vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Formspring question: future outfits

Ask Nyappy Anne a question

What kind of outfit do you want to try out in the future?

My next project will be a kodona outfit, at least I'm going to make one. At the moment I'm designing it, only it's missing something I don't know what. Maybe if I will wait for I a while I get new ideas. ^__^ I'm planning to start working on that outfit when school starts and I hope it will be finished in January.

I want to improve my pirate lolita style, I hope I can buy or make a pirate jsk very soon. I really want AatP's Treasure hunt island jsk, it's a perfect jsk! *__* I'm very angry because someone made a replica of it but this means I can use the replica fabric as curtains, that would be awesome! :D I'm not sure which color I want for the jsk, I like brownx offwhite only the blue one if more my style~~ I can't wait to go treasure hunting after this dress <3 And of course it needs many pirate stuff, like golden jewelry and a tricorn hat!

For Sweet lolita I really want a salopette ( that's not really lolita... I just like it) and one of my sweet lolita dream dresses to make a super cute coord with many Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright accessoires. I also want to try a creepy cute look/outfit, that would be so much fun :D

I love the clothes I already have so I won't forget about them, I'm going to finish my old school sweet outfit and my strawberry outfit. (the strawberry outfit was complete only the socks didn't match with the rest of the outfit) And I want to be a demon gothic lolita at the EFF in Arcen, I hope I have enough time to finish the rest of the outfit in time. ^___^

I will write about this on my blog very soon~~

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