zondag 8 januari 2012

Recent Buyings & more..

Hello dear readers ^___^

I'm not blogging that often these days, I totally don't know about what I need to blog.
I have a sort of lack of inspiration.
And I'm really bored, I need to find I new job very soon and start saving up money for next year when
I'm going to study again.

This weekend I went shopping, Friday I went to Amsterdam with some lolita girls, that was fun. ^^
On Saturday I went to Nijmegen my favorite city in the world.
Yeah, I can't help it to like such a boring city...
Even after I visited half  Europe I still like Nijmegen the most, maybe it's going to change sometimes..

Well, I went shopping with my mom, because she promished me that for Christmas.
Some of my buyings and gifts I got this weekend:

  • Bunny Cardigan from H&M
  • Brownxgrey shirt from Miss America
  • Stockings with stars and dots

  • H&M black x white winter dress
  • Miss America sweater ( the text says 'A perfect saint is what I ain't')
  • Taily Weijl grey x pink skirt

Vintage Hat, It made me think of a MmM hat.
It needs more decoration...

A gift from my mom, it's from Michal Negrin. *_*
I wanted to have this necklace for months,now it's mine..
It's perfect I'm really happy now, best (late) Chrismas present ever!

Currently I'm working on my pirate outfit, I need to find everything before
22th January. 

And I got this amazing idea for a new doll it's going to be a girl and she is going to be 
a hime gyaru girl.
Some inspiration pictures for her:

8 opmerkingen:

  1. The hat is perfect, I totally see it decorated with some lovely flowers!<3

  2. Thanks!^^
    I love that hat, I saw it and I fell in love with it.
    I can't wait to find shiny decorations and flowers to make it more beautiful!

  3. Oh a hime gyaru doll! That sounds so awesome, I still want to have a himegyaru doll as well some day. ^_^ (But there are first 3 other dolls on my to-buy-list)

    And the necklace is beautiful!

  4. Hime gyaru dolls are awesome! It's such a shame there are such a little of them, I love the hime gyaru style but I haven't got the guts to wear it myself.

    And thank you! I love the necklace so much, I'm glad you like it too. ^^

  5. That necklace *__* It's gorgeos ♥ ♥ What an amazing gift!

    And I love your hat, tights and winter dress, wow :D And the idea of a hime gyaru doll sounds fantastic. I look forward to see it in the future ^^

  6. Thank you! ^^
    I love that necklace, it's even prettier in real life.
    Me too, I can't wait before she is here, now I need to save up money again...

  7. What type of doll are there in the pic? :)

    1. I'm sorry for the late answer, I was so busy >.<
      I'm not really sure about the dolls but I think they are from Volks.