zaterdag 1 december 2012

Lockshop contest

Hello everyone! ^___^

I need your help, please help me!

I'm participating the Lockshop model competition and I need your help, it's my first competition ever and I'm a little bit scared... everyone has more facebook friends than I have. I know people hate this kind of self promoting but I need your help and it's not only for me it's also for Lockshop because it's the most amazing wig company! <3 I hope you all like my picture, please vote for me! ^___^

Step 1: Go to the facebook page from Lockshop and like this page

step 2: Go to the picture page and click on the Lockshop’s model competition.

Step 3: Like this picture (and other pictures you like of course ^___^)

lockshop contest

Step 4: BUY A WIG FROM LOCKSHOP ( it’s not one of the rules of the competition but please do, you won’t regret it!)

I don’t think I’m going to win because there are many many pretty people joining this competition…. It’s just for fun ^___^ Only I would be so happy if you vote for me *_*

Thank you very much! <3

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