zondag 2 oktober 2011

Day 5- 10 items for your wishlist.

1.  Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny OP

2. Cathedral OP/JSK
3. A white lolita blouse, with a huge bow.

4. Angelic pretty shoes

 5. Moitie shoes. ^^
6. Socks, not anything special just new socks with a cute print and one pair of white socks.

7.  This jsk in black x black
alice and the pirates
8. Melthy Mermaid Jsk

9. Alice and the pirates hat.
Veil Claris silk hat
10. Innocent world gretel boots

It seems like Hello Lace isn't working, when I go to the website it's a completely different website O_o
* You can guess what it's like >.< * I think it's hacked or something like that..
Please do not try to go to the site, I got a computer virus because of it.. 
I hope the real site is back soon!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Nr 7 in black..I want it ♥ It's gorgeos!
    What size of shoes do you have?
    If it's simulair to my size you can try out the Moitié shoes to see if it fits well, whenever you find those on sale ^^

    Also, sucks that you have a virus because of that site! Thank you for the heads up!

  2. I love that jsk, I wanted to have that jsk since I saw Hizaki wore it.

    I have size 24,5 or 38 and a half, it's always very difficult to find shoes in the right size..
    I hope I find those shoes on the sales sometimes!

    Yeah about hello lace.. it sucks.. luckily I have a firewall that works well so it wasn't a big problem. Just a little bit annoying!

  3. The innocent World boots are so lovely ! You have nice items on your wishlist.
    Also, thank you for the warning about HelloLace. I didn't know that. Luckily you computer don't have much damage from the virus ^^

  4. Hello, I'm the owner of hellolace.net, and I'm wondering if the issue is still there? And if so, which virus is being reported?

    I honestly haven't found any traces at all of being hacked, so I'm rather confused. I have no issues with the site myself either. Are you sure you went to .net and not .com?

  5. @Dieuwke: I love those boots, I would like to buy them!

    And about hello lace, I was searching on google for some pictures of Angelic Pretty blouses and I saw one so I clicked on it, underneed it stood hellolace.net. I clicked on this picture and there was a completely other site.. some kind of porn website o_O
    First I thought it was a mistake, I thought I clicked the wrong picture/button or something like that.. Then I went to the hello lace website and it send me directely to the same weird website. I was kind of confused after that! I couldn't close the site.. Luckily my firewall reacted fast and there wasn't a real problem..
    I'm also a little bit confused myself, at the moment hello lace is working fine luckily! :)
    Maybe it was just a mistake of google or my computer I don't know, now I'm happy that hellolace is working well at the moment

  6. Oh I see. Well, I've confirmed hellolace is clean, so it's possible you have a virus/malware sitting on your PC somewhere. :/ Thanks for describing the issue in detail though!

  7. Oh you're welcome! I hope something like this won't happen again.
    I checked my PC with my virus scan but there's nothing wrong with it, no virus or anything like that :P But maybe it's was my PC after all, I don't know.
    It's solved now so it doesn't matter what it was. ^_~

  8. Very lovely items! I really hope you'll be able to get them all some day!
    Cherry Berry Bunny is so cute! If you own it, we should twin some day! :D

    And I really love the Melty Mermaid too, though I am hoping to get the OP one day. ^_^

  9. I hope so! ^^

    I love Cherry Berry Bunny, I definitely want to have it some day. I'm not going to let someone steal it away from me again, I wanted to buy the OP in the Mfashion shop but I hadn't enough money. At the time I had enough money it was sold out T_T At least I have worn it once.
    And we should twin when I own it, that would be fun!

    Melty Mermaid is so beautiful, I hope you can buy it one day! :D

  10. Awww, that's too bad! :( But keep an eye out at Closet Child, they sometimes stock cherry cherry bunnies as well. ^_^