zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Is it any wonder?

~~ Sometimes.....
        It's hard to know where I stand
        It's hard to know where I am
        Well maybe it's a puzzle I don't understand ~~

Keane- Is it any wonder?

A photoshoot with Nono.
If you look very well, you can see her new wings <3

With this shoot I wanted to tell people about 'wonders' or 'miracles'.
They are everywhere...

I mean if you look around and notice little things..
A wonder doesn't have to be big, very expensive or reachless!
Things like (little) animals, nice weather or being with friends and the ones you love,
those things are wonders too. ^__^

For me, Nono is also a sort of wonder...
She makes me happy and she's my favorite doll <3
Still I don't understand why?!
I never wanted to have a littlefee flora, secretly I didn't like
that doll, but I saw Nono and I fell in love...
So it's a little wonder she lives here at home with my other dolls.
I never ever regretted it, to buy her!

If you own dolls:  Do you have a favorite doll?

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Nono is so cute and adorable, I really like the wings with her. ♥
    Every little thing can be considered a little miracle ^^
    I'm not sure which of my dolls is my favourite..I think Emmy and Lucian are my two msot favourite dolls.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Emmy and Lucian are beautiful :D
    I'm very curious about your doll post ^_~

  3. ah she is so cute :3
    want to eat her up XD

  4. aww thank you! ^^
    I don't think Nono would like that :P

  5. She looks really cute! And funny that you love her even though you originally didn't like her type.
    And I really like her cute little hat by the way! <3

    As for me, I don't really have one favourite among my dolls. There are some which are more favourite than others, but there are too many special/dear (for different reasons) to me to only pick one. And it is also a fase since most of my dolls reflection a part of me or a certain interest of me. So at this moment I could say that Umbra (the Ghostly tiny girl in all white) is really dear to me and one of my favourites.

  6. She looks cute ! I love her little wings <3

  7. @Dieuwke: Thank you <3

    @Debbie: Thank you so much! It's kind of funny I didn't like her orginal type, she looked so different without face-up when I saw her..

    I understand what you feel, I never wanted to have a favourite doll myself..
    The others are also very dear to me!
    For me they are a sort of reflection for a time/fase in my life. (the time when I got them)
    So all of them have a special meaning...
    And you have so much beautiful dolls, I think it is really difficult to choose a favourite!
    Umbra is so cute! ^^ She is adorable :D
    I love it that she wears only white clothes, I think it's a nice colour *I'm not sure it's a real colour :P*

  8. She looks cute with the wings ^^

  9. Wow, I perfectly undertand how important is she for you... I feel the same with my dear Kaiami, as you know, she's very important for me (also my other dolls, but it's a different feeling). Kaiami also represents a hard work I did last summer... My recompense was she... *O* My first BJD I was waiting for since one and half year ago... When I see her face, I knew she must be the first<3

    And... how I can say about your doll?? Nono is just beautiful! I love her little and detailed wings! Perfect for her. And what about her make up, simply gorgeous<3
    Did you do all the make ups for your dolls?? *O*
    (Kaiami and Daisuke have the default make up, but Mikuru was painted by my friend ^-^).

    Here is my huge comment!! HAHA, I promise you, so I do it!! >o<
    I really love your blog and I think all your entries are beautiful and show how are you in real live! I'm sooo nice to met you through DA!! *^*

    Kisses my friend!!<3
    Love, Guiomaru.

  10. aah I understand why she so important! It must be very hard to work the whole summer for her. ^^ But I think she worth it!

    Thank you so much! <3
    Sadly I can't make face-ups myself, I'm horrible at it :P
    I tried it some time ago...
    My dolls Kamijo, Maya and Noah have a default face up, Nono is painted by Soft_Poison and Miki by Marcia, she works at Think Pink (in a BJD shop)

    Thank you for liking my blog, I really appreciate it! I never thought people would like my blog :P
    I also very happy to meet through DA!

    *But I'm sorry I'm very busy this week I can't answer all you comments... :(
    When I have time again I promise to anwer them ^_~

    Best wishes,