors, for the more simple coords, I use white as basic color.

5. Try to avoid impulse buyings.

Most of the time impulse buyings are more likely to be sold or to be hated after some time. You will loose a lot money on that, it's better to save up for something you really want. I sold everything  I bought without thinking wisely, from that money I could have bought my most wanted dream dress if I was a little bit smarter back then.

6. Don't buy more than you 'need'.

You many times do you wear lolita? Once in a month? Once a week? Every day toned down and full lolita outfits in the weekend or are you a lifestyle lolita?
Most of the lolitas wear their frilly clothes once a week or once in a month, then there is no need to have more than 10 dresses.
Yes, it's nice to have 10 dresses, only you can't wear them all at once!
That would look ridiculous ^_~ I'm pretty sure when you have 10 dresses there are one or two you can live without, it's so much better to love all you clothes and wear them with love.
When you are a lifestyle lolita or you wear lolita more than once in a week you need more clothes, it's still the same don't buy things you don't need.
Another example, you only need one or two poofy petticoats (a black one or a white one) there is no need to buy 5 petticoats. Do you only wear OP's? Don't buy blouses, buy cardigans or save up your money. Things like that! Another step to love every piece inside your lolita closet.

7. Accept that when you start wearing lolita, you are going to spent much money on the clothes.

Lolita fashion is very expensive, even if you don't wear brand. You always need special shoes, socks, petticoat, bloomers, blouse, hair accessory, other accessory and a skirt or dress with the right shape. There is no way that you can buy all this for less than 100 euro, or you have to be very very lucky!

Brand clothing makes this even worse, a brand only outfit will cost you about 500~~1000 euro new, it can be more expensive. (something like this? dress 250 ~~ 300 euro, blouse 150 euro, shoes 150 euro, socks 30 euro, bag 100 euro, hair accessory 50 ~~ 150 euro, other accessory/jewelry 50~~200)
Don't worry I don't say you have to buy all this! I never spent so much money on one outfit!
There is always a chance to buy second-hand or offbrand or make your own clothes.
It's still expensive, buying all brand outfits is extremely expensive but brand x handmade or second-hand isn't cheap either. I'm going to warn you at the beginning, you are going to spent much money, if it's too much money for you stop with it right away. I haven't met a lolita who only has one outfit, if you have one you want another one. Please accept that you are going to spent much money on lolita clothes, buying clothes because they are cheap isn't the right thing to do. You might regret it later, I'm sure you don't want that!

8. Start making your own clothes.

I think everyone can make their own lolita clothes, if I can do it everyone can. It's not easy, many things will go wrong, only when the item is ready to wear you will appreciate it much more. Try to make some small/easy items first: simple skirts, head dresses, head bows, other accessory. There are many tutorials for those items online or buy a Gosu Rori/ Gothic & Lolita bible. Or try to find a good school, I pretty sure there is one in your neighborhood. Finding good quality fabric and lace is difficult and it may be very expensive. I'm sure it isn't as expensive as brand clothing.
Another reason why it's nice to make you own clothes is because the design of the item can be completely your own. There isn't an item that's exactly the same! Isn't that amazing?

Handmade Little Green Monster JSK   

9. Buy the things YOU want to have.

Let never ever tell anyone what you need to buy, buy what you want to have. It's your lolita wardrobe and not somebody else her/his wardrobe. Somebody else can give your tips to make it easier for you, only you are the one who has to decide. You are to one who has to be happy with the clothes and you are the one who needs to wear it. Do you like classic lolita? Then you buy classic lolita, it doesn't matter if everyone else in your community wears sweet or gothic. Wear the clothes you love! Do you really love bodyline clothes? More than other brands? Don't be ashamed, wear those clothes! Wearing lolita should make you happy and happy people are beautiful people! :)

10. Buy second-hand or offbrand.

It's not a shame to buy second-hand, many lolitas buy second-hand clothes. After all, people can't see if it's second-hand or new. There are many website where you can buy (and sell) lolita clothes, such a closet child, fairy angel, alice fufurun, EGL community sales and many more.
Most of the time you save a lot money on buying second-hand lolita stuff, maybe the item is only used once? Maybe it's new and never been worn at all! It's great when you save more than 50~~ 100 euro with that or maybe more. I'm a real discount hunter, I love to buy pretty dresses for less money, I spent the rest of the money on another dress or something for my dolls.

Not many lolitas have the opportunity to go lolita shopping in a 'real' shop. Just a few have the chance to go to Japan, San Francisco or Paris. That's why it's nice to go shopping for offbrand lolita clothes sometimes. Offbrand is cheaper and it's fun because you can buy it in a store and not on the internet.Stores like H&M, Zara, River Island, Taily Weijl & more have lolita inspired or actual lolita items in their shops. Or try to find some nice clothes in your local vintage shop, vintage items make coords more awesome I think.

Conclusion: You save more money on buying offbrand or second-hand, there is no need to have a lolita clothes full of brand. It's nice if you can afford that, only not everyone is that lucky.
Things like stockings, blouses, jewelry can often be found for a reasonable price at 'normal' stores or vintages shops.

Would you like to see more lolita wardrobes? 

In this post you can find a few picture.. isn't that enough?
Here are some nice videos:

My Sweet Lolita Wardrobe by sherbertsugar

Angelic Pretty Wardrobe by Danchelletje

My Lolita Wardrobe by FilleDePorcelaine

Print Close-ups by thalionrin

Gothic Lolita Wardrobe by Satanicwitch (Damiën's other youtube channel)

More can be found on youtube!

My own wardrobe?

I don't have a recent picture of my own wardrobe. I wish could show it to you, I guess you don't want to see it,  my mom is still renovating the upper floors so my clothes are packed in a sort of curtain and when I need something I bring it to my room. (for those who are wondering, no my room isn't finished) Maybe next year when everything is finished, I can show you my room and my lolita wardrobe. If you are curious, please take a look at this post: Lolita Wardrobe 2012
It's not up-to-date again, I sold many things and I bought and made some new items.
It gives you an idea of my wardrobe, I hope you will like it. ^__^

maandag 16 juli 2012

Gyaru Summer meeting

Hello ^____^

One week ago I went to the Gyaru Summer Picknick, for the gyaru's in the Netherlands and also for other Japanese street fashion. I'm really interesed in bohemian gyaru and hime gyaru so I thought maybe it's nice to go and to talk with other gyaru's about the style(s). It was also a great chance to wear my new green monster dress and to see some of my lolita friends!

I went to the meeting with my friend Ellis, which was so much fun because I hadn't talked with her for a while..(yes, the day before but before that it was tooo long ago)
It was a perfect day for a picknick,we were so lucky, the weather was so nice.. a little bit too hot if you ask me, I didn't expect that.. so I started wondering why I put on a blouse with long sleeves... T_T


What did we do?
Eating all the food :D

Delicious Fooooood *_*

Look at all the ducks, there were a lot of those.. sadly no little ones :(
Although those ducks weren't that nice, they wanted to steal our food and such!
One of them ate one of our cookies while we were taking the group picture!

More pictures~~
The sun was shining on our faces :(

         Wearing lolita is so serious, hahha!
       Time for trolling!

Act like it's a roller coaster!

It was so much fun to meet new people, it was a nice meeting for sure! I was a little bit scared at first because it was a gyaru meet and most of the people I had never seen.. I'm always a little bit scared when it's about meeting new people...I always think that they won't like me... so silly I know!
Luckily the people I met were very nice and I learned a lot about gyaru! :) And everyone looked so pretty! Gyaru is such a lovely style! Of course the others looked very beautiful too! <3 I hope I can order my first gyaru outfit soon but I'm not sure if that's possible because there are more important things that I have to buy first.... *I'm also trying to get my dream dress*

Some picture avec moi ^__^

Then it was already time to go home..
I wanted to go home early only in the end it was still very late when I got home.
I didn't mind at all because I had a fun day AND I went to a nice take away wok restaurant:

yummy! :D

See you next time!

*pictures aren't mine*

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Lolita issue: Brand vs Replica

Hello everyone~~

From now on I want to talk about lolita issues once in a while, there is so much to talk about in the big lolita world! I saw on Tumblr a discussion about replicas, someone said that one of the designers of Angelic Pretty said that it breaks her heart to see all these replicas. I'm not sure this is true, because anyone could say this... but it made me think more about this subject.

I was thinking about this recently, I bought a new dress from Angelic Pretty and I was like, if I bought a replica I could have two dresses?!
But do I want to have two dresses, which are fake?
In the end I'm very happy that I bought my Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly, it's worth the money I think!


Brand is always something important for lolitas, many people think that's important to have brand.
That doesn't mean it's necessary to wear brand, wearing offbrand or replicas is not a shame, it's all about how you create your coords.
Still many lolitas consider brand lolita clothes as better or as more valuble because it's brand.
Lolita is from Japan so the Japanese brands are mostly considered selling high quality clothes.
Brand definitely is more expensive then offbrand,handmade or replicas. If you are going to talk about Angelic Pretty, Moi Meme Moitie, Baby the stars shine bright ect. then you are for sure that you are going to pay more than 250 dollar* for a dress maybe if you are lucky you get it a little bit cheaper.
That's a lot of money after all! I own about 5 brand dresses and I have to admit that the quality is very good, I don't mind paying more for that. Only I DO think that you are paying for the brand, just to have that 'Angelic Pretty' label or 'MMM' label in your pretty JSK or OP, there's nothing wrong with that but I'm sure it's happening! They also need to earn their money and making dress is very expensive because it's a lot of work and fabrics aren't so cheap these days.

*I'm not sure about this, I haven't bought anything in a while from Japan.. it guessing for me, people told me the exchange rate is very high at the moment so I'm not sure about the 250 dollar? Maybe it's starts with 300 dollar now?

Sometimes I'm not really fan of the clothes about a brand, I would never like an item because it's from a famous brand I only like the things I love it myself if you understand what I mean! My favourite brands are AP and MMM but I don't like everything, some items I would never ever buy.... just because it's not my taste, it's ugly or it won't fit right. I'm not going to pay too much money for something I don't like!
There are some lolitas that buy everything from their favourite brands and I'm sure most of it looks fantastic but I hope they can also understand that not everything is so great. Some brand dresses are even more ita-ish than offbrand stuff! * Think about the wrong lace monsters from years ago, there a few which are amazing....only most of them are just uughhhhh!! And brands who are copying each other, I don't want to have two dresses which are nearly the same even though those are really cute! * Please don't mind me, it's all about your taste of course! It's just my personal opinion! One person likes a dress and another one says: ''Nooo, I'm never wearing this dress!' And the most important one, not everything that a lolita brand sells is lolita. Some items are more related to fairy kei, pastel fashion, gothic or even cosplay. Rule number one when we are going to talk about brands is: wearing just brand clothes doesn't make you a lolita!

Can you tell which one is real if the card wasn't there?

Lolita brands do sell cosplay outfits once in a while, some of them are lolita but most of them absolutely not. And for example Angelic Pretty sells mini skirts and saloppetes, I think it's lolita but many lolitas say it's not lolita because it hasn't the lolita shape. Those thing are more related to fairy kei. The same as popular classic brands sell dresses that also can be used for Mori kei or Dolly Kei. I Think it's 50% about the 'lolita shape' & quality and the other 50% is about the coord.

Replicas are very popular these days, it isn't so expensive as brand. Most replicas are between 75~~100 dollar while brand dresses are twice more expensive or even more! That means more people can buy lolita clothes, whether it's about the size, the price or whatever.

That's something what's good about replicas, it's a lot cheaper and you can order it in your own size which is kind of difficult when you talk about brand. I know baby the stars shine bright has different sizes S, M and L only I'm not so sure about the difference because I only own one btssb dress and that's a old school one. I'm not so interested in the new clothes from baby, just a few exceptions but I really do love the old school ones! :) Excuse me for not knowing much about the size. I also know that AatP has different sizes and Innocent World has some plus size items. Only most of the time the brands have no sizes... So if you want to have your favourite print or dress but you won't fit in it right then it's a solution. Everyone should have the right to wear their favorite print or dress don't you think?

Of course there is also a bad thing about replicas, first of all it's the quality. I make my own lolita clothes so I have a little knowlegde about good fabrics and lace. And I can tell you if a dress from more than 250 dollar is made into a replica then the first thing what the make will do is buying cheaper fabric and lace! That's only natural to do, like I said before fabric and lace can be very expensive. When it's a print it's slightly different or really different to the original one, it's nearly impossible to make a exact replica! Never ever think that a replica is as good as a brand item, it's just impossible to make something like that for such a low prize.Brand items mostly have beautiful detailed lace (for example Jewelry jelly has jelly's & stars & dots in the lace) and replicas have more simple patterns in their lace or no lace at all! * yes, I know I'm a lace monster myself xD*

And there is the famous discussion about replicas! Brands like Innocent World already warned their costumers about replicas and that they are absolutely not pleased about this.
I also heard a rumor that one of the Angelic Pretty designers said that all those replicas break her heart. 

So.. the brands are not pleased about this... I can understand this! I mean, they are putting much effort in making and designing clothing and a random 'brand' or person makes replicas from it. Nobody would like that! Some people have a strong opinion, they don't like replicas for those reasons and for some more reasons. I'm not going to say much about it because it's an endless discussion...

An amazing coord & a amazing dress, can you tell it's a replica?
I surely couldn't if it wasn't mentioned!

My opinion
I have had a replica in my lolita closet, it was a bodyline replica of an Angelic Pretty dress. I have worn it once and I didn't feel comfortable in it.. I was just meh! I just didn't like the dress!
Since then I never bought another replica dress. Only I also bought a pair of shoes, baby the stars shine bright replica shoes, I love them so much and I still do! After 3 years I still have them, only now they are a little bit old and have some flaws. This is my own experience with replicas... 

I love replica shoes, I don't think I would ever buy real lolita shoes new because those are so expensive, I simply cannot afford them. I prefer to buy another dress and wear cheaper shoes or replica shoes then just brand shoes. I have worn brand shoes and I can't tell why they would be better than replica shoes or offbrand. Why would I buy something for so much more money if I don't think it's better?

I would never buy replica dresses or skirts myself, like I said before I felt so bad when I wore that replica dress! Unless I really like it and the dress/skirt is from good quality. The older replicas should be very good I heard. ^__^ The main reason is that I don't like the fabric and the lace and the details are bad most of the time. Yes, I'm that kind of person that is going to stare for hours to a dress just because of one little cute detail in the lace or when the print is just so amazing.There are pretty replicas of course, only it's just not like the real dress. I also do respect the designers, that also a reason why I won't buy replica dresses or skirts. (I hope they are going to forgive me for the replica shoes, I have more money for brand dresses) 
I think this is also something difficult because would buying second hand/selling your dresses be insulting for the designers too? You are selling your dress to someone else and it's not like the designers/ the brand earns money from that! 

What I really do hate if people tell me that they don't have enough money to buy brand and that they say that they have to buy from bodyline (what's wrong with bodyline anyway, they sell  lovely dresses! <3 I know some items are awful  but that doesn't mean that they don't have nice items) and have to buy replicas because they don't have the money and then you ask which dresses do you have and then they say I have this one and this one and this one... ect. What I want to tell is that they have an enormous amount of replicas. From that amount of  money you CAN buy brand it's just a little more saving up and you will have just a few dresses. It's not like you can't buy brand at all -_-'' I just can't stand that people say I'm soooooo poor and still buying many replicas, that's just so unreal. A replica dress cost from 75~~ 100 dollar, that not much only when you have to pay shipping and for the customs I would say you already spent between 125~~200 dollars. Here in the Netherlands are the customs taxes very high, I'm not sure how it's in other country I do know it's the same in the rest of Europe. For 125~~200 dollar you can buy a lovely second hand brand dress if you search well, so what's you excuse for I can't buy brand? If you can't afford brand, you afford replicas, end of the discussion! I just hate it when people say things like that, in the end they can buy brand and they are just complaining for nothing... just no... can't understand that.

Of course I'm not saying that wearing replicas is bad, it's a great solution when you don't fit in the real item. It's so unfair that you can't wear something that you really really want! Lolita brands should be more aware of that. I know from some of my lolita friends that they won't fit in dresses because they are too short, too tall or they don't have the right size (too big/too small) it's not a big deal to make dresses in other size when there are good patterns. 
It's also a great solution if you want to try lolita and if you aren't really sure about it. It's quite easy to order a replica, you are sure that it fits and it's not a shame when it's not your taste after all.

And if you truly don't have enough money what's the problem? Everyone should be able to wear lolita: rich, poor, plus size, skinny, tall, short or whatever! I know there are people who need to save up every penny they have for that one (replica) dress and what if it's a replica? It doesn't matter as long as you are happy with it! I would never ever insult someone because she/he is wearing a replica, it's not a shame to wear a replica. Never ever think that and if someone is saying that to you then it's just an awful egoistic person! Nobody has to right to say something like that, if you are happy with it! And if your coord is good, you can beat those lolitas with their real deal burando dresses! ^_~

What do you think? Should I talk more about lolita issues? 

maandag 2 juli 2012

Little green monster dress ^__^

Hello everyone! <3

A blog update! Yay! I want to update my blog more often but the last few weeks I couldn't find anymore time...ughh...

There is good news, I finished my green dress which was inspired on this green Moi-même-Moitié jsk. It's not exactly the same, it looks really like it only I changed a few things I didn't like. I had no green lace, I don't see that as a problem because I thought it would turn out the wrong way. Good quality green lace is very rare I suppose, I haven't find it. And I personaly think it's too much, green lace on a green dress! Oh, by the way, is it true that the real dress also has blue lace on it? I want to know, I'm not sure..

Cross Arch Lace Up JSK

So...this is the real one~~
Let's show mine! ^____^

First work in progress:

this is part of the skirt, it's 275 cm long O_o The little yellow thing on the fabric is a bird (not a real one) it about 5cm..

Anyone curious about the finished dress? Yes? Okay, I will show it! ^__^

That's it? I very happy with the result! I never thought it was going to be like this!
Green is a very diffiult color when you talk about lolita so I was kind of scared because I thought:  ''maybe it's going to look very ita-ish''
Luckily it doesn't look cheap!

I call it the little green monster dress because it was so much work to make this.. there were many times I lost my way while I was sewing the skirt. The skirt(s) was big enough to use it as a tent xD
Very usefull if you can't go home anymore when the last train just left? Hahaha..  

Some interesting facts:
* The dress exist of 3 meter fabric
* More than 6 meter lace
* 4 meter black band
* The fabric 100 % cotton
* I spend three months working on this dress
* The corset doesn't work it's only there to be pretty xD

So, how does it look like when I wear it!????

Outfit shot:


Jsk: Handmade
Blouse: Moi-même-Moitié
Necklace: Midi-Nette
Heart Stockings: H&M
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Hat: Vintage

I hope you will like the dress! ^____^
See you next time!

* I need to write alot more posts, I hope you don't mind.. I'm far behind*