vrijdag 3 februari 2012

~~ Mary had a little lamb ~~

Hi Everyone ^___^

Are you already curious about what surprise I was going to get today?
I said it had something to do with sheep, of course that's true I wouldn't lie about that...

No, it's not Sheep Garden, which I totally adore! I love that print and the sheep bags <3
It's not Sheep Garden, so what is it?
Let me show you:

 A box? It's a doll box from fairyland  *_______________*

It's a new Ball Jointed Doll!! It's from Fairyland and it's a PukiFee Bonnie, her name is Mimi.

                      Isn't she cute, is she?

 Her clothes, so tiny and cute! It's so wellmade, all those details. ^^
Awwwwwww she so sweet! I love the sheep hat *_*

Look at her, she is so tiny! She is only 15 cm! This time no famous 'cat-in-box' picture, only this one.
Mimi's box was too small for Fritzke,hahaha! xD

So, I bought Mimi today, I saw her last Saturday when I went to a Ball Jointed Doll meeting in Nijmegen.
I bought her from Think Pink, a Dutch Ball Jointed Doll shop who are selling dolls from lovely compagnies.
When I saw her, I fell in love, I must buy her...I think she is evil cute!
Be aware, I'm going spam pictures of her until you don't want to see her ever again!

Some pictures from last Saterday:
Little sheperd and the big sheep o_O

Nono and Mimi

Mimi is a Pukifee Bonnie Sheperd fullset, that's why I said she had something to do with sheep.
I hope you will love her as much I do, I think she is so cute!<3
I wanted to have a Pukifee since they were on the website, now I have one.
I also got a sleeping head, some extra hands and a calendar, only no pictures of that. I will show you that later!

Soon more about Mimi~~
Thanks for reading this!

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