zaterdag 5 november 2011

Dolls dolls dolls!

(Nearly) All the dolls, mine are not in the picture. I was talking with someone at that time xD
*picture by:kyanara*

I promised you to show something more of my dolls, these few months I had a sort of lack of inspiration.
So annoying you know, I wanted to design and make clothes and stuff for my dolls, I just couldn't do this.
At the moment I have some more inspiration and I sure this time I'm going to make new stuff for my dolls.
I need to finish Noah, I definitely not happy with his look now.
I'm not going to give up, I like dolls which are not so mainstream, like Noah, his teeth make him more special only it's also a little bit difficult to make him look ''nice'' on pictures.
And why would I give up the hope for Noah? I bought him some months ago with the idea, he was amazing so I think it's going to be okay! Enough about Noah, I believe you don't want to hear anything about him anymore... I talk to much about him, lol! xD

Dolliverse was so much fun, I talked with nice people and saw some friends again.
I forgot my camera again >.<  Luckily, Dieuwke took some beautiful pictures from my dolls:
(I hope you don't mind, I use this pictures on my blog!!)

Oh and one picture from Brenna-Ivy, she makes amazing pictures and has beautiful dolls.
The panda in the picture is Nono and the other cute doll is Alex. Alex is so cute!! <3 Alex belongs to Stievel.

This time no pictures from other dolls because I forgot my camera, I think it's a little bit rude to ''steal''
pictures from someone else when my dolls aren't not on it. So about this pictures in this post: please do not steal them, those are not mine. Ask the real 'owners'! Nono will eat you if you don't ask that! ^_~ (let me tell a secret: she looks cute but she is a evil panda)

Bonus picture:

Kamijo with new hair! :D
I like it more than his old wig. ^^

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Such cute photo's of your dolls!
    Also, nice new wig does Kamijo have ^^

  2. Dat is een behoorlijke grote groep op die groepsfoto zeg!
    En mooie foto's van je dolls ook. Dat panda outfitje van Nono is echt uber uber cute! :D

  3. Dank jullie wel! :D

    @Debbie: Ja, het was ook een best grote groep dolls, alleen dit waren ze nog niet allemaal! Een groot aantal mensen vond de groepsfoto iets te druk...