maandag 26 december 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I want to wish my dear friends, family and followers a merry christmas!

Christmas is always a very special time for me, it's so great to see my family again and to be with friends.
On Christmas eve I went with my mom to friends,we had dinner there and we all watched the television program ''All you need is love''.
On the First Christmas day I went with mom and grandma to my family, it's was so nice to see them again! They don't live close to my home, so we can't see each other very often.
Today I had a 'Christmas breakfast' with my mom and tonight I'm going to have dinner at my dad's place.

For me Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and to have a great time with each other, it's not about the presents. Not I don't like to get presents! ^_~ 

I got some amazing Christmas presents, I got all kinds of  Japanese stuff from friends, it's so nice I got that!
I got from my aunt and uncle a antique candelier and a sort of sea chest which looks like a pirate chest! ^___^ Unfortunately I can't show those already because those things needs renovation, I will show you it when it's ready.
And I'm going to shop with my mom for Christmas, I don't know when or where, that's a surprise...

How was your Christmas? Did you visit family? Did you get nice presents?

Best Wishes,
Nyappy Anne

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