zondag 9 december 2012

Fashion show Fly Away Fashion at Nishicon

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I'm late again with my updates, I should have written this post last week. 
I was ill this week... 

Three weeks ago Fly Away Fashion held a fashion show at Nishicon a Manga and Anime convention. I was one of their models, I couldn't be happier, I couldn't imagine me modelling in a lolita fashion show. ^___^ Fly Away Fashion is a Dutch lolita brand located in Houten (near Utrecht) they have their own shop and a webshop. I showed you the shop a couple of times on my blog when I went to their tea parties. 
First I met Renske in Utrecht and then we went to Haarlem to take a look at the convention. I had to travel for a long time so why shouldn't I go a little bit earlier otherwise my day was pretty worthless and I really wanted to buy an alcapasso plush. After we saw everything, the other girls weren't there yet. So we decided to go shopping for a while in Haarlem and we went to Mac Donald's after that. (very classy, lol) It was such a fun day and the fashion show even had not started yet. 

Mirror picture in the huge mirror..
Nishicon was in a classy hotel it was enjoyable to see normal guest between all the cosplayers.
You could see at their faces what they were thinking: OMG what's happening here?!

The JSK I wore with the fashion show was from the Roses a Dawn series. This is the skirt version to give you an idea how the print looks like. This week the skirts will be uploaded on the website, I'm really excited even though I want the JSK. I don't wear skirts so often... I guess I need to save up for it, hahaha. Click here for the webshop!

We were with a group twelve girls ( included Katie, the designer) and the was also another group Reality will Kill you with a few other models who modeled other Japanese styles. The fly away fashion show existed out of two parts a cute angel group those models wore classic and sweet lolita. The other group wore gothic lolita, pirate lolita and bittersweet, they represented the demon group. This was because of the angel & demon theme of Nishicon. I think you can all guess that I wore gothic lolita, not just gothic lolita I wore OTT gothic lolita for the first time. I never wore so much accessories: wirstcuffs, a bunny bag, a big headbow, a bird hairpin and many many ribbons. I really liked the idea of the look Katie had in mind for me, I would have chosen a outfit like this myself. 

Fashion show pictures

Before & After the fashion show

I hope you all like it! ^___^
I'm sorry for all the late replies on your messages, I don't have much time T___T

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  1. Aw, those pictures are so cute!
    I love the hair, the dress and the cuuute bunny bag! :)

    1. Thank you very much! :D
      I really like the outfit too, especially the bunny bag I wish it could be mine hahaha. The outfit isn't mine only the wig. (from the old collection) the other items are from fly away fashion new collection. It was so much fun to show this outfit :)

  2. You look so beautiful in those pictures!