donderdag 25 juli 2013

Kawaii event with misako and rinrin part 2 // reminder new blog

Hello dear readers, 

This is my second post about the Lolita Kawaii Weekend in the Netherlands. I will continue with the bingo. In my last post I was talking about this special bingo. It’s not with numbers, it’s with names. Everyone got a bingo card with 9 empty boxes. You need to talk to other lolitas and asked them of their names. That’s a great way to get to know each other. Especially when you are not good with meeting new people, like me. 


 So… I was walking around the venue to talk to people. It was quite difficult to get 9 names. It was better to fill out names of lolitas you haven’t met before. I twinned with Oh Tralala and Chibi Risa. That was so much fun. It was nice to meet them. When RinRin and Misako finished visiting all the different groups, it was time to start with the bingo. It’s was so exciting! The first price was skirt and the other prices excited of various brand items. And the Japanese crew also gave away prices, so you could also win Swimmer sets.

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vrijdag 19 juli 2013

New blog & Lolita Kawaii Weekend with Misako & RinRin

I decided to start over, with a modern & elegant blog. Hopefully you will like it! This blog will be about Lolita fashion, Ball Jointed Dolls and thing on my mind. Feel free to ask me something, if you have any questions. 

There are many reasons to start with a new blog. I cannot change my blog name here although it doesn't suit me. It's bugging me, I'm not SweetLolitaDoll anymore. I love sweet lolita, but it's not the only lolita style I like. Changing the layout is also very difficult. My next blog is I hope my followers understand this. Hopefully you will follow my new blog. I'm a little bit sad about this, this used to be my blog for 2,5 years. Nevertheless it's time to start over.

I still update this blog with a link to my new blog. Thank you very much for supporting and following me. ♥ 

Click here for my blog post about the awesome lolita kawaii weekend.

woensdag 3 juli 2013

Flower Fairy

Mimi - Pukifee Bonnie
Flower Fairy ♥

I hope you will like the pictures!
See you next time ~~

vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Lolita fashion ♥ hats

Every outfit needs a good hat. Hats are awesome and I hope more lolitas will notice this. So store away your headbows, flowers, hair clips & bonnets and read this blog post. Here are 5 reasons why you should wear a hat!

1. Lolita hats are unfairly undervalued.

There are just a few lolitas who wear hats. Lolita hats are unfairly undervalued. That's probably because of the popularity of headbows,hair clips/hairpins and bonnets. Lolitas should leave their comfort zone and try to wear hats. I'm pretty sure hats can be the new lolita trend. It's a pity lolita hats always seen to be forgotten.

I really love hats since a few years. Other hair accessories aren't good for me. Hats can be cute and elegant. Hats make my outfits more special, I think. That's why more lolitas should wear hats. It's nice to see special and unique outfits! ♥ ♥

My lolita coords with a hat

2. There are so many amazing hat designs.

Maybe you have never noticed it, but every lolita brand sells beautiful hats. There aren't many hats in their collections. Only the hats that are sold are amazing. Especially those elegant hats from Alice and the Pirates. Or think about the cute OTT hats from Angelic Pretty. Who doesn't want to have a cupcake hat?! Just take a look at the hair accessories selection from your favorite brand. I'm pretty sure they sell one or two hats. 

                  These hats are my favorites

Angelic Pretty

Rosa Nitida

3. Hats are more easy to find in normal stores than other lolita hair accessories.

Many normal shops sell hats. Even the H&M sells some cute straw hats and sometimes casual hats. Those hats are easy to customize, you don't need special skills for that. Vintage shops are also nice places to find hats. I usually get my hats there. Vintage hats are unique and most of the time a lot cheaper than hats from lolita brands. So it's easier and cheaper to go to your local vintage shop to buy a new hat instead of ordering something from Japan.

It also can be a nice meetup idea. It would be a nice idea to go to vintage shops with your local community. Afterwards everyone can customize their own hats.

4. Hats complete outfits.

That's true! Hats make outfits more elegant and eye-catching.

5. Just look at these examples! Aren't you convinced by now?!

                          Source: Google

Source: Tumblr

My friend Josine
Source: Tumblr

Let's start a new trend!! Tell all your lolita friends to wear at least one hat this summer.Lolita hats are awesome and they deserve more love. ^__^

zondag 23 juni 2013

Lolita news: Summer events

It's Summer again, although it's not noticeable here. Bad weather, bleegh! There are always nice lolita events when it's Summer, this year too. 

Kawaii Event 

This year is special! It's going to start with the Kawaii event next month. I'm only going on Saturday 13 July because it's too busy and expensive to go the whole weekend. I really wanted to go, it's a once in a lifetime experience. The day starts with a tea party in a super fancy hotel. There will be a concert, a fashion show and outfit contest in the evening. Maybe you think: 'sounds fun, but what's so special about this?' RinRin and Misako Aoki will be guests at the tea party and they are going to perform at the concert. To make it even more special, it's RinRin's debut as singer. Misako and RinRin are my lolita idols, it's amazing to get the chance to meet them. I can't wait! I'm sure it's going to be an amazing day. 

Summer Darkness

I'm also going to Summer Darkness. Summer Darkness is a gothic and alternative fashion event in Utrecht. There are many concerts, fashions shows, lectures, at the Dom square is a market  and there will be a masquerade ball. (Ball du Masque)
I going on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to my friend I can probably stay in Utrecht. It's tiresome to travel back to my hometown and the takes too long. I'm sure it's going to be awesome. It's a sort of mini holiday. It's going to be so much fun!!

I'm going to the market, the lolita fashion show, Elegant Curiosities fashion show. Of course I'm also going to meet some friends there~~ Maybe I will go to more events, I will see by then. 

Frock on

I'm really looking forward to this event. In August I will visit London with my friends. We are going to Frock on a lolita convention. Do I need to say more about this! *_*
I'm going to a lolita event outside the Netherlands, that's so exciting!!

Many lolita shops will be present at Frock on. Even some famous brands like Justine et Juliette,Haenuli, Atelier Pierrot, Lief and many more. There are workshops, tutorials and a fashion show.Sounds so much fun right?! I'm in London for three days. The rest of the time we are going to visit nice shops, beautiful places and maybe some museums. 

I will attend more meetings this Summer, I just wanted to tell something about the most special ones. Don't worry! I'm still going to write about the other meetings~~

Dear followers, what are your plans for the Summer? 

zaterdag 15 juni 2013

In the spotlight: Polly Pocket

Hello dear followers!! :D

This time I want to talk about Polly Pocket. Polly Pocket sets are toys for girls. I collect the little Polly Pockets sets not the bigger dolls. I used to have them, only I sold them because I needed money for other things. (lolita of course :P) Maybe you know them if you were a kid in the nineties. Small Polly Pocket sets exist of a box and a few tiny dolls. Most of the time it's a box but it's also possible to have fun fair, a shopping mall ect. Sounds fun right? The reason why I like these toys so much is because I bought a Polly Pocket set from my first pocket money. That set was literately the first thing I bought in my life.

A Polly Pocket ad from 1994

(The first set is part of my collection)

It's a house in a heart box. Why in a heart box? It's the house of a groom & bride and they are going to marry. So romantic! And look at all those tiny little details. There's a fountain, a couch & horse. Just look at the wedding cake and all those gifts ~~ I feel a little bit bad for the groom because of all the pastel colors and girly things, hahaha!

I collected Polly Pocket sets since I was four, I stopped when those weren't sold at my local toy shop. A few years ago I started to collect those little sets again. I don't buy those sets on the internet that's why I don't have a huge amount of them. All those sets are from childhood friends or from fly markets. It makes it more special to buy or to get them as gift. Maybe I will buy my favorite sets on the internet only I'm not sure I will find those. There are so many sets and most of my favorites are very rare.

The second set I want to show is a merry-go-round. There is a cafe above the merry-go-round were Polly and her friends can eat delicious sweets. It can twist for real and there's a secret slide on the top of the merry-go-round. 

Let's take a look at one of my smallest Polly Pocket sets. It's a school bus, but there's a classroom inside of it.

Now it's time to show my favorite Polly Pocket set. It's a little village! Look at all these shops, cute isn't it? It's also a special set, because it's magnetic. You can let Polly walk through her own village. With a special button it connects with the doll and then you can control the little doll. Do you want to go to the shop or are you going to meet your friends in the park?

This are my favorite Polly Pocket dolls. They all have blonde hair, I thought it was the cutest hair color when I was younger. The doll in the middle was my favorite because of her golden shoes.

I have about ten of these sets. I know I'm too old to buy toys, but who cares? I like to collect toys. ^_^ Cute things make my life a little bit brighter. It's not a bad thing to collect toys for that reason, I guess.

Peachie, a famous sweet lolita also collects Polly Pocket. Please watch this video!In this video she talks about vintage toys including Polly Pocket.

I would like to ask my lovely followers:

What do you collect and why do you like those things so much?

vrijdag 14 juni 2013

Victorian Romance - Fly Away Fashion Official Tea Party

Hello ^__^

Long time no see! It feels like ages since I blogged for the last time. I went to Fly Away Fashion tea party last Sunday. For weeks I was too busy to do anything fun and I also went through a very hard time. I'm working things out now, hopefully everything will be okay in the end.

So... the Fly Away Fashion Tea Party. Fly Away Fashion is a Dutch lolita shop with handmade clothes, accessory and kawaii goods. Click for the website ~~
There is a lolita tea party for their costumers every half year. It's always theme tea party, this time it was Victorian Romance. I don't have a complete Victorian lolita outfit, that's why have had to improvise. I wore my Rococo dress from 4 O'clock, with a blue bonnet which was an amazing gift from my friend Dieuwke, Moitie socks and my new lolita shoes from An*tai*na. I went with Ellis to the tea party.It's always fun to attend lolita meeting with her. ^__^ We are probably going to Summer Darkness again, that's another story, only I'm really looking forward to it. At the train station we met up with Roos and Josine and we traveled together to Fly Away Fashion.


Group pictures ~~

When we arrived Katie (the shop owner) started the high tea with a talk. It was about Fly Away Fashion in general, the program of the tea party, about future events and reservations. Then she showed us the wonderful new collection. She wore a beautiful handmade dress with dots. The high tea was delicious, there were all kinds of sweets, sandwiches and even strawberries. Then it was time to visit the shop and pick up my Alpacasso which I bought a few days before the tea party. Many new lolitas attended the tea party, it was for the first time in years seeing more lolitas I haven't met before than my lolita friends. It was nice to see many new lolitas, only I was also a little bit shy. There where so many people which I never met before... Although I'm happy to see there are many people interested in lolita fashion. 

Pictures ~~

My silhouette 

Picture with Josine

She looked wonderful! And look at that coord. *_*

Picture with Jannike
It was so nice to see her again! It was a surprise to see her wearing pink. This outfit suits her so well! ^__^

Alpacassos ♥

Then it was time for the outfit contest. Everyone has put so much effort in making and creating beautiful outfits. Maybe I will participate with the contest next time...
I'm still not sure because I'm really scared to participate, what if nobody likes my outfit?

After that it was time for the last event, the lottery. This time I didn't lose my ticket, I'm so proud of myself! And that's not the most remarkable... I won the first prize in the lottery!

Letters from Paris skirts
I won the red skirt. ^_^
This is what I bought at the tea party:

A super cute Alpacasso from the Eden series. Look at his face it's so cute! *_* And Katie wrote a small notice for me which was attached at the packing of the Alpacasso. She also gave the Alpacasso an extra ribbon and I Jetoy card.

Translated it means as much as: Dear Anne, thank you for your purchase. Have fun with you new little friend. It made me so happy. ^___^

A new pencil & a cute box. What do you think it's mend for?

Look it's a box to store contacts! 

And at prize. I'm so happy that I won! I must be a lucky person, because last time I won the third prize. It's a skirt from Fly Away Fashion with a beautiful print. It's called letters from Paris. Look at all those details, there are cute ribbons in the lace and look at the small texts in French. I made me think of the great time I had in Paris this Winter. 

Thanks again Katie! I'm so happy with my new skirt.