zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Enchanting Fairytale

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago I had my first shoot in Gothic Lolita and I would like to show those pictures.
Denise is the photographer, we met in Den Bosch to take the photos.
In Den Bosch there is a beautiful church called the Sint Jan, all the pictures are taken around that church.

When we arrived, the weather wasn't that nice, such a shame. Only after a while the sun came back and we could go on with the shoot. ^__^

I really liked to do a photoshoot, I never did it before only at some events but I don't think that those photos count as real photoshoots, hahha! I was kind of nervous, because I'm not that well at modelling and posing I need to learn a lot. I think this was a great opportunity to learn about modelling.
And it was so nice to see Denise again, I hadn't seen her for a long time.

Blouse: Moi-même-Moitié
Necklace 1: Midi-Nette
Necklace 2: Offbrand
Flowers: H&M
Shoes: Bodyline
Rest: Offbrand

 I hope you liked the photos! ^___^

Please do not copy or use these photos, they are copyrighted, keep that in mind.
If you DO want to use or copy aks Denise for this, this is her art!

More than 10000 pageviews, thank you all for that!
It means a lot to me!
10000 pagviews, like woooow, I never realised my blog would have that huge amount of pageviews, I'm just a normal girl with a few extraordinary hobbies. It's something were I could never dream of!

What can you expect here on my blog? More handmade stuff, more outfits, my dolls and I will go one talking about my favorite music, fashion styles, my favorite models.

Tonight I'm going to the Within Temptation concert, I can't wait to go, I'm already waiting so long for this! >.<
aaaahhgg why isn't it tonight already!
Tomorrow I have a meeting to celebrate the birthday from Denise, I'm sure that's going to be so much fun.
Oh and next week is my birthday, I'm looking forward to it. I'm not that excited when I was a child but I'm think it's going to be so much fun.

Now I'm going to do something useful, I'm so lazy today xD
Byebye! ^___^

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Red (Crobidoll Haz)

 I wanted to show some pictures from Noah, I hope you will like those pictures! ^___^

And the little Mimi:

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Lolita Wardrobe post 2012

Hello everyone! ^__^

Long time no see! I can explane it, it's because of tumblr, I really addicted to tumblr, hahaha!
Please follow me if you like:

Enough shameless blog promoting! >.<
I want you to show you something really interesting, at least I hope you think it's interesting otherwise I'm going to cry...
I'm going to show you my lolita 'closet' and I'm going to tell a few things about it!

Angelic Pretty handmade replica 
 I didn't made this all credits to my mum and aunt.

Moi-même-Moitié Holy Stained Glass Jsk
Baby the stars Shine bright & Memorial Cake Angelic Pretty
Handmade jsk & Candy House Metamorphose


Metamorphose gingham cherry skirt

Blouses & Cardigan:

Offbrand, H&M and Fly Away Fashion

Baby the stars shine bright & Angelic Pretty

H&M & Tally Weijl

Maxicimam (my favourite lolita item, I wore it the most)

All bodyline (I'm a bad girl, no burando shoes xD)


Baby the stars shine bright 2x, secret shop, Metamorphose, Moi-même-Moitié and offbrand.


 Umbrella: Baby the stars shine bright
Bird hat: handmade
Rest: Offbrand


Headdress: Rosa Nitida
Belt: Handmade
The three gold necklaces: Michal Negrin
Necklace: Midi-Nette
Bat Necklace: Offbrand
Rest: Offbrand
What do you think?
I very happy with these clothes and other items..
But I'm not so pleased with the metamorphose skirt and jsk, it doesn't fit in my style anymore.
I hope I can sell those items very soon..
My closet is so much fuller than the year before, all the handmade items are new, the hats, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 new blouses and 2 new jsk's.
 That's pretty much for one year, I think! o_O
This year I want to do things differently, I want to finish my green jsk, make a petticoat for myself and make a classic jsk with flowers. I also want to learn how to make hats, I love hats so it would be awesome if I become better in making them.
Things I need: I need to buy new white socks, from meta or angelic pretty.
 I need white shoes, I thought I found amazing new shoes but they are too big! Such a shame...
I also need a pink blouse,a new petticoat and a black umbrella.
Things I want to buy: I want a new Angelic Pretty jsk, one with a cute print. Angelic Pretty socks, an Angelic Pretty headbow. I also would love to have a simple black jsk, an oldschool one would be great! <3 And a classic jsk would be nice, I want to wear classic, it's an amazing and elegant style.
I don't understand why I never thought of wearing it!
Things I don't need/ I'm NOT going to buy: expensive Moi-même-Moitié stuff, (when it's not on my wishlist) Metamorphose jsks or skirt because I love them one week and after that I don't like those clothes anymore, black hats, too expensive dresses.
Thanks for watching! <3
Many hugs,

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Silenced by The Night

Lucky you, no silence in this post! I wanted to show some meet-up pictures, my new angelic pretty handmade hat, my tumblr and some random things ~~

Last sunday there was a lolita meeting in the Hermitage in Amsterdam.I went with my friend Ellis, I hadn't seen her for so long because of her studies, so it was nice to see her again. A couple of lolita friends and I went to the Rubens, van Dyck&Jordaens exibition. I was really amazed by those extremely beautiful paintings, it was so incredible! And everyones outfits looked also very nice, everyone wore such an amazing outfits. Thanks for the nice day, I had so much fun!


My face is ruining the picture ( NOOOOOOO, not again >.<)



Group picture in the restaurant, unfortunately without Dieuwke, she arrived later in the restaurant.
I really liked Josine's skirt, it was such an amazing outfit.
I would love to have that skirt or the Amour d'amants skirt, but I don't think that's ever going to happen..
A girl can have wishes, right. ^__~
And I really liked Maaike's headdress, it was so beautiful! ^___^
All these lovely classic and gothic outfits makes me want to wear gothic again and makes me want to start wearing classic.

I would like to show some other pictures, but don't think it's okay to post them because I'm not one these picture and I'm not the photographer. I'm sorry if you don't like using your photo(s) please tell me, I will remove it as soon as possible! ALL pictures by Marloes!


New hat! ^__^
Recently I saw this amazing Angelic Pretty hat, and I fell in love with it. I needed that hat in my life, only I was broke.. again  >.<
I decided to make one myself, only it turned out a little bit different than I expected, only I don't mind. I'm very pleased with the result.

I hope you like it too! I going to call it: Flowery Bird Nest Romance ^__^
Deco hats need weird names, right?!


And some other news: I have tumblr now!
I still need to find out how it works, I found out much but not everything, hahha.
I would be nice if I can follow you, I love to get more inspiration and it would be awesome if you are going to follow me! :D

Look at all the bright colors, it's so colorfull that I'm going to be scared! xD
Maybe you are wondering what's going to be on my tumblr? For now, I think you can find (in the future) many pictures of different (japanese) styles and fashion, dolls, cute animals, just things that makes me happy or thing which are beautiful or interesting!

Some nice pictures:


Candy Candy- Kyary Pamyu Pampy
I love her songs and her style! <3

Keane- Silenced by the Night
I love this song, it's from their new album Strangeland, I need that in my life,
unfortunately I need to wait until 7 May.

maandag 12 maart 2012

Lolita wishlist Spring 2012

This is my new wishlist, it changed a lot the last few months..
I thought maybe it's nice for my followers to see which clothes I'm into now ~~
It's quite different than the last one, the last one was more Black and a little bit color, this one is more bright and colorful and there are even classic items in it! I never thought that would happen!

I'm not going to buy this all, I'm sure I can't, due some reasons I can't spend too much money on lolita items because there are other things which are more important...
Making wishlist is so much fun, I can't help doing that once in a while. ^___~


Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK
Chiffon Stripe Rose Innocent World

Fleur Antoinette OP (2012)
Fleur Antoinette OP Mary Magdalene

Cherry Berry Bunny Chest Ribbon JSK
Cherry Berry Bunny Jsk Angelic Pretty

Sheep Garden Angelic Pretty

Crucifix JSK
Crucifix Jsk Juliette et Justine

Cathedral JSK
Moi-même-Moitié Cathedral Jsk

Skirts and Salopettes:
Angelic Pretty Fancy Box

??? Can anyone name it for me?

Rosery solennel jupe

Rosery Solennel jupe Juliette et Justine

Amour d'amants jupe
Amour d'amants skirt Juliette et Justine


Angelic Pretty Hat
Veil Claris Silk Hat
Veil Claris Silk Hat AatP

Angelic Pretty Logo Socks

Angelic Pretty white lace socks

Bags & other:

Macaron ring

Angelic Pretty ribbon necklace

Angelic Pretty bag

Heart Scallop Frill Sandals Innocent World
Angelic Pretty Shoes

That's all I guess?!
What (lolita) item/clothing do you want to have the most at the moment?
I think I want to have the innocent world shoes or maybe a bolero only I don't mind from which brand so it's not in this list..