donderdag 10 november 2011

Strawberries and a bumblebee

Lately I wasn't inspired to write something on my blog..
I'm still not inspired at the moment, I just want to show you some things. ^___^

A few weeks ago, I began to make my first skirt.
I thought it would be awful, that I couldn't wear it but the skirt looks so much
better than I expected! I hope you will like it. ^^
I know it's not perfect, I still need to learn a lot.


 Last sunday my friend and I made some decorative cupcakes, which you can't eat.
Those cupcakes are quite useless because you cannot eat them, but you can keep them for a long time.
And who doesn't want to have a cupcake as decoration?!

  This cupcake is cute, isn't it?
My friend made this one, it's such a cute cupcake! ^___^

Now I'm working on a new skirt I showed the fabric on my blog some posts ago, I believe..
Unfortunately there are some problems >.<
And I'm customizing a hat which is going to be a pirate (lolita) hat, it's
much more work than I expected.
My mom is helping me with the hat, decorating hats is harder
than making skirts! xD

10 opmerkingen:

  1. The skirt looks good, especially for a first time!
    I hope you will post a outfit photo with the skirt, I'm curious how it looks on you ^^

    And the cupcake looks cute, too bad you can't eat it though!

    And good luck with the pirate hat, I can imagine it must be difficult to decorate it, but as long as it will look good in the end, that's all that matters, right? ^^

  2. The skirt looks amazing for a first time.
    I remember my first skirt... it looked awefull unlike yours. Which is really cute!

  3. I'm also working on a headpiece for the pirate meet and it's quite difficult indeed! But I'm yours will turn out great, just like your skirt!
    Hope to see a coord with it soon!<3

  4. @Denise: Thank you! ^^ I think I'm going to show a outfit post soon.
    And indeed, it's too bad you can't eat those cupcakes, I wish I could..
    I hope it will be okay with the pirate hat.

    @Kyanara: Thank you so much! :D :D

    @Josine: Thank you! :D
    I'm curious about your headpiece.^^
    I will show a coord very soon.

  5. That's a really cute skirt! You are very talented! I can hardly sew a button on :P

  6. Hi,

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  7. The skirt looks really cute! :D And the cupcake as well!
    I am also still looking forward to your pirate hat! Which reminds me that I still need to make a pirate hat as well! XD

  8. @James: oh, I don't mind, thank you for visiting my blog!
    I would like to read your book but I haven't got much free time to read it or to write a review about it.
    I hope that's okay...
    I can read it but I think the review would be very late on my blog.

    @Velvetbat: Thank you! :D
    I also need to finish the pirate hat very soon, it's not going well :P
    Still I'm looking forward to see your pirate hat. (and your pirate outfit of course!)

  9. @NyappyAnne:

    No problem. Email me and I'll send you a free review copy.