dinsdag 20 december 2011

Doll 'wishlist'

When I talk about lolita fashion or about lolita clothes I always talk about dream item and which item I want to have. I never did this with Ball Jointed Dolls before, you probably thought I didn't have a doll wishlist!
I know I'm never going to buy all these dolls, I don't want that.. Buying everything for you want doesn't make you happy,I think. So it isn't a 'real' wishlist, it's a list of my favorite dolls at the moment, I'm sure one of these days I will buy one of these cuties. ^____^

Only there are two problems:

1. If I want another doll I think I have to move, my mom doesn't want me to buy too much dolls..
Four dolls was her limit, at the moment I own already five dolls.
2. Ball Jointed Dolls are very expensive, I'm don't have much money, and there is a posibility that I have
to move next year and living alone is very expensive...

Maybe if I save up I can buy another doll but I don't think I can spent a lot of money one dolls the next upcoming years. : (

                                                           Littlefee Ante

                        Migidoll Miho Vampire

                      Peakswoods Briana Dark

                    Withdoll Pricilla (Grey skin)

Crobidoll Yeon-Ho

Supia Haeun

Iplehouse Soo

Crobidoll Lance

Do you like those dolls? Do you have a wishlist or a dreamdoll yourself?
I would like to know that! ^___^

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Those dolls are really pretty! And sadly they are really expensive yes... I do hope that you will be able to buy new dolls some day!

    I also have a dollwish, but that one is a small list of dolls which I am planning to save up for and buy them one day. At this moment I have a Doll Chateau Alberta on top of the list, followed by the Angel Fantasy Alice.
    And I also want to have a Minifee Dark Elf Soo some day, since I really love the DES and I already own it in delf size. And maybe I'll go for a littlefee DES one day too. ^_^ And the puki fee pongpong is also very adorable! It is not really on my wishlist, but everytime I see it or see pictures of it, it is just too cute. It's happy smile makes me happy too. :)

  2. It's so sad that they are so expensive :(
    It makes them more special, not many people will buy the same doll, like the dolls in toy shops hahaha
    I'm happy that Ball Jointed Dolls are more special!
    I wish I could buy a new dolls soon, only I need to finish my other dolls first before I'm going to save up again.

    You have a nice wishlist! Those dolls are so pretty. ^^
    MNF DES is amazing I love that doll! <3 She was on my wishlist for a long time but I haven't got ideas for her...
    And Puki Fee PongPong is so cute, pongpong makes me very happy. When I saw a pongpong for the first time, my day was completely fine, after having such a awful day.. I can remember that.

  3. Mooie dolls heb je in je wishlist! Vind de migidoll miho er erg gaaf uitzien! Ik heb momenteel maar 2 dolls die ik nog echt een keer wil hebben, en dat is een Crobidoll Ys, en een Ailice in Labyrint Elijah ^^ (En nog een sd lichaam). Jammer dat ze zo duur zijn, maar dat maakt ze inderdaad wel meer speciaal, omdat niet iedereen ze dan koopt :)

  4. Dank je! Ik vind Miho er zelf ook heel gaaf uitzien, die elforen echt geweldig! <3
    Die twee dolls die op jou wishlist staan zijn heel erg mooi. ^^