donderdag 29 november 2012

Formspring Question: sense of style

What do you think about the sense of style in your local community? Do you have a lot of weeaboos or do you have very well-dressed people?:D Any highlights in style? I'm on Tumblr a lot and I rarely see Dutch lolitas!

I think my local community has a great sense of fashion. ^^ Of course there are weirdos once in a while, that's something you can't avoid. Most of the people who are truly interested in lolita fashion are motivated to learn from their 'mistakes', I think everyone should get enough time to learn about lolita and find their own style. It's not that easy! And the people who are only in the community to get attention won't stay for long.

The difference between Dutch lolitas and lolitas from other countries is that they are less active on websites like Daily Lolita and such. There aren't many tumblr famous lolitas from the Netherlands... Most Dutch lolitas share their pictures on their blogs, the problem is that you need to find those blogs. The most popular way to share pictures is facebook these days which is mostly friend only. And the Dutch community isn't that big, I think there are about 100 lolitas who wear lolita regulary and attend meetups. There are more people (I don't know anything about the numbers) who have lolita clothes which they don't wear ( in public/post pictures on the internet) and people who like lolita only haven't start wearing it yet.  So... that's why you can't find much pictures from Dutch lolitas. 

The first link I want to give you is the Dutch Lolita tumblr: 

Some Dutch inspiration blogs and tumblrs:
* Josine 
* Damien 

Some Dutch lolita 'brands'
There are more Dutch lolitas with an amazing style this is just an impression! I hope you like it and that it helped a little bit! ^____^

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  1. I love some of the girls on that blog list and i find it incredible that you never see dutch lolitas because when there-s a meetup there are so many of you! You guys are very lucky that way.

    The Portuguese community is very well dressed for a country like ours and for the tiny numbers of lolitas here imo. But I hoped that after all these years there would be more lolitas around here.

    1. I think Dutch lolitas really like the dress up and love to go to meetups only they don't like to share everything with the rest of the world, hahaha. Maybe I should take some nice pictures with meetups when I get my new SLR? I'm really surprised that many people ask me this recently, I've heard this question about why you never see dutch lolitas a few things the last few weeks...

      Is the Portuguese community so tiny, I had no idea! It's great that everyone is well dressed. :) I think there are also positive things about a small community everyone knows each other and it's easier for new lolitas to ask for help. I always meet new people every year, that's a good thing of course because there are many people interested in lolita only I wish I could get to know everyone. Sometimes there are so many people at a meetup and that's why I can't talk to everyone.. :(