woensdag 25 januari 2012

Why is the rum always gone?! (Pirate meeting)

I went to the Pirate High tea meeting in Breda last Sunday~~
It was so much fun, everyone wore amazing outfits. ^____^
I was really looking forward to this meeting since months because pirate lolita is one of my favorite lolita styles.
We went to a restaurant, sadly it wasn't the restaurant with the pirate theme...
At the restaurant we had I high tea, no, we haven't had any rum!
It was lovely to see everyone again, as always of course! :D
And the high tea was delicious!
After the high tea we went outside to take pictures, unfortunately it was already 4 o'clock so it was a little bit dark and the weather was stormy.  
Still I hope you will like the pictures! ^_________^

Me and Josine, I love her outfit! I like the winered color, it's very pirate like! 
We are both wearing hats who Iira made. ^^

Dreamfairy, she has orginazed this meeting.
Thank you for doing this, I had such a wonderfull day! ^___^

Pictures aren't mine, photographer: Dragonfire
Excuse me for my bad english today, I am not feeling well today... *sadface*
I can't wait for the next pirate meeting, yoho yoho a pirates life for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

See you next time~~

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, I had fun! Too bad I wasn't able to talk to you at the restaurant. You looked wonderfull! ♥

  2. I had so much fun too, you looked really lovely!<3 And thank you for the compliment *blush*

  3. @Denise; thank you! :D
    yes, too bad I wasn't able to talk to you in the restaurant.. *sadface*
    Hopefully I can talk next time! ^^

    @Josine: Thank you! :D
    You are welcome, you looked lovely!