maandag 17 oktober 2011

Day 15+16 A picture of your last lolita purchase & outfit of the day.

I have got some delay again, I'm a little bit angry on the people who are supossed to make my laptop. It's taking ages and I need my laptop back, not only for fun also for school.

Next week I have autumn break and I'm sure it's going to be fun!
I will go to Dolliverse, a BJD convention,I'm going to do fun things with some of my dear friends and see my family again. I'm looking forward to it, first I have to finish my exams >.<

Day 15:
A picture of my last lolita purchase:

The holy stained glass, I bought some other small lolita things but those are not interesting.
I don't think socks and such are really interesting...

Day 16:

This is the outfit I'm wearing today, it's not lolita but I hope you will like it:

Dress: H&M, it has a cat print *_*
Stockings: pieces
Shoes: from a local store
Shirt: Coolcat
Hat: handmade by my mom
Fake fur: Vintage (At least, I hope it's fake o_O)

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