zondag 4 december 2011

The march of the chocolate mice (and frogs)

Hello dear readers!

I want to say hello to my new followers, thank you for following my blog ! ^.^
I could never imagine, I would have 30 followers!

As you all can see I changed my blog lay-out, I was in for something new..
So I hope you all like it!  The 'drawing' on the front is from Anton Pieck.
He was an amazing dutch artist, let me show you some of his works:

Anton Pieck also designed 'De Efeling' a Dutch Theme park, it's my favorite theme park here in Holland.
So, if you are going to visit Holland some day and you have some free time, please go to 'De Efteling'.
You can see all kinds of fairytales, there are nice rollercoasters and a lot other nice attractions. ^^

A impression of the Efteling:
Bestand:Efteling Entrance.jpg
The entrance

Bestand:Kasteel Doornroosje.JPG
The Castle of the Sleeping Beauty

Fairies in the Droomvlucht

Check out the website from 'De Efteling' for more information!

These few day I don't know much to write about on my blog, it's because of the winter.
I don't like the winter.. I hate cold weather, I hate it that it becomes dark early but I like
Sinterklaas and Christmas and New year.
In the end I need to say to myself: It's not that awful, when the winter is over, it's going to be spring
and that's my favorite season.
Only I haven't got much inspiration for my blog now...

Tomorrow it's Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands, are you going to do somethings special?
(a question for my Dutch followers)
I going to celebrate it with my granny and my mom. ^_^
I'm looking forward to it!

Because of Sinterklaas I made a photoshoot with Nono, my cute little panda:

The story behind this:
Nono saw some delicous sweets, and she wanted to eat them all!
So she eat all the Sinterklaas sweets, before that the chocolate mice& frogs warned their friends.
Unfortuantely for Nono they went to chase after her!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The last photo of Nono is so funny ♥
    And I like your new lay-out. Anton Pieck's tekeningen zien er altijd mooi uit, een erg leuke stijl ^^

  2. Dank je! ^^
    Ik was weer eens toe aan wat nieuws, iets meer winterachtigs, vandaar het blauw.
    Ik hou heel erg van de tekeningen van Anton Pieck, die stijl vind ik ook heel erg mooi. :D

  3. <3 the efteling and Anton Pieck. I whish I had the money for a season pass for the efteling so I could go when I want to :D

    And those pictures of Nono are so cute!!

  4. aww thank you!! :D

    I love the efteling and Anton Pieck! I wish I could go more often to the efteling, it's a pity that a season pass is very expensive..
    Hopefully I can go again next year. ^^