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formspring question: Gothic Lolita 'idols'

Ask Nyappy Anne:
Who are your favorite gothic lolitas? I see sweet lolita idols all the time, but never see gothic lolita idols..


My favorite gothic lolita is Mana-Sama of course! I really admire him, he looks so elegant and pretty when he wears gothic lolita. ^.^

My other lolita idols/favorite gothic lolitas are:

Iiraliina (
She looks stunning in every outfit she wears. Her style is elegant, dark and very ladylike. Most of her outfits are handmade, that makes her even more amazing! I met her a few times and she is such a wonderfull person!

Damien is so creative with his outfits and his whole look. He isn't afraid to try something, that's a good thing because it brings lolita to the next level! And he is a nice person, I'm happy that he's my friend :)


She is a Lolita from London, she wears nearly all the lolita styles. I'm not sure if she can be a gothic lolita idol but she is a lolita idol for sure! She has an unique style, she mix and match things and all here outfits are elegant, cute and amazing. Gothic Lolita can be cute and dark at the same time and she is such a great example of that! :D

Josine (
I think Josine lives in the wrong century, I don't say that to insult her, it's a compliment! :)
She reminds me of a fairy tale princess or a lady from the victorian era.
She has her own style and knows to improve that style every time! And she wears lolita nearly every day, I wish I could! ^__^

VelvetBat (
Although he won't wear lolita anymore, he is still a good inspiration for gothic lolita. His outfits were amazing, even if he was wearing a simple lolita outfit it was with so much details. He has his own unique style. His bittersweet ( I think bittersweet is more goth than sweet) outfits were so incredible and I not even talking about the cyberlolita ones.
She is so elegant and perfect for Moi-même-Moitié clothing. (And for other gothic lolita clothing too, of course!)Everytime I see her I want to wear my beloved Moitié clothing again. I can't say more.. why isn't she a model for MmM?

Frederica Hyrule
A great gothic lolita, her outfits are amazing and she is so creative. Every outfit from her is unique and so elegant! :D

And many more, I always forget people >.< The lolitas in my community are also great inspirations for me so don't be sad when I didn't mentioned you!
I know there are a lot sweet lolita idols... I think people should appreciate gothic lolita more, it's such a great style~~ Only I don't think that something gothic lolitas do...sweet lolitas itend to be idolizing people more likely I think...

I hope this was a little bit helpfull! :)

Best wishes,


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  1. Aahw, thank you for listing me and the wonderful words you wrote about me. I had tears in my eyes when you called me a fairytale princess and said I improved every time <3

    Thank you so much!<3

    1. You are welcome! ^__^
      I really mean I those things I said, you are such an amazing gothic lolita :D

  2. I feel honoured that you think of me as a gothic lolita idol ♥ Thank you very much for the kind words! It'd great to see your other idols, and I have to share my love for them and their style ♥ They are all truly amazing!

    And I agree on what you said about Josine living in the wrong century! She is such a victorian lady and does improve every time ^^

    1. You are welcome! ^__^
      Your style is amazing!
      All those people on the list are truly amazing <3

  3. Gosh, I didn't even see this post untill now! D:
    But thank you very much for seeing me as an inspiration, I feel so honored! :D

    And the other people on your list are truly inspiring too! :D

  4. I'm so sorry for my late answer >.<
    You are welcome!~~
    The other people inspire me a lot, keep up the good work everyone :D