zaterdag 23 juli 2011

New stuff!

Hello everyone!

My little vacation was very nice and I've made so much fun.
The vierdaagse is always such a fun event.
Some day I will participate it, but for now the vierdaagse festivals are enough :P

I'm sorry but I don't have pictures, I forgot my camera   >.<
Maybe I show some pictures very soon

First of all I'm very sad because of what happend in Norway...
I can't discribe it how I feel...
I have no words for it!
It's so awful and tragic....

About today...
I went to Nijmegen with my mom to go to Think Pink!
I said before I wanted to buy clothes from Tata's paradise only they were
on a sort of vacation?
I changed my decision and that's why I went to Think Pink for Noahs new
clothes and other stuff!

This is what I bought:

A hat, shoes, eyelashes and a neckless

Other shoes  ^_^

Noah with his new eyes, he is wearing a shirt....
You can't see it though
It's a crappy photo xD

Oooh wings! <3
More wings in the next post!

Socks and stockings, I want to wear sweet lolita again!


Fritzke <3 <3 <3
I missed him a lot! He is sort of my best friend it's a little bit difficult to leave
him but my mom takes good care of him!
He is so cute  ^_^

Thanks for visiting my blog & see you next time!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke nieuwe aanwinsten, voor je doll en voor jezelf.
    Nu moet je wel een leuke sweet outfit posten..Wil graag een aanfoto zien met je roze rok van de vintage meeting ^^

  2. Dank je!
    Ja eigenlijk wel ^_^
    Ik heb al een combinatie in gedachte, maar dat is iets te koud met dit weer >.<
    Ik laat zo snel mogelijk een foto zien :D

  3. Leuke nieuwe spulletjs!
    Vooral die rechter paar sokken vind ik heel erg leuk! Ben benieuwd naar je sweet outfit die je wilt dragen. ^^

  4. Dank je!
    Ik vond ze ook al zo schattig, ze waren in de uitverkoop dus ik vond dat ik ze wel kon kopen. ^^
    Ik denk dat het een beetje een casual sweet outfit gaat worden.

  5. AAW!! Some new clothes for your Noah!! *O* (Could he be a Haz from Crobidoll?? *O*) I think your doll is so handsome!! I wanna see more pics from he! >////<
    You said that you go to Think Pink!, is that a pyshical shop near your home where you can buy stuff for dolls?? *O* OMG, here there aren't any shop like this T^T
    All the items you bought are beautiful!! *O* I'm glad you finally changed your decision ;)

    P.S.: Your cat is sooo cute *O* I love cats (<-because of that, Kaiami is a neko-chan! HAHA).

    Kisses my friend!<3
    With love, Guiomaru.

  6. Thank you! ^^
    Yes that's right,Noah is a Crobidoll Haz, I love him so much! I never thought I could buy him :P I 'adopted'm from someone else ( I don't know how I have to call it :P*

    Think Pink! is a pyshical shop in my neighborhoud, when I travel with the train it's 20 minutes or something like that..
    It's so nice to have a bjd shop near to my home!

    Thank you! haha I also love cats!
    and Kaiami is a cute little neko-chan :D