dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Day 17- What do you want more than anything now?

It's not easy to give a answer to this question. I'm not sure...
At the moment I don't want anything material really bad, there are some issues in my personal life.
And these things make me very sad. All these things are kind of personal, it wouldn't be fair to
say it on my blog, I don't want that everybody can read it.  
The thing I want the most right now is being happy and I want my family and friends to be healthy
and happy. Most of the time you don't think about this, being healthy is something very naturally
at least when you ARE healthy and being happy is very naturally when you are happy....

The material thing I want the most now, I guess,I want a pirate lolita hat the most?
I love hats and I love pirates clothes so a pirate lolita hat would be awesome! ^_____^

Some examples of awesome pirate lolita hats (and outfits of course!)

The Gazette released the new CD, named Toxic.
Yes, I know I'm very late with this.
But I was too busy, I totally forgot about the new CD!
Here is one song named 'the suicide circus' 
don't be sacred of the title, it's a nice song.
* it's a little bit weird to post this on this day in the lolita challenge, I don't mean anything with it, life is too precious to trow it away!!!!!* 
If you like the song please support them and buy their CD!
I will buy the CD very soon! 
*Ads it to list of CD's I want*

I like the Gazette I hope to see them live sometimes!
Some day I will, I'm sure!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, health is the most important thing is life that matters. I do hope things get better in your personal life!

    And those pirate hats look so cool, I love the scond photo the most, but also the last one.. Big is good ♥

  2. Thank you, I hope things will get better. ^^

    I also love the second one the most but all those hats are beautiful! I love big hats! <3