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Formspring question: styles

Ask NyappyAnne


Ellis asked me:
What styles do you want to see on other people, but not on yourself? As in, it doesn't fit your personality. (lolita or non lolita)

I think Shiro lolita is very beautiful and angelic, I love to see other people wearing that style. ^__^
    I would never wear it because I'm so pale, it wouldn't look good on me.
    I think people are going to start wondering if I'm still alive :P

    Outside lolita:

    I love pastel goth/nu goth, all those colors with black that's totally amazing! I don't feel comfortable in it and when should I wear it? Not in normal life I guess...
    It would fit my personality.. I just don't know when to wear it.

    The style I love the most is gothic, I love gothic so much. I know gothic has so many substyles, I'm not really familiar with all of them but I love many gothic styles.
    My favorite gothic style is Victorian Gothic, it's elegant, dark and it gives you the change to look like an aristocratic lady. I'm not ready to wear this style yet, I need to learn a lot about it first before I try it :) And I think it would look so much better on other people who are more elegant than I am and my face is too childish to look like a lady I think >.<

    I love to see cybergothic and I love the style only I doubt if I would ever wear this. I don't think so! It looks great on other people.. I love cyber gothic clothes especially the ones from Cyberdog. I have nothing in common with other cyber goths, I'm not into their music it's only about the clothes and the amazing hair & make-up. And can you imagine me wearing cyber gothic? Hahaha, no.. it's a lovely style, but it isn't my style after all.

    Never say never, I don't think I'm going to wear one of these styles. I still love to see them so much... so maybe? If I make up my mind sometimes, hahaha.. who knows!

    I'm so sorry for the late reply.. I was so busy and tired I couldn't find time to post it on my blog! :(

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