zondag 17 juli 2011

Every tear is a waterfall...

I was listening to that song xD
I promised you to show you some pictures of the things I bought in Amsterdam.
I bought a skirt and stockings.
It was very clever of me to spent less money because I will visited Amsterdam again
soon :P
I'm so happy with my new skirt, it's beautiful I always wanted to have a skirt like that. ^^
Today I made some special cupcakes, cupcakes with cheese and cucumber!
That's kind of special, most of the cupcakes are sweet...
I wanted to try something else. ^^
From now on I want to make cupcakes every week, I think I'm going to post them
on my blog.
Next week, I'm going to try making very sweet and cute cupcakes. ^_^

Oh and here is a pictures of my Versailles Rose outfit:

I have to stop saying it's my dress >.<
Because it isn't, I want to have it so badly!
I borrowed this dress from a dear friend, it's so nice of her that I can wear it!
And if I steal it, she know where I live and I don't think my
Divine Cross would be safe xD
*I'm sorry I have a bad sense of humor*

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Je aanwinsten zijn erg leuk ^^
    Zo'n lief rokje!

    En aparte cupcakes, leuk om eens wat anders te zien.
    Smaakt het ook lekker?

  2. Dank je!

    Ze zijn heel erg apart, maar ze zijn wel
    erg lekker.
    Ik denk alleen dat ik toch iets meer van de
    zoete cupcakes ben. ^^

  3. WOW, my friend...♥♥
    It's not really important if the dress you were wearing belongs to you or your friend... The really important is: you're really beautiful with it!! *O* The sweet lolita makes you look like a good girl, but gothic lolita add a mistery on you!! *O*
    Just great!!♥

    I love how look your cupcakes!! *¬* I wanna eat them! HAHA!♥
    And... what about you skirt... It couldn't be prettier♥ I love pink, you know, and I wanna a skirt like this!♥♥ I MUST search one soon... ¬¬

    Kisses dear!♥
    With love: Guiomaru♥

  4. Thank you so much! <3
    I means a lot to me that you said that! :D

    I love those cupcakes too, sadly I only got one the rest of my family ate the rest >.<
    When I saw that skirt I must buy it, it looked so cute. ^^
    I hope you can find a skirt like that yourself!