donderdag 27 oktober 2011

~~She has no time~~

Hello everyone! <3

It's great to write something on my blog again..
It has been a while since I wrote something on my blog, I was very busy with a lot of things.
Unfortunately I can't find enough time to finish the 30 days lolita challenge. 
I want to apologize for that, I want this challenge to be fun I don't want to feel this challenge as required.
I felt bad about not commenting on the blogs which I follow and only doing the challenge on my own blog.
This doesn't mean I'm going to quit blogging or wearing lolita, I just have less time for these things!

First of all there are going to be some changes on my blog:

- I stop writing about the lolita challenge.
- I will put a signature on my own pictures. So the readers of my blog can see which pictures are mine and I don't want to see these pictures all over the internet without my tag on it. 
I don't mind people using my pictures but I saw in my statistics some weird searching words.
I know most of the people who read my blog are visiting my blog for lolita FASHION but there are some who are interested in another sort of lolita! o_O
And that scares me a little bit, I mean everyone can read this blog if they want.
- I changed my front page, there is only one blog post on the front page.
Just go to the next page to see the other ones if you like! ^_~

I think I promised you many things to write about, this is what you can find on my blog very soon:
- More outfit posts.
- More pictures from my dolls.
- Some updates about my pirate room and my other room.
- I want to share my opinion about certain subjects in lolita fashion.
- Pictures from meet-ups.
- Handmade lolita clothes.

Do you miss a subject here? Please tell me!

Enough talking about this blog! It's time for the real blog post! 
First I want to show you some recent buyings and some gifts:

I'm going to make a pirate hat from the hat in the first picture, the cardigan is a gift from my mom she is too sweet for me. <3
On the second photo you can see fabric and some accesoiry for the hat.
On the last photo are shoes, my new nike shoes! I love them so much!!!

Now I want to tell you something about what I would like to see more in the lolita style:

Guro lolita! It's an amazing style but there aren't many lolitas who wear this style.
This style needs more love~

Something like this is amazing to see, I think. It's very refreshing, I haven't seen anything like this
before. You can see lots of 'skin' which is wrong most of the time when you wear lolita, only I don't think that's disturbing.
This a great example of a form of gothic lolita which isn't all dark. The colors white, black and blue are combined very well. Why would you wear always the same colors? You don't have to wear black and white while you are gothic lolita. It can give a very nice effect when you put colors in a dress or a jsk forward.
And those socks, I love them! <3 I want to have them so badly!
Extreme deco lolita. It's lovely to see something like that! All those accessoiry, so cute. ^_^
Secretly I hope the deco style will reach the gothic lolita style, ott gothic or deco gothic lolita would look so great! *_*

Soon I will show you some more pictures of great styles or lolitas with a amazing style!

Thank you for reading this and see you next time hopefully! <3


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with the changes you want to do!

    About the other kind of lolita search terms which lead to your blog... I have the same. But I don't think that people who are looking for the other kind of lolita are really reading your blog. I think that they just google lolita, the come to your blog, see that this is not the kind of lolita they want to see, and then leave your blog again.

    Personally I like guro lolita too, but I think that style is only suitable for themed meet-ups and photoshoots. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing guro in daily wear. :p Or alone taking the train to a meet-up with all the fake blood and such... XD

    And personally I really like deco and OTT lolita. I'd love to see more OTT gothic as well! And personally I will want to do deco lolita / ott sweet, but then in a black colour palette. (so black blouse, black jsk with print, and all kinds of black accessories and stuff)

    I'm looking forward to see your finished pirate hat! =D (I still have to make a pirate hat too! XD)

  2. Thank you! I hope I can finish all the changes and new things on my blog.

    I know it's because of google but I feel a little bit uncomfortable that those people can be on my blog too. I hope they do as you say.
    It's not only because of that, I don't want that everyone can use my pictures and say it's their own or something like that.
    And I hope those 'labels' on the pictures aren't that annoying for the rest of my blog readers.

    I feel the same about Guro lolita as you, it's a lovely style but only for meet-ups and theme partys. I already see the faces of the people who might be in the train while someone wears guro lolita. xD
    Still I would like to see some more Guro lolita!!

    I found my love for deco en ott lolita back again, I really like those styles. I would really like to see a gothic like ott print! I believe I said this before :P Oh and black ott lolita sounds awesome! I'm curious about that!

    I hope I can finish the hat as soon as possible. And I'm looking forward to see your pirate hat. ^^

  3. Mooie stof heb je gekocht! En de andere spulletjes zijn ook leuk, ben eg benieuwd hoe je piratenhoed eruit gaat zien ^^

    Ik kijk erg uit naar je volgende blogbericht, en het is leuk om dan eens wat anders te lezen dan alleen lolita ^^

    De outfit met de blauwe VR jurk is erg gaaf, en die sokken zijn geniaal :D

  4. Dank je! Ik ook, ik heb dit weekend nog meer spulletjes voor de hoed gekocht en ik kan niet wachten om eraan te beginnen. :D

    Ik heb ook eigenlijk niet zo veel zin om alleen nog maar over lolita te schrijven, ik vind het heel leuk maar ik wil niet overdrijven. Het is ook leuk om over wat anders te schrijven. ^^

    Die outfit is echt gaaf en die sokken maken het helemaal af! Ik wil echt heel graag zo'n sokken *____*