dinsdag 15 november 2011

Living in a picture perfect world

Hello lovely followers! <3

- You can put a picture in a golden frame but in the end it will be the same -

Did I promised you to blog more often? I think I did...
I haven't found much time to blog about something or to get some new ideas for my blog.
I want to change this, I want to have a nice blog and I don't want to disappoint my dear followers!

In this post I want to talk about beauty (and fashion) and how this affect our daily lives.
Why do I want to talk about this? Beauty and fashion isn't that important, it's about what's inside?!
Of course, that's right! At least that's what I think.
Still I think it's something that's really important in the world of young people these days.
Because the industry of fashion and beauty is everywhere, in shops, in the media, on the internet even at your school ect.

In the post the perfect fake lolita I wrote about how I don't like lolitas being too 'fake'. I wrote this post some months ago and it's one of my most popular posts on my blog.
After some months my view on lolitas who look too fake changed, I started to like it somehow.
I don't think dressing yourself like that, is a form of hiding your true self, because if you look around in the big and scary normal world there are people who do exactly the same thing. 
How can I compare this to each other?
Lolita and the way other people dress theirselves is a completly different thing, isn't it? Of course it is!
But there are some simularities, more young people start to use more fake items and that's not something that happend from one year to another, it's a slow process.

For example: a few years ago here in Holland only a few people used fake lashes, now there are many girls who use them. * I notice that because I use them myself sometimes, I have such a small eyelashes, even mascara power blablabla won't work!*
 First it was only a beauty accessoires  for carnaval and parties.
 The same as extensions or fake hair, which is more popular right now.
So I think you can definitely compare this to each other!
I don't think this is a problem, I'm not going to say I don't like people with fake lashes, fake hair, ect. that would be so childish.

To show all of you a personal example:
The first picture is with Photoshop, the other one without Photoshop:

I like to see people who care about their apperance but I hate it when some of them think everyone else have to look PERFECT including his/herself. (mostly herself xD)
That's the real problem and I think it's mostly because of the media, advertisement,popstars/models and the internet and I'm not saying these things or persons are bad. That's ridiculous! But their influence on people and especially young people is big even bigger than you can imagine... unfortunately...

Let me show you something, please watch this short movie. (it's only one minute!)
Credits to dove!

Quite shocking isn't it? 
They are not using much make-up but also photoshop and not a little bit.
I wouldn't recoignize this model if I saw her irl..
I'm not saying this is happing all the time, but I'm sure this happens a lot.

I think this gives many people a unrealistic view on beauty.
And it makes me kind of sad, it's more like you have to be like that otherwise you are 'nothing'.
Only how can you look like an ideal 'person' if your ideal image isn't real?
I know not everyone thinks like that, only this give me this sort of feeling..

So why do I worry about this? 
I'm not really worrying about this, it's just I don't like this unrealistic view on beauty.
Why do we need Photoshop to look pretty? 
Why do more people consider to do plastic surgery? 
This won't make any of us more beautiful, because nobody can ever reach this 'fake' beauty unless you want to walk with a computer screen in front of you! XD

I have always looked a little bit different than mainstream people, I'm definitely not a wallflower if you talk about clothes.
I some years ago I wore Gothic clothes and now I wear Lolita.
These days I got the feeling more young people, especially girls, have totally no respect for people who are wearing an other style of clothing. 
Again it's more like you have to be like the ideal image...
For me the way I look is very important, you can see how I feel if you look at the way I dress and the make-up I wear.
Only I totally don't get it why some people want to look perfect more than anything because looking perfect isn't possible. 
We are just human beings...
I think this is weird, only it's even more weird that some people think other people have to look the way they want. 
Blegh, I don't like those people! >.<

I don't think beauty is all about the outside, it's also about the inside. I don't care who you are, what you look like, where you from as long as you are nice to me, it's okay, I will be nice to you. ^_~

For me beauty is also about being individual, being yourself and feeling comfortable about that. 
For me, Lolita fashion makes this more easier..
I'm I the only one who thinks the same about this? 
Or do you have another opinion?? 
I would like to hear this! 

*Note: Lolita fashion is an example that using fake items and Photoshop becomes more normal these days. I don't mean with this that Photoshop and fake items are bad! 

** This post is about my opinion, please don't feel yourself offended!

*** Photos: Paul van loon

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  1. I also don't get it when people photoshop therselves in a way that they aren't themselves anymore. I only use photoshop to enchance the colors, nothing more. I know that video, and it's still quite shocking..how photoshop can completely change a persons appearance.

  2. Oh I know that Dove commercial. It is really a good one, to show that our perception of beauty indeed has changed. And not only by make-up, false lashes, lenses and hair extensions/wigs, but also with photoshot, and even with plastic surgery!

    Personally I value inner beauty much more than outer beauty, although I strive for perfection on my outer beauty as well, using lenses and fake lashes and quite some make-up.
    Because when someone is looking really beautiful and she is still acting as a bitch, I still don't want to be around her.

    I like to use a lot of make-up and false lashes and such to look beautiful / fake. When I dress up as a doll, I want to look as a doll too. And I do not mind that it looks fake, or not entirely human anymore. Because I like that dreamworld-y look/feeling that lolita gives me.
    What I see as beautiful is totally my personal opinion about it. I know that many people find lashes and such too fake, that they prefer a more natural look. But I am not dressing myself up for them. I only dress myself up (and do my make-up) to please myself, to feel beautiful when I look in the mirror.
    (but then again I also have my lazy days and I just walk around with no make-up at all and that doesn't bother me either. XD So I am not addicted to my eyeliner and mascara, like some girls are - even though they use little make-up they are afraid to go outside without any make-up.)

    But, I'd never photoshop the hell out of my pictures. I only use photoshop for adjusting the white balance, resizing and adding my watermark. Because I prefer to look the same online as I look offline. Even though I put on quite a lot of fake (lashes, lenses, wigs), I still want to look real. If you understand what I mean. ^_^

  3. I know that Dove commercial, it is a really good one! When I saw it the first time, I was quite shocked and it is still unbelievable. Our perception of beauty has really changed.

    For me, inner beauty is the most important. I've been taught to be polite, kind and nice to everyone, no matter how they look. I value inner beauty very much, and I really hope more people would value the person behind the looks.

    But, I also use a lot of make-up. Not daily, I'm often very lazy and my boyfriend isn't scared if I don't wear make-up, but I like to use it!^^ I also like false lashes, circle lenses to make my eyes look bigger and I love all shades of red lipstick on my lips. I think it's because I wear doll-like clothes, I want to look like a cute, but creepy doll too. And I don't mind it if I look a little bit fake, if people just look further than my looks.

    I know many people don't like entirely fake, and I think it's bad when you can't stand yourself without all the make-up and stuff, but it isn't harmful to use it, because you just love the way it looks!^^ It's to please yourself, to feel more beautiful and be more confident. And nothing is wrong with that right?

    I don't even have Photoshop on my computer, just the basic stuff from Windows where I can adjust the white balance and resize. I don't want to shop myself more beautiful than I am, because people have to accept the way I am :) And I also have to accept my flaws ;)

  4. Thanks everyone for commenting on this! ^___^
    I didn't expect to get such a long comments...

    I think the same about that, I think it's fine if someone uses photoshop for enchance pictures but not when someone totally change the way they look like.

    That's true our perception of beauty did changed a lot. I think this commercial shows this very well...

    I think the same way, no mather how beautiful you are, if someone acts like a bitch, I don't want to be around this person. It's no excuse, to act like that!

    I don't mind that in lolita, some months ago I didn't like that but it changed. In lolita you dress up like a little doll or princess, whatever, so it's fine to look like that also when you use fake items. I can't nearly imagine lolita without that now :P
    I do mind people use photoshop to change their looks.

    I like to hear that, you do that because you think it's beautiful not because other people want you to do that.
    And of course everyone has 'lazy' days, I have those days too, I think it's a little bit annoying when girls act like that, nobody dies from walking around with no make-up for one day xD

    I understand that, I think I know what you mean: to be the same person on the picture as in real life. That people can recoignize you irl even when you wear fake items like wigs, fake lashes ect.
    Or is this not true? I can be wrong, of course! ^_~

    @ Josine:
    Yeah, I think it's quite shocking. I felt the same when I saw it for the first time..

    Inner beauty is very important, more important than the outside. I also hope more people are going to realise this, I'm a little bit sad because I have the feeling less people think the same.

    I don't think it's because people using a lot of make-up. I mean that's normal, every girl/women does (not always, that's also normal)
    I also use make-up very often, mascara and eyeline. So it's not like I'm against it, it's exactely the same you said: it's to please yourself and feel more beautiful and be more confident, it becomes a problem when you can't stand yourself without it.

    I don't use photoshop myself, I don't need that, I don't want to be the girl from the picture and look totally like someone else in real life :P
    I think it's okay when people photoshop pictures for me, when it's for the light and such. I just don't like big changes..
    I think that's really important, to realise nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws but excepting those facts makes you more beautiful than being ashamed for that.

  5. I completely agree with you all, I'm just not a 'long comment' person because I'm not so good with words..

    But I too find inner beauty more important than outer beauty. I love your last sentence, and couldn't agree with you more. Flaws make you more beautiful, and nobody is perfect. I think everyone is perfect just the way they are and how they look like.

  6. @ NyappyAnne:
    "I understand that, I think I know what you mean: to be the same person on the picture as in real life. That people can recoignize you irl even when you wear fake items like wigs, fake lashes ect.
    Or is this not true? I can be wrong, of course! ^_~"

    Yes, that is exactly what I meant! ^_^

  7. That's all right,I can understand, normally I'm not a long comment person either.

    Yes,that's true, I think more people should value inner beauty more! It's more important to except the fact nobody is perfect, than trying to be perfect...
    That's not going to work :P

    @Velvetbat: oh, okay I wasn't sure ^__~