vrijdag 21 december 2012

LBC: Underrated colors

Hello everyone!

It was so lovely to read all your posts last week, unfortunately I couldn't find the time to comment on every blog. I really enjoyed reading about all your favorite dresses. ^___^

This week's theme is underrated colors, I really like to talk about this subject. I have this kind of feeling that most of the lolitas stick to the more popular colors because they are afraid do something wrong. There is nothing wrong with more popular colors like black, pink, blue and brown. 
The most underrated color is green because it's a beautiful and elegant color. There are many variations of the color green, there is no way  to be bored of the color green. One of the misunderstanding about green lolita clothes is that those clothes are cheap or only suitable for ita's. 
That's not true! Green is not cheap, it's all about the fabric and dress design. I want to show you some of the variations of the color green with this color scheme.

Now I want to show some amazing examples of green lolita. Many lolitas think that there are no or just a little green lolita dresses only that's not true. There are many green dresses even from the most popular lolita brands.

Innocent world Rose and Playing cards jsk

Metamorphose Fancy Egg Tuck Pleated Pinafore JSK

Juliette et Justine Princesse dans forêt JSK

Juliette et Justine Le Premier Cri de Prophete JSK

Moi-même-Moitié Cross Arch Lace JSK
Baby the stars shine bright Velveteen Royal Antique JSK
Victorian Maiden Chocolatierre JSK

Innocent World Antique rose Flare JSK (Dark Green)

Maybe you are wondering about me, if you talking so much only about the color green instead of more underrated colors then you must have a green lolita dress, right? It's true, I just have one green lolita dress, I'm pretty sure that this won't be the last.  In the beginning of the year I saw the new release from Moi-même-Moitié and I really loved that dress. Guess what happened? I missed the release, it was already sold out in one day. It made me really sad... A few days after that I decided to make a green dress myself inspired on the beautiful Moitié JSK. In the end it's really different than the dress from Moitié only I really satisfied with the result.  It was so much work, I hope you will like it. ^__^

Thanks for reading and I hope this post will change your opinion about the color green. It's an amazing elegant color and perfect for gothic lolita and classic lolita.


                                                                     Suns in our hands
                                                                     Frozen mammoth

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I love dark green lolita,It reminds me of slytherin ^^

    1. Me too! I would lov to see more slyterin x lolita coords, that would be awesome. :D

  2. Ooo, your coord with the MmM dress is beautiful! Makes me want the dress myself!

    1. Thank you very much! <3
      Only it's not a MmM dress, I made the dress myself...
      It inspired on the MmM dress only it's not the same ;)

  3. Ah, forest green is a beautiful colour and you've chosen some AMAZING dresses to prove your point! I'd love have some dark green pieces myself! <3

    1. I love forest green <3
      Thank you, those dresses are my favorites and when I read the other posts is saw that there are even more amazing green dresses. ^_^
      I hope you are able to get some dark green pieces yourself one day!

  4. Oh my god I love that dress of yours!!! You look so beautiful in it *-* I love how everyone agrees, there are actually many many people who love green colour in lolita.

    Magical Ice Cream: Haha true, but it's actually one of the things that bothers me. If we had more green lolita stuff, i don't even want to imagine all those Harry Potter lolita costume-ish coords that would appear :'D

    Stella's Ice Age

    1. Thank you very much! <3
      It's such a shame that so many people like green in lolita and such a little people actually wear it, I hope after seeing all these lolita blog carnival posts about green people will realize how wonderful green lolita pieces are.

      I don't think more Harry Potter inspired lolita outfits would be that bad. I have seen a few of these outfits and those were amazing, but I don't think everyone should do it then it's not original anymore.

      Please take a look here:
      http://lady-ludivine.blogspot.nl/2010/11/slytherin-items.html (details slytherin outfit)
      And here:
      http://lady-ludivine.blogspot.nl/2010/11/harry-potter-7-part-1.html (Slytherin outfit)

      Lady Ludivine is so amazing, I really love this Slytherin inspired lolita outfit of hers, she looks so beautiful in it!

  5. So many people chose green for this LBC but it's so easy to see why! It's such a gorgeous color! Those dresses are all so amazing.

    1. Green is such a gorgeous color indeed! I hope more people will realize that after reading all these LBC posts! :D

  6. Yes!! Lolita needs to have more green dresses! That's why I commisioned my green dress, because it can look so beautiful ♥