donderdag 15 december 2011

goals for 2012 ~~

Hello ^__^

The year 2011 is over soon, that means it's nearly 2012.
What's this new year going bring me?
And what am I going to do in 2012?
What are my plans?
Let me tell some of my plans for 2012 to you!
  • I want to sew more clothes. I want to design my own lolita outfits and make those for myself, I can wear a totally unique outfit then. I want to become better in sewing clothes and things ^.^ I want to make a blue sweet lolita dress and a long aristocrat dress inspired on a MMM dress, I can't wait to begin. Hopefully, I can finish those dresses next year!
  • I want to improve my lolita coords and make some new ones. I love lolita fashion, so I'm going to wear it as much as possible next year. I hope I can buy one of my dream dresses next year. ^^
  • Attend more meet-ups, I went to a many meet-ups in Summer but after that I only went to one meet-up and to the EFF in Arcen. Both meet-ups were so much fun only I want to see the lolita friends more often. It's such a shame I live so far away! :(
  • I want to find out what I really want to become, I have completely no idea what job I want to have for the rest of my life..
  • Show more (better) pictures of my Ball Jointed dolls and improve their styles. I hope I can be happy with all their looks next year~~
  • Going on a trip to Iceland, I hope it's possible next year, because this year I wasn't able to go due some stupid conditions. I can't wait to go, Iceland has beautiful nature, I want to see animals who live there which I have never seen before in real life and visit the hot springs near Reykjavik, going to Reykjavik and of course see some geysers. I'm really looking forward to it!
I think this was it for next year, of course I have more plans for next year but those are more personal, I don't want the whole world to read them. *that's possible when you put things on the internet*

This week I made this choker, I hope you will like it!
It's a choker with a butterfly on it, I love butterflies <3

Thanks for watching! <3

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with your goals! :D They all sound very great. And I am looking forward to see the stuff you are going to sew and also the pictures of your dolls. :)

    And I really like the choker too! The butterfly is really cute.

  2. Looking forward to see you waring the chocker, it's very vute with the butterfly!

    And you have some nice goals! Good luck with achieving those! I also want to attend more meet-ups. I also have the feeling I don't see everyone as much as I love to!

  3. The choker is so cute!<3

    And ou have nice goals, good luck with achieving them all. I also want to sew mroe often if I have the energy and I want to see everyone more often :3 See you at the pirate meet at least!

  4. Thanks girls! :D
    I would be nice to see all of you with a meet-up. ^^

    @Debbie: I'm looking foward to make new stuff, I have lots of ideas! And I still haven't got much ideas for my dolls, I hope I will get some inspiration soon..
    @ Denise: I want to wear the choker as soon as possible only it needs a few changes because I can see the white fabric inside and I didn't mend that to happen :P As for the meet-ups I feel the same, I need to go more often!
    @Josine: I hope you have more energy soon so you can sew you own clothes again. ^^
    Maybe I can see you a little bit earlier, with the Vintage shopping meet-up.
    And otherwise I will see you at the pirate meet, I can't wait to wear pirate lolita! :D