vrijdag 9 december 2011

Let's fly away!

Hello everyone! ^____^

Some weeks ago I said I was working on a belt for myself.
Let me tell you why: I saw this belt on the blog from Velvetbat and I loved that belt.
I was so pretty, I wanted to have something like that myself...
So.. I asked if she wanted to do a commission, but she said no.
*Now I totally understand this, Velvetbat! It's difficult to make a belt like this, it's not that
easy as it looks like...*
Still I wanted to have that pretty belt, that's why I asked my teacher if I could make something
like that and I could...
Three weeks later, I finished this corset and I'm so happy!
It's not perfect, I know that, but I put lots of energy in it so I'm happy it's finished.

Let me show you were this belt is based on:
It's from the Gyaru brand TutuHa, isn't it a lovely belt?! ^__^
And this is the one Velvetbat made, the belt I made is based on this one because I like it
more than the original.

It's time to show you the belt I made:

Picture while I was working on the belt...

Me wearing the belt:

I hope you will like it! ^__^
Now I'm working on a red summer dress....

I kind of liked to make that belt, this week I was so bored,
and I decided to make the same belt for Noah:

This weekend I was reading the news paper and I saw this, it's about Ball Jointed Dolls and their owners:

It written in Dutch, it's about their dolls, why they have dolls like that, how many dolls they own and
what they do with their dolls..
It was very interesting to read!  ^^

A friend of mine made a drawing for me, I'm so happy! :D
It's beautiful, I totally love it!
It's so sweet, she made this for me. ^^

Please go to deviantart to see it in the real size, it's too
big to post it on my blog in the real size..

ByeBye, See you next time! :D

10 opmerkingen:

  1. That belt looks wonderful <3! And I also thinks gothic lolita looks really good on you! You should wear it more often.

    How cool you've found something about BJD's. Only the second picture of the intervieuw is a bit scary to me (not because of the photo!). But what kind of fantasy she made for her doll!

  2. OMG, I love that belt!<3 It looks flawless!

    And cool interview, though I'm a little scared of the second page. The fantasy is a little, well, not my taste ;p

  3. That belt is just great! I wish I had one like that as well ♥ You did a great job!

    And that artical is great, I have it lying around here as well. And fun to see that I kinda know both of the girls :p Well, I know the first girl better ^^ But still, it was very interesting to read.

  4. Your belt looks really nice! And I also love the one you made for Noah! :D

    And the drawing looks beautiful too! :D

    And about the bjd article: I don't know if I know the first girl (I am terrible at recognizing people XD) but I do know the second one from the online forums. :p Very interesting to read. ^_^ I find it always interesting to hear other people's stories of how they enjoy the BJD hobby. Because everyone enjoys it in their own way and not everyone likes the same things. (I don't really make detailed background stories for my dolls and I rarely take them with me for example, nor I greet them or say goodbye to them when I leave)

  5. @ Simone:
    Thank you so much! :D It makes me happy to hear that! I would like to wear gothic lolita more often, but I like to wear sweet lolita too.

    I think the same about that, it's a little bit scary...
    But I know her a little bit, and she is a nice girl ^_~

    Thank you! :D :D

    It's a little bit scary but it can be a lot worse, there are some people who have backgrounds for their doll which are more scary xD

    @ Denise: Thank you! :D

    I saw it on the facebook wall from Renske and my neighbours always give me the paper when they have read it. I was kind of surprised this was in the newspaper...

    It was very interesting to read!^^

    I know the second girl a little bit, I'm not sure about the first girl but I recognize her doll. Is she on a doll forum?

    Thank you! :D It's means a lot to me that you like it, because if you hadn't made the belt I would never got the idea to make one ^_~

    I like the drawing, I think it's nice Ellis made this for me!

    I feel the same about that, it's interesting to read about how people think about the BJD hobby. I have background stories for my dolls but those are not very detailed, I made them to get to know something more about their character.. What makes it more easy to find clothes and stuff for them ^_~

    I know the second girl, I met her a couple of times on meet-ups and I know her for a BJD forum. But I'm not sure about the first girl, I think I recognize her doll...
    Great, I'm better at recognizing dolls than people xD

  6. I don't think she's active on the bjd forums, I met her via Hyves. She organizes bjd meet-ups every now and then. Very sweet girl, that also wears lolita ^^ And if you ever would do a commission for a belt like that.. ;p

  7. Okay, then I'm not sure I know her..
    I'm not often online on hyves...
    And I sent you a mail about the belt, Did you get it?
    Otherwise I try it again ^_~

  8. Wauw die belt is echt goed gelukt ^^

    Die artikelen zijn echt intersant. Vooral die laatse~!

  9. Aw I didn't get it :( You can use the email that's on my facebook..

  10. @lovelyDeadDoll: Dank je!
    Ja, het zijn leuke artikelen, het was leuk om ze gelezen te hebben. ^^

    @Denise: I have sent you a email on facebook! ^_~